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Civil War Battles for the Year 1862

•  January 1862  •  Febuary 1862  •  March 1862  •  April 1862  •  May 1862  •  June 1862   •
•  July 1862  •  August 1862  •  September 1862  •  October 1862  •  November 1862  •  December 1862   •
= American Victory   /   = Confederate Victory   /   = Draw   /   (X) = Occupied Without Fight
Bold - without link or (X) means an notable event occured and not a battle

In 1862 the armed forces of the United States undertook the first massive campaigns to defeat the southern Confederacy. Better organization, training, and leadership would be displayed on both sides as the combat became more intense. Young American citizen soldiers would find that war was not a romantic adventure and their leaders would learn that every victory had its price.

As the winter of 1861-62 wore on, McClellan exaggerated his difficulties and the enemy's strength, and discounted the Confederacy's problems. He drilled and trained the Army of the Potomac while western forces under his general command accomplished little. Lincoln and the Union waited impatiently for a conclusive engagement. But neither the Union nor the Confederate Army showed much inclination to move, each being intent on perfecting itself before striking a heavy blow.

The President was particularly eager to support Unionist sentiment in east Tennessee by moving forces in that direction. Above all he wanted a concerted movement to crush the rebellion quickly. In an effort to push matters Lincoln issued General War Order No. 1 on January 27, 1862. This order, besides superfluously telling the armies to obey existing orders, directed that a general movement of land and sea forces against the Confederacy be launched on February 22, 1862. Lincoln's issuance of an order for an offensive several weeks in advance, without considering what the weather and the roads might be like, has been scoffed at frequently. But apparently he issued it only to get McClellan to agree to move. Even before Lincoln sent the directive his intentions were overtaken by events in the western theater.


1st, Port Royal Ferry, South Carolina
1st, Dayton, Missouri
1st, Fort Barrancas, Florida
1st, Fort McRee, Florida
1st, Fort Pickens, Florida
3rd, Cockpit Point, Virginia
3rd, Big Bethel, Virginia
3rd, Huntersville, West Virginia
3rd, Hunnewell, Missouri
3rd-4th, Bath, West Virginia
4th, Calhoun, Missouri
4th, Slane's Cross Roads, West Virginia
4th, Great Cacapon Bridge, West Virginia
4th, Sir John's Run, West Virginia
4th, Alpine Depot, West Virginia
5th, Columbus, Missouri
5th-6th, Hancock, MD
7th, Blue's Gap/ Hanging Rock Pass, West Virginia
7th, Romney, West Virginia
8th, Silver Creek/ Roan's Tan Yard, Missouri
8th, Dry Fork/ Cheat River, West Virginia
8th, Fishing Creek/ near Somerset, Kentucky
9th, Columbus, Kentucky
9th, Pohick Run, Virginia
10th, Romney, West Virginia (X)
10th, Middle Creek, Kentucky
11th, Fort Jefferson, Kentucky
14th, near Columbus, Kentucky
16th, Cedar Keys, Florida
18th, Confederate Territory of Arizona formed
19th-20th, Mills Springs/ Logan's Cross rd, Kentucky
20th, Mobile, Alabama
22nd, Lebanon, Missouri (X)
22nd, Knobnoster, Missouri
23rd, Mouth of Miss. River, Mississippi
24th, Southwest Pass, Mississippi
24th, Cape Henry, Virginia
29th, Lee's House/ Occoquan Bridge, Virginia
29th, Blue Springs, Missouri
31st, Lebanon, Kentucky


1st, Bowling Green, Kentucky
2nd, Morgan County, TN
5th, Fort Heiman, TN
6th, Fort Henry, TN
7th, Romney, West Virginia (X)
7th, TN River, TN
7th, Floridaint Hill, Virginia
7th, Hunter's Mill, Virginia
7th- 8th, Roanoake Island, North Carolina
8th, Linn Creek, Virginia
8th, Chickasaw, Mississippi
8th, Blue Stone River, West Virginia
8th, Bolivar, Missouri
9th, Marshfield, Missouri
10th, Elizabeth City, North Carolina (X)
10th, Barnwell's Island, South Carolina
11th, Edisto Island, South Carolina (X)
12th, Edenton, North Carolina (X)
12th Moorefield, West Virginia
12th, Springfield, Missouri
13th, Fort Heiman, TN
13th, Blooming Gap, Virginia
13th, Springfield, Missouri (X)
14th, Cumberland Gap, TN
14th, Cane Creek, Missouri
14th, Bloomery, West Virginia
14th, Floridaat Lick Ford, Kentucky
14th-15th, Bowling Green, Kentucky (X)
14th-16th, Fort Donelson, TN
15th, near Flat Creek, Missouri
15th, Venus Point, Georgia
16th, Pott's Hill/ Sugar Creek, Arkansas
16th, USS St. Louis destroys ironworks
17th, Dunigan's Farm, Arkansas
17th, Pea Ridge/ Sugar Creek, Arkansas
18th, Independence, Missouri
18th, Bentonville, Arkansas
18th, Mount Vernon, Missouri
19th, Clarksville, TN (X)
19th, Fort Defiance, TN (X)
19th, West Plains, Missouri
21st, Valverde, New Mexico
22nd, ArkansasBay, Texas
22nd, Independence, Missouri
23rd, Fayetteville, Arkansas(X)
23rd, Pea Ridge Prairie, Missouri
24th, Harper's Ferry, West Virginia (X)
24th, Mingo Creek/ near St. Francisville, Missouri
24th, New Madrid, Missouri
24th, St. Clair County, Missouri
24th, Henry County, Missouri
24th, Lewis' Chapel, Virginia
25th, Nashville, TN
25th, Loudon County, Virginia
25th, Keetsville, Missouri
26th, Keytesville, Missouri
26th, USS Minnetonka burned
28th, Charleston, Virginia #
28th, Osage Springs/ near Fayetteville, Arkansas


1st, Pittsburg Landing, TN
1st, Sikeston, Missouri
2nd, Columbus, Kentucky
2nd, Albuquerque, New Mexico
2nd, New Madrid, Missouri
2nd, Pittsburg Landing, TN
3rd, Columbus, Kentucky (X)
3rd, Martinsburg, West Virginia
3rd, Cubero, New Mexico
3rd, Fort Clinch, Florida
3rd, Comanche Pass, New Mexico
3rd-14th, New Madrid, Missouri
4th, Amelia Island, Florida (X)
4th, Santa Fe, New Mexico (X)
5th, Bunker Hill, Virginia
5th, Pohick Church/ Occoquan, Virginia
6th-8th, Pea Ridge, Arkansas
7th, Winchester, Virginia
7th, Fox Creek, Missouri
7th, Point Pleasant, Missouri
7th, Bob's Creek, Missouri
8th, Chattanooga, TN (X)
8th, Leesburg, Virginia
8th, Fairfax Court House, Virginia
8th, Nashville, TN
8th-9th, Hampton Roads, Virginia
9th, Nashville, TN
9th, Big Creek, Missouri
9th, Mountain Grove, Missouri
9th, Sangster's Station, Virginia
10th, La Fayette County, Missouri
10th, Sante Fe, New Mexico
10th, Jacksborough/ Big Creek Gap, TN
10th, Burke's Station, Virginia
11th, near Paris, TN
11th, Stephenson's Depot, Virginia
12th, Winchester, Virginia (X)
12th, Jacksonville, Florida (X)
12th, Aubrey, Kansas
12th, Lebanon, Missouri
12th, Lexington, Missouri
13th, Spring River, Arkansas
13th, Beach Creek Bridge, TN
13th, Point Pleasant, Missouri
13th, Spring River, Arkansas
14th, New Berne, North Carolina
14th, Big Creek Gap, TN
14th, Jacksborough, TN
15th, Marshall, Missouri
16th, Pittsburg Landing/ Black Jack Gap, TN
16th, Pound Gap, Kentucky
16th, near Marshall, Missouri
17th, Riddle's Point, Missouri
18th, Liberty, Missouri
18th, Middletown, Virginia
18th, point Pleasant, Missouri
18th, Salem/ Spring River, Arkansas
18th, Aquia Creek, Virginia
19th, Strasburg, Virginia
19th, Elk Mountain, West Virginia
20th, Philipi, West Virginia
20th, Buckingham, South Carolina
20th, Hunting Island, South Carolina
21st, Washington, North Carolina (X)
21st, Henderson's Hill, Louisiana
21st, McKay's Farm, Missouri
21st, Cumberland Gap, TN
21st, Mosquito Inlet, Florida (naval)
22nd, Post Oak Creek, Missouri
22nd, Little Santa Fe, Missouri
23rd March-26th, Fort Macon, North Carolina
23rd, Kernstown (First), Virginia
23rd, Smyrna, Florida
24th, Camp Jackson, TN
25th, Mount Jackson, Virginia
26th, Denver City, CO
26th, Humansville, Missouri
26th, Hammondsville, Missouri
26th, near Gouge's Mill, Missouri
26th-27th, Warrensburg, Missouri
26th-28th, Glorieta Pass, New Mexico
28th, Warrensburg, Missouri
28th, Shipping Point, Virginia (X)
28th, Bealton Station, Virginia
29th, Middlebury, Virginia
29th, near Warrensburg, Missouri
30th, near Clinton, Missouri
30th, Stanwix Station, AZ
30th, Wilmington/ Whitemarsh Island, Georgia
31st, Union City, TN
31st, Deep Gully, North Carolina
31st, near Adamsville, TN
31st, Pink Hill, Missouri


1st, Salem, Virginia
1st, Little Sni, Missouri
1st, Doniphan/ Putnam's Ferry, Missouri
1st, Island No. 10, TN
2nd, Farmington, Mississippi
2nd, Pittsburg Landing, TN
2nd, near Walkersville, Missouri
2nd, Stony Creek, Virginia
3rd, Monteray, TN
3rd, Moorefield, West Virginia
3rd, Apalachicola, Florida #
4th, Cockletown, Virginia
4th, Lawrenceburg, TN
4th, Table Bluff, CA
4th, Great Bethel, Virginia
5th, Edisto Island, South Carolina (X)
5th, San Luis Pass, Texas
5th, near Lee's Mill, Virginia
5th April-11th, Yorktown, Virginia
6th-7th, Shiloh, TN
6th, near Fort Anderson, CA
7th, Island #10, Missouri
7th, Wilson's Farm, Louisiana
7th, St. Andrew's Bay, Florida
7th, Foy's Plantation, North Carolina
8th, Warrensburg, Missouri
8th, Warsaw, Missouri
8th, Medicine Creek, Missouri
8th-9th, Albuquerque, New Mexico
9th, Jackson, Missouri
10th, near Fernandina, Florida
10th-11th, Fort Pulaski, Georgia
11th, Huntsville, Alabama
11th, Shiloh, Missouri
11th, Newport News, Virginia
11th, Wartrace, TN
12th, Boothsville, West Virginia
13th, Gillet's Farm/ Pebbly Run, North Carolina
13th, Decatur, Alabama (X)
14th, Montevallo, Missouri
14th, Diamond Grove, Missouri
14th, Santa Fe Road, Missouri
15th, Bealton, Virginia
15th, Peralta, New Mexico
15th, Pichacho Pass, AZ
15th, Lost Creek, Missouri
15th, Pea Ridge, TN
16th, Rappahannock River, Virginia
16th-28th, Fort Jackson/ Fort St. Philip, Louisiana
16th, Tuscumbia, Alabama (X)
16th, Dam No. 1, Virginia
16th, White Marsh, Georgia
16th, Columbiana Furnace, Virginia
16th, near Yorktown, Virginia
16th, Blackwater Creek, Missouri
17th, Warsaw, Missouri
17th, near Monteray, TN
17th, Mount Jackson, Virginia (X)
17th, New Market, Virginia (X)
17th, Woodson's Gap, TN
17th, Rude's Hill, Virginia
18th, Falmouth, Virginia
18th, Edisto Island, South Carolina
18th, Trent Road, North Carolina
18th, South Mills, North Carolina
19th, Talbot's Ferry, Arkansas
19th, Honeyville, Virginia
19th, South Mills, North Carolina
19th, Yellville, Arkansas
19th, South Fork, Virginia
19th, Sparta, Virginia (X)
19th, Camden, North Carolina
20th, Rappahannock River, Virginia
21st, Pocahontas, Arkansas
22nd, Arkansas Bay, Texas
22nd, Harrisonburg, Virginia (X)
22nd, Luray, Virginia
23rd, Chesapeake & Albemarle Canal, North Carolina
23rd, Bridgeport, Alabama
24th, Tuscumbia, Alabama
24th, Lick Creek, TN
24th, Shelbyville Road, TN
24th, Corinth Road, Mississippi
24th, CSS Governor Moore vs. USS Varuna
24th, USS Pensacola vs. CSS Governor Moore
25th, Fort Macon, North Carolina
25th, Marks' Mill, New Mexico
25th, Tuscumbia, Alabama
24th, Socorro, New Mexico
24th, near Monagan Springs, Missouri
26th, Neosho, Missouri
26th, Eel River, CA
26th, near Fort Baker, CA
26th, Turnback Creek, Missouri
26th, Arkins' Mill, TN
26th, Gordonsville, Virginia
26th, Keezletown Cross-Roads, Virginia
27th, McGaheysville, Virginia
27th, Pea Ridge, TN
27th, Pittsburg Landing, TN
27th, Bridgeport, Alabama
27th, Haughton's Mill/ Pollocksville, North Carolina
28th-1st May, New Orleans, Louisiana (X)
28th, Bolivar, Alabama
28th, Paint Rock Bridge, Alabama
28th, Warsaw, Missouri
28th, Monteray, TN
28th, Cumberland Mountain, TN
29th, West Bridge/ Bridgeport, Alabama
29th, Pineberry, South Carolina
29th, Purdy, TN (X)
29th, White Point, South Carolina
29th, Batchelder's Creek, North Carolina
29th, Bethel Station, TN
29th, Monteray, TN
29th, Pineberry Battery, South Carolina
29th, Willstown, South Carolina
29th, Cumberland Gap, TN
29th April-10th, Corinth (First), Mississippi

MAY OF 1861

1st, Rapidan Station, Virginia
1st, Clark's Hollow, West Virginia
1st, Camp Creek, West Virginia
1st, Pulaski, TN
2nd, Athens, Alabama
2nd, Trevillian's Depot, Virginia
2nd, Louisa Court House, Virginia
2nd, Litchfield, Arkansas
2nd, near Deep Gully, North Carolina
3rd, Watkin's Ferry, Georgia
3rd, Batesville, Arkansas
3rd, Farmington, Mississippi
4th, Purdy, TN
4th, Pulaski, TN
4th, Tuscon, New Mexico
4th, Farmington Heights, Mississippi
4th, Licking, Missouri
5th, Williamsburg, Virginia
5th, Lebanon, TN
5th, Princeton, West Virginia
5th, Franklin, West Virginia
5th, Columbia Bridge, Virginia
5th, Dragoon Springs, AZ
6th, Lebanon, TN
6th, Dresden, Kentucky
6th, Harrisonburg, Virginia
6th, Camp McDonald, West Virginia
6th, Arnoldsburg, West Virginia
7th, Eltham's Landing, Virginia
7th, Horse Creek, Missouri
7th, Purdy, TN
7th, Wardsville, West Virginia
7th, Somerville Heights, Virginia
7th, Croghan's Ranch, CA
7th, near Wardensville, West Virginia
8th, McDowell, Virginia
8th, Glendale, Mississippi
8th, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
8th, Sewell's Point, Virginia
8th, Athens, Alabama
9th, near Corinth, Mississippi
9th, Slatersville/ New Kent Court-House, Virginia
9th, Farmington, Mississippi
9th, Elk River/ near Bethel, TN
9th, Pensacola, Florida (X)
10th, Bloomfield, Missouri
10th, Gosport, Virginia
10th, Norfolk, Virginia
10th, Portsmouth, Virginia
10th, Plum Run Bend, TN
10th, near Farmington, Mississippi
10th, Lamb's Ferry, Alabama
10th, Giles Court House, West Virginia
11th, Cave City, Kentucky
11th, Pulaski, TN
11th, Princeton, West Virginia
11th, near Fredericksburg, Virginia
12th, Natchez, Mississippi (X)
12th, Fort Pickens, Florida
12th, near Farmington, Mississippi
12th, Corinth, Mississippi
12th, Lewisburg, West Virginia
12th, Monterey, Virginia
13th, Rogersville, Alabama (X)
13th, Charleston Harbor, South Carolina
13th, Lamb's Ferry, Alabama
13th, near New Kent Court House, Virginia
13th, Rappahannock River, Virginia
13th-14th, near Corinth, Mississippi
14th, Gaines Cross Roads, Virginia
14th, Cotton Plant, Arkansas
14th, Fayetteville, TN
14th, Angel's Ranch/ Mad River, CA
15th, Fort Darling/ Drewry's Bluff, Virginia
15th, Chalk Bluff, Arkansas
15th, Wolf Creek, West Virginia
15th, Ravenswood, West Virginia
15th, Galveston, Texas (naval)
15th, Independence, Missouri
15th, Butler, Missouri
15th, near Pollocksville, North Carolina
15th, Young,s Cross Roads, North Carolina
15th-18th, Princeton, West Virginia
16th, CSS Daniel E. Miller captured
17th, Little Red River, Arkansas
17th, Corinth, Mississippi
17th, Russell House, Mississippi
19th, Searcy Landing, Arkansas
19th, Gaines' Mill, Virginia
19th, City Point, Virginia
19th, Farmington, Mississippi
20th, Tucson, New Mexico (X)
20th, Crooked River, Florida
20th, Jackson's River Depot, Virginia
20th, Cole's Island, South Carolina
20th, Elk River, TN
21st, near Corinth, Mississippi
21st, Widow Serratt's Creek, Mississippi
21st, Phillip's Creek, Mississippi
21st, Village Creek, Arkansas
21st, Battery Island, South Carolina
21st, Paraje, New Mexico
22nd, Buckton Station, Virginia
22nd, Corinth, Mississippi
22nd, Farmington, Mississippi
22nd, Winchester, TN
22nd, John's Island, South Carolina
22nd, Trenton Crossroads, North Carolina
22nd, Pollocksville Crossroads, North Carolina
23rd, Lewisburg, West Virginia
23rd, Front Royal, Virginia
23rd, Cedarville, Virginia
23rd, Mechanicsville, Virginia
23rd, Hogan's Station, Virginia
23rd, Buckton Station, Virginia
23rd, Fort Craig, New Mexico
24th, Newton, Virginia
24th, Chickahominy, Virginia
24th, New Bridge, Virginia
24th, Berryville, Virginia
24th, Strasburg, Virginia
24th, Middletown, Virginia
24th, Seven Pines, Virginia
24th, Mechanicsville, Virginia
24th, Hanover Court House, Virginia
24th, Corinth, Mississippi
24th, near Spring Hill, Missouri
24th, Winchester, TN
25th, Winchester (First), Virginia
26th, Crow's Station, Missouri
26th, Franklin, West Virginia
26th, Calico Rock, Arkansas
26th, Grand Gulf, Mississippi
27th, Hanover Court House, Virginia
27th, Searcy Landing/ Big Indian Creek, Arkansas
27th, Loudon Heights, Virginia
27th, Slash Church, Virginia
27th, White Oaks, Virginia
27th, Monagan Springs/ Osceola, Missouri
27th, near Corinth, Mississippi
28th, Ashland, Virginia
28th, Charlestown, Virginia
28th, Corinth, Mississippi
29th, near Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
29th, near Seven Pines, Virginia
29th, Wardensville, West Virginia
29th, Pocotaligo, South Carolina
29th, Kickapoo Bottom, Arkansas
29th, Whitesburg, Arkansas
29th, near Booneville, Mississippi
30th, Front Royal, Virginia
30th, Booneville, Mississippi
31st, Salt River, Florida
31st, Tuscumbia Creek, Mississippi
31st, near Noesha, Florida
31st, Waynesville, Missouri
31st, Eel River, CA
31st, Salt River/ near Florida, Missouri
31st May-1st, Seven Pines/ Fair Oaks, Virginia

JUNE OF 1861

1st, Mount Camel/ Strasburg, Virginia
2nd, Strasburg, Virginia
2nd, Woodstock, Virginia
2nd, Little Blue Creek, Missouri
2nd, Tranter's Creek, North Carolina
2nd, near Rienzi, Mississippi
2nd, near Jacksonsport, Arkansas
3rd, James Island, South Carolina
3rd, Fort Pillow, TN
3rd, Blackland, Mississippi
3rd, Mount Jackson, Virginia
3rd, Tom's Brook, Virginia
3rd, Harrisonburg, Virginia
4th, Jasper, TN
4th, Huntsville, Alabama
4th, Woodville, Alabama
4th, Osborn Creek, Mississippi
4th, Wolf Creek, Mississippi
4th, Sweden's Cove/ near Jasper, TN
4th, Big Bend, West Virginia
5th, Tranter's Creek, North Carolina
5th, Little Red River, Arkansas
5th, near Sedalia, Missouri
5th, Round Grove, Indian Territory
5th, New Bridge, Virginia
5th-14th, Franklin's Crossing, Virginia
6th, Port Royal Ferry, South Carolina
6th, Memphis, TN
6th, Harrisonburg, Virginia
6th, near Thompkinsville, Kentucky
6th, Grand River, Indian Territory
6th, Mad River/ near Arcata, CA
6th, Daley's Ferry, CA
7th, Jackson, TN
7th, Readyville, TN
7th, James Island, South Carolina
7th, Fairview, Arkansas
7th, Little Red River, Arkansas
7th, Mattole Valley, CA
7th, Little Rock, Arkansas
7th, Big Bend, West Virginia
7th-8th, Chattanooga (First),Tennessee
8th, Cross Keys, Virginia
8th, near Fair Oaks, Virginia
8th, New Market Road, Virginia
8th, Muddy Creek/ Palestine, West Virginia
8th, Fawn Prairie/ near Liscombe's Hill, CA
8th-9th, John's Island/ Charleston, South Carolina
9th, Port Republic, Virginia
9th, Grand Gulf, Mississippi
9th-10th, Pensacola, Florida (X)
10th, James Island, South Carolina
10th, near Charleston, South Carolina
10th, Winchester, TN
10th, Roger's Gap, TN
10th, Wilson's Gap, TN
10th, West Fork, West Virginia
10th, White River, Arkansas
11th, Monterey, Kentucky
11th, near Booneville, Mississippi
11th, Corinth, Mississippi
11th, Pink Hill, Missouri
11th, Mad River, CA
11th, Big Creek Gap, TN
11th, Cassville, Missouri
11th, Deep Water, Missouri
12th, Waddell's Farm, Arkansas
12th, Mount Jackson, Virginia
12th, Jacksonport, Arkansas
12th, Hutchinson's Island, South Carolina
13th, James Island, South Carolina
13th, near Hilton Head, South Carolina
13th, New Market, Virginia
13th, Haw's Shop, Virginia
14th, Turnstall Station, Virginia
14th, Clear Creek/ near Baldwyn, Mississippi
15th, near Seven Pines, Virginia
15th, St. Mark's, Florida
15th, Big Creek Gap, TN
16th, Secessionville, South Carolina
16th, Mount Jackson, Virginia
16th, Winchester, TN
16th, Batesville, Arkansas
16th, Fairview, Arkansas
17th, Saint Charles, Arkansas
17th, Eminence, Missouri
17th, near Warrensburg, Missouri
17th, near Smithville, Arkansas
17th, Pass Manchac, Louisisana
18th, Cumberland Gap, TN (X)
18th, Williamsburg Road, Virginia
18th, Wilson's Gap, TN
18th, Hambright's Station, Missouri
18th, Fair Oaks, Virginia
18th, Winchester, Virginia
19th, Slavery abolished in U.S. Territories
19th, Winchester, Virginia
19th, Knight's Cove, Arkansas
19th, near Richmond/ Charles City Road, Virginia
20th, Bayou des Allemends, Louisiana
20th, New Bridge, Virginia
20th, Gill's Bluff, Virginia
20th, Owen County, Kentucky
21st, Coldwater Station, Mississippi
21st, Simmon's Bluff, South Carolina
21st, near Fair Oaks Station, Virginia
21st, Battle Creek, TN
21st, Rankin's Ferry, TN
22nd, Strasburg, Virginia
22nd, Sibley, Missouri
23rd, Pineville, Missouri
23rd, near Raytown, Missouri
23rd, Pink Hill, Missouri
23rd, Augusta, Arkansas
23rd, New Kent Court House, Virginia
24th, Mechanicsville, Virginia
24th, Hamilton's Plantation, Mississippi
25th, La Fayette Station, TN
25th, Oak Grove, Virginia
25th, Yellville, Arkansas
25th, Mungo Flats, West Virginia
25th, Pensacola, Florida
26th, Mechanicsville, Virginia
26th, Hundley's Corner, Virginia
26th, Hanover Court House, Virginia
26th, Atlee's Station, Virginia
26th, Point of Rocks, Virginia
26th, Cherry Grove, Missouri
27th, Stewart's Plantation, Arkansas
27th, Gaines's Mill/ Cold Harbor (First), Virginia
27th-28th, Garnett's Farm, Virginia
28th, Blackland, Mississippi
28th, Fort Butler, Louisiana
28th, Tunstall's Station, Virginia
28th, Dispatch Station, Virginia
28th, Sparta, TN
28th-29th, White House, Virginia
29th, Savage's Station, Virginia
29th, James River Road/ Willis' Church, Virginia
29th, Peach Orchard/ Allen's Farm, Virginia
29th, Moorefield, West Virginia
29th, Jordan's Ford, Virginia
30th, Glendale/ Frayser's Farm, Virginia
30th, White Oak Swamp/ Glendale, Virginia
30th, Turkey Bridge, Virginia
30th, Rising Sun, TN
30th, Powell River, TN
30th, Henderson, Kentucky
30th, near New Kent Court-House, Virginia
30th, Adam's Bluff, Arkansas
30th June-1st, Tampa, Florida

JULY OF 1862

1st, Malvern Hill, Virginia
1st, Booneville, Mississippi
1st, Morning Sun, TN
1st, Fort Furnace/ Powell's Big Fort Valley, Virginia
1st, Cherry Grove, Missouri
1st, Holly Springs, Mississippi
2nd, Huntsville, Alabama
2nd, Van Dunsen's Creek, CA
2nd, near New Kent Court-House, Virginia
3rd, Elvington Heights, Virginia
3rd, Locust Grove, Oklahoma
3rd, near Russellville, Alabama
3rd, near Herring Creek, Virginia
4th, CSS Teaser captured
4th, Westover, Virginia
4th, Port Royal Ferry, South Carolina
4th, near Valasco, Texas
5th, Battle Creek, TN
5th, Hatchie River, Mississippi
5th, Walden's Ridge, TN
6th, James River, Virginia
6th, Aberdeen, Arkansas
6th, White River, Arkansas
6th, Harrisonburg, Virginia
6th, Bayou Cache, Arkansas
6th, Salem, Missouri
7th, Cotton Plant/ Hill's Plantation, Arkansas
7th, Inman Hollow, Missouri
7th, Newark, Missouri
7th, Devall's Bluff, Arkansas
8th, Pleasant Hill, Missouri
8th, Black Run/ Black River, Missouri
8th, Orient Ferry/ Black Run, Arkansas
9th, Wadesburg/ Sugar Creek, Missouri
9th, Tompkinsville, Kentucky
9th, Hamilton, North Carolina
9th, Lotspeich Farm/ near Wadesburg, Missouri
9th-10th, Pocotaligo, South Carolina
10th, White Oak Swamp, Virginia
10th, near Gallatin, Kentucky
11th, near Pleasant Hill, Missouri
11th, Lebanon, Kentucky
12th, Helena, Arkansas
13th, Wolf River, TN
13th, Murfreesboro/ Stones River (First), TN
13th, Rapidan Station, Virginia
14th, Batesville, Arkansas
14th, near Helena, Arkansas
14th, Mackville, Kentucky
15th, Memphis, TN
15th, Fayetteville, Arkansas
15th, Apache Pass, AZ
15th, CSS Arkansas vs. Federal ships
15th, Orange Court House, Virginia
15th, near Middletown, Virginia
15th, Wallace's Cross Roads/ near Decatur, TN
17th, Cynthiana, Kentucky
17th, Gordonsville, Virginia
17th, Mount Pleasant, TN
17th, Columbia, TN
18th, Hendersonville, Kentucky
18th, near Memphis, Missouri
18th, Newburg, Indiana
19th, Paris, Kentucky
19th, Brownsville, TN
19th-20th, Beaver Dam Station, Virginia
20th, Hatchie Bottom, Mississippi
20th, Greenville, Missouri
20th, Gaines' Landing, Arkansas
20th, Taberville, Missouri
21st, Luray, Virginia (X)
21st, Nashville, TN
22nd, Floridaorida, Missouri
22nd, CSS Arkansas vs. USS Essex and USS Queen of the West
22nd, Verdon, Virginia
22nd, near Westover, Virginia
23rd, Carmel Church, Virginia
23rd, Boles' Farm/ near Florida, Missouri
23rd, near Columbus, Missouri
23rd, Blackwater/ near Columbus, Missouri
23rd, White Oak Bayou, Mississippi
24th, Benton's Ferry, Louisiana
24th, Trinity, Alabama
24th, Mesilla, New Mexico
24th, Santa Fe, Missouri
24th, Moore's Mill, Missouri
24th, White Oak Bayou, Mississippi
25th, Courtland Bridge, Alabama
25th, Clinton Ferry, TN
25th, Summerville, West Virginia
25th, Trinity, Alabama
25th, Mountain Store, Missouri
25th, near Trinity, Alabama
26th, Spangler's Mill, Alabama
26th, Young's Cross Roads, North Carolina
26th, Spangler's Mill/ Jonesborough, Alabama
26th, near Orange Court House, Virginia
26th, Mill Creek/ Pollocksville, North Carolina
26th, Big Piney, Missouri
26th, Tazewell, TN
27th, Bayou Bernard/ Fort Gibson, Indian Territory
27th, Madisonville, Louisiana
27th, Covington, Louisiana
27th, Brown's Spring, Missouri
27th, Floridaat Top Mountain, West Virginia
27th, near Toone's Station/ Lower Post Ferry, TN
28th, Bollinger's Mills, Missouri
28th, Cross Timbers, Missouri
28th, Guntersville, Alabama
28th, Moore's Mill/ near Fulton, Missouri
28th, Stevenson, Alabama
28th, Humboldt, TN
28th, Culpeper, Virginia
28th, Racoon Ford, Virginia
29th, Moore's Mills, Missouri
29th, Hatchie Bottom, TN
29th, Arrow Rock, Missouri
29th, Bloomfield, Missouri
29th, Saline County, Missouri
29th, Orange Court House, Virginia
29th, Harrison's Landing, Virginia
29th, St. Mary's Church, Virginia
29th, Russellville, Kentucky
29th, Fort McAllister, Georgia
29th, Law's Landing, Alabama
29th, Old Depot Ferry, Alabama
29th, Albee's Ranch, CA
30th, Miller's Ranch/ near Elk Camp, CA
30th, Paris, Kentucky
30th, Clark's Mill, Missouri
31st, Coggins Point, Virginia


1st, Barnett's Ford/ Harrison's Landing, Virginia
1st, Newark, Missouri
1st, Forsythe/ Ozark, Missouri
1st, Grand River, Missouri
1st, Carrollton, Missouri
1st, Barnett's Farm, Virginia
2nd, Jonesborough, Arkansas
2nd, Orange Court House, Virginia
2nd, Malvern Hill, Virginia (X)
2nd, Orange Court House, Virginia
2nd, Wyoming Court House, West Virginia
2nd, Clear Creek/ near Taberville, Missouri
2nd, near Trotten's Plantation, Mississippi
2nd, Coahoma County, Mississippi
2nd, Austin, Mississippi
3rd, Chariton Bridge, Missouri
3rd, L'Anguille Ferry, Arkansas
3rd, Jackson, Arkansas
3rd, Scattersville, Arkansas
3rd, Greenbrier River, West Virginia
3rd, Morganfield, Kentucky
3rd, Nonconah Creek/ near Sparta, TN
3rd, Sycamore Church, Virginia
4th, Gay Mont Plantation, Virginia
4th, Sinking Creek, Missouri
4th, near Woodville, Alabama
4th, Gayoso, Missouri
4th, White River/ near Forsyth, Missouri
5th, Massapanax Church, Virginia
5th, New Market, Alabama
5th, Decherd, TN
5th, Montevallo, Missouri
5th, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
5th, Malvern, Missouri
5th, White Oak Swamp, Virginia
5th, near Craneville, Missouri
5th, Wyoming Court House, West Virginia
5th, Sparta, TN
6th, Kirksville, Missouri
6th, Matapony, Virginia
6th, Tazewell, TN
6th, CSS Arkansas destroyed
6th, Malvern Hill, Virginia
6th, Thornburg, Virginia
6th, Beech Creek, West Virginia
6th, Massaponax Church, Virginia
6th, Pack's Ferry/ New River, West Virginia
6th, Kirksville, Missouri
6th, near Fort Gaston, CA
7th, Moseley's Plantation, Alabama
7th, Wood Springs, TN
7th, near Fort Fillmore, New Mexico
7th, Liberty Mills, Virginia
7th, Rocky Bluff, Missouri
7th, near Montevallo, Missouri
7th, Wolftown, Virginia
8th, Cumberland Gap, TN
8th, Panther Creek/ near Newtonia, Missouri
8th, near Stockton, Missouri
8th, Slaughter's House, Virginia
8th, near Madison Court House, Virginia
8th, Panther Creek, Missouri
9th, Cedar Mountain, Virginia
9th, Walnut Creek, Missouri
9th, Sears' Ford/ Chariton River, Missouri
9th, Salem, Missouri
9th, Donaldsville, Louisiana
10th, Nueces River, Texas
10th, CSS General Lee captured
10th, Bayou Sara, Louisiana
10th, Cedar Run, Virginia
10th, Switzler's Mill, Missouri
10th, Linn Creek, Missouri
10th, Donaldsonville, Louisiana
11th, Compton's Ferry/ Little Compton, Missouri
11th, Saulsbury, TN