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Civil War Battles for the Year 1865

•  January 1865   •  Febuary 1865   •  March 1865   •  April 1865   •  May 1865   •  June 1865   •
= American Victory   /   = Confederate Victory   /   = Draw   /   (X) = Occupied Without Fight
Bold - without link or (X) means an notable event occured and not a battle


1st, Bentonville, Arkansas
2nd, Franklin, Tennesse
2nd, Lexington, Tennesse
3rd, near Hardeeville, South Carolina
3rd, near Mechanicsburg, Mississippi
4th, Thorn Hill, Alabama
4th, The Ponds, Mississippi
6th, Huntsville, Arkansas
7th, Julesburg, CO Territory
7th, Johnson County, Arkansas
7th, Valley Station, CO Territory
8th, near Ivey's Ford, Arkansas
8th, Dove Creek/ Concho River, Texas
9th, Dove Creek, Texas
9th, Texas County, Missouri
9th, near Disputanta Station, Virginia
10th, near Glasgow, Missouri
11th, Beverly, West Virginia
11th, near Lexington, Missouri
12th, Sugar Loaf Prairie, Arkansas
13th-15th, Fort Fisher, North Carolina
14th, Pocotaligo, South Carolina
14th, Overland Stage Road, CO Territory
15th, USS Patapsco sunk
16th, Fort Fisher (Explosion), North Carolina
16th, Madison County, Arkansas
18th, near Lovettsville, Virginia
18th, Clarksville, Arkansas
19th, Corinth, Mississippi
20th, Point of Rocks/ Nine Mile Bridge, Kansas
22nd, Benton Road/ near Little Rock, Arkansas
23rd, Fort Brady, Virginia
23rd, Thompson's Plantation, Louisiana
24th, Fayetteville, Arkansas
24th, Bayou Goula, Louisiana
25th, Simpsonville, Kentucky
25th, near Powhatan, Virginia
26th, near Pocotaligo, South Carolina
26th, Paint Rock, Alabama
27th, Elrod's Tanyard, Alabama
27th, CSS Scorpian captured
27th, Ennis' Cross Roads, South Carolina
28th, Athens, Tennesse
28th, Combahee River, South Carolina
29th, Moorefield, West Virginia
29th, Harrodsburg, Kentucky
29th, Robertsville, South Carolina
29th, near Harrodsburg, Kentucky
29th, Danville, Kentucky
30th, La Fayette County, Missouri
30th, near Lawtonville, South Carolina
30th, Chaplintown, Kentucky


1st, Hickory Hill, South Carolina
1st, McLemore's Cove, Tennesse
1st, Whippy Swamp Creek, South Carolina
1st, St. Andrews Bay, Florida
2nd, St. John's River, Florida
2nd, Lawtonville, South Carolina
2nd, Barker's Mill/ Whippy Swamp, South Carolina
2nd, Duck Branch/ Lopers' Cross Roads, South Carolina
2nd, Rivers' Bridge/ Salkehatchie River, South Carolina
2nd, Broxton's Bridge/ Salkehatchie River, South Carolina
2nd-6th, Julesburg, CO Territory
3rd, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
3rd, Rivers Bridge, South Carolina
3rd, Dillingham's Cross Roads, South Carolina
3rd, Ladd's House/ Hog Jaw Valley, Alabama
4th, Hampton Road Peace Conference
4th, Angley's Post Office, South Carolina
4th, Buford's Bridge, South Carolina
5th, Duncanville, South Carolina
5th, Combahee Ferry, South Carolina
5th, Charles Town, West Virginia
5th, Braddock's Farm/ near Welaka, Florida
5th, near McMinnville, Tennesse
5th-7th, Hatcher's Run, Virginia
6th, Fishburn's Plantation, South Carolina
6th, Cowpen Ford/ near Barnwell, South Carolina
6th, Corn's Farm, Tennesse
7th, Blackville, South Carolina
7th, Edisto River Bridge, South Carolina
8th, Williston, South Carolina
8th, White Pond/ Walker's Bridge, South Carolina
8th, Cannon's Bridge/ South Edisto River, South Carolina
8th, New Market, Kentucky
8th, Bradfordsville, Kentucky
8th-9th, North Platte River, CO Territory
9th, near Memphis, Tennesse
9th, Binnaker's Bridge/ South Edisto River, South Carolina
9th, Holman's Bridge/ South Edisto River, South Carolina
10th, Johnson's Crook, Georgia
10th, James Island, South Carolina
10th, Johnson's Station, South Carolina
10th, Kittredge's Sugar House/ Napoleanville, Louisiana
10th, Friar's Point, Mississippi
10th, near Triune, Tennesse
10th-13th, Aiken, South Carolina
11th, Williamsburg, Virginia
11th, Johnson's Station, South Carolina
11th, near Sugar Loaf, South Carolina
11th, Battery Simkins, South Carolina
11th, Orangeburg, South Carolina
11th, Clear Creek, Arkansas
11th, near Pine Bluff, Arkansas
12th, near Columbia, Missouri
12th, Orangeburg Bridge, South Carolina
12th, Macon, South Carolina
12th, Lewisburg, Arkansas
12th, Waterloo, Alabama
12th-22nd, Wilmington, North Carolina
13th, Levyville, Florida
13th, Station Four, Florida
13th, Mississippi County, Missouri
14th, Wolf's Plantation, South Carolina
14th, North Edisto River, South Carolina
15th, Congaree Creek, Virginia
15th, Savannah Creek, South Carolina
15th, Bates' Ferry/ Congaree River, South Carolina
15th, Red Bank Creek, South Carolina
15th, Two League Cross Roads, South Carolina
15th-17th, Columbia, South Carolina
16th, Sweet Water, Tennesse
16th, Athens, Tennesse
16th, Bennett's Bayou, Arkansas
16th, Tolbert's Mill, Arkansas
16th, Gurley's Tank, Alabama
16th, Cedar Keys, Florida
17th, Fort Buchanan, AZ
17th, Washington County, Arkansas
17th, near Smithville, North Carolina
18th, Orton Pond, North Carolina
18th, Fort Jones/ near Colesburg, Kentucky
18th-19th, Fort Anderson, North Carolina
19th, Town Creek, North Carolina
19th, Eastport, Mississippi
19th, Russellville, Alabama
19th, Tuscumbia, Alabama
20th, Fort Myers, Florida
20th, Centre Creek, Missouri
21st, Fort Strong, North Carolina
21st, Eagle Island, North Carolina
21st, Cumberland, Maryland
22nd, near Camden, South Carolina
22nd, Rocky Mount, South Carolina
22nd, Douglas Landing, Arkansas
22nd, Wareree River, South Carolina
22nd, Smith's Creek, North Carolina
22nd, Northeast Ferry, North Carolina
24th, Camden, South Carolina
24th, Switzler's Mill, Missouri
25th, Camden, South Carolina (X)
25th, West's Cross Roads, South Carolina
25th, Piketon, Kentucky
26th, Lynch's Creek, South Carolina
26th, near Stroud's Mill, South Carolina
27th, near Mount Elon, South Carolina
27th, Cloud's House, South Carolina
27th, near Sturgeon, Missouri
27th, Spring Place, Georgia
28th, Cheraw, South Carolina
28th, near Rocky Mount, South Carolina


1st, Wilson's Store, South Carolina
1st, near Philadelphia, Tennesse
1st, near Mount Crawford, Virginia
2nd, Stauton, Virginia (X)
2nd, Waynesboro, Virginia
2nd, Chesterfield, South Carolina
2nd, Thompson's Creek, South Carolina
2nd, Athens, Alabama
3rd, Cheraw, South Carolina
3rd, Thompson's Creek, South Carolina
3rd, Big Black Creek, South Carolina
3rd, near Tunnel Hill, Georgia
3rd, Charlottesville, Virginia (X)
3rd, near Hornsborough, South Carolina
3rd, Blakeny's, South Carolina
3rd, Decatur, Alabama
4th, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
4th, Phillip's Cross Roads, North Carolina
4th, East River Bridge, Florida
4th, USS Thorn destroyed
5th, near Cheraw, South Carolina
5th, Newport Bridge, Florida
6th, Natural Bridge, Florida
7th, Laurinburg, North Carolina
7th, Fort Larned, Kansas
7th, Elyton, Alabama
7th, near Flint Hill, Virginia
7th-10th, Wyse Fork/ Kinston, North Carolina
8th, Solemn Grove, North Carolina
8th, Love's (Blue's) Bridge, South Carolina
8th, Jackson County, Tennesse
8th, Duguidsville, Virginia
8th, Poison Creek, Idaho Territory
9th, Columbia, Virginia (X)
9th, Lumberton, North Carolina
9th, Howard's Mills, Kentucky
9th, Solemn Grove, North Carolina
10th, Monroe's Cross Roads, North Carolina
10th, near Fayetteville, North Carolina
10th, near Boyd's Station, Alabama
11th, Fayetteville, North Carolina
11th, Goochland Court House, Virginia
11th, near Little Blue River, Missouri
11th, Washington, Arkansas
12th, near Peach Grove, Virginia
12th, Morganza Bend, Louisiana
12th, Lone Jack, Missouri
13th, Confederacy Approves Use of Black Soldiers
13th, Fayetteville, North Carolina
13th, Beaver Dam Station, Virginia
13th, near Charles Town, West Virginia
13th, near Dalton, Georgia
14th, Kinston, North Carolina (X)
14th, South Anna Bridge, Virginia
14th, Woodstock, Virginia
14th, near Dalton, Georgia
15th, near Smith's Mills, Virginia
15th, South River, Virginia
15th, Boyd's Station, Alabama
15th, Stevenson's Gap, Alabama
16th, Averasborough, North Carolina
16th, Montrose, Virginia
17th, Falling Creek, North Carolina
18th, near Drainesville, Virginia
18th, Mingo Creek, North Carolina
18th, Bushy Swamp, North Carolina
18th, near Benton's Cross Roads, North Carolina
18th, Livingston, Tennesse
18th, Amite River, Louisiana
19th, White House, Virginia
19th, Neuse River Bridge, North Carolina
19th, near Cox's Bridge, North Carolina
19th, Celina, Tennesse
19th, Welaka, Florida
19th, Saunders, Florida
19th-21st, Bentonville, North Carolina
20th, near Falling Creek, North Carolina
20th, Ringgold, Georgia
20th, Talbot's Ferry, Arkansas
21st, Goldsborogh, North Carolina (X)
22nd, Mill Creek, North Carolina
22nd, Hannah's Creek, North Carolina
22nd, Black Creek, North Carolina
22nd, near Patterson's Creek Station, West Virginia
22nd, Celina, Tennesse
22nd, Stephenson's Mills, Missouri
23rd, Cox's Bridge/ Neuse River, North Carolina
23rd, near Dannelly's Mills, Alabama
24th, near Moccasin Creek, North Carolina
24th, near Dannelly's Mills, Alabama
24th, Evergreen, Alabama
24th, near Rolla, Missouri
25th, Fort Stedman, Virginia
25th, Bluff Spring, Florida
25th, Deer Park Road, Alabama
25th, Cotton Creek, Florida
25th, Mitchell's (Canoe) Creek, Florida
25th, Escambia River, Florida
25th, Brawley Forks, Tennesse
25th, Glasgow, Kentucky
25th, Watkins House, Virginia
25th, Fort Fisher, Virginia
25th-12th, Mobile, Alabama
26th, Pollard, Alabama (X)
26th, Muddy Creek, Alabama
26th, Bath County, Kentucky
27th, Muddy Creek, Alabama
27th-April 8th, Spanish Fort, Alabama
28th, Boone, North Carolina
28th, near Elyton, Alabama
28th, near Snow Hill, North Carolina
28th, Boone, North Carolina
28th, Germantown, Tennesse
29th, Quaker Road/ Lewis's Farm, Virginia
29th, Wilkesborough, North Carolina
29th, Patterson, North Carolina
29th, Montevallo, Alabama
29th, Quaker Road/ Boydton Road, Virginia
29th, Vaughan Road/ near Hatcher's Run, Virginia
29th, USS osage sunk
29th, Waynesville, Missouri
29th, Blackwater River, Kentucky
29th, Mosely Hall, North Carolina
30th, Trion, Alabama
30th, near Five Forks, Virginia
30th, Montevallo, Alabama
30th, near Patterson's Creek, West Virginia
31st, White Oak Roads, Virginia
31st, Dinwiddie Court House, Virginia
31st, Columbiana, Alabama
31st, Montevallo, Alabama
31st, Asbyville, Alabama (X)
31st, Six Mile Creek, Alabama
31st, Bibb Furnace/ Montevallo, Alabama
31st, Shelby Springs, Alabama
31st, Crow's House, Virginia
31st, Hatcher's Run/ Boydton Road, Virginia
31st, near Six Mile Creek, Alabama
31st, Magnolia, Tennesse
31st, Gulley's, North Carolina
31st, Hookertown, North Carolina


1st, Five Forks, Virginia
1st, Trion, Alabama
1st, Maplesville, Alabama
1st, Snow Hill, North Carolina
1st, near Randolph, Alabama
1st, Plantersville, Alabama
1st, Ebenezer Church, Alabama
1st, Centreville, Alabama
1st, White Oak Creek, Tennesse
1st, near Blakely, Alabama
1st, USS Rodolph sunk
2nd, Petersburg (Third), Virginia
2nd, Ebanezer Church/ Selma, Alabama
2nd, Hill's Plantation, Arkansas
2nd, Sutherland's Station, Virginia
2nd, Fort Gregg, Virginia
2nd, Gravelly Ford, Virginia
2nd, Scott's Cross Roads, Virginia
2nd, near Goldsborough, North Carolina
2nd, Van Buren, Arkansas
2nd, Hickory Station, Arkansas
2nd-9th, Fort Blakely, Alabama
3rd, Namozine Church, Virginia
3rd, Surrender of Richmond
3rd, Willicomack Creek, Virginia
3rd, Hillsville, North Carolina
3rd, Mount Pleasant, Tennesse
3rd, Hillsville, Virginia
3rd, near Farmington, Missouri
3rd- 4th, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
4th, Beaver Pond Creek, Virginia
4th, Amelia Court House, Virginia
5th, Cowpen Landing, North Carolina
5th, Amilia Springs, Virginia
5th, USS Mystic destroyed
5th, Paine's Cross Roads, Virginia
5th, Maple Cypress, North Carolina
6th, Sayler's Creek, Virginia
6th, Rice's Station, Virginia
6th, High Bridge, Virginia
6th, Sipsey, Alabama
6th, Wytheville, Virginia
6th, Charles Town, West Virginia
6th, near Lanier's Mills, Alabama
6th, King's Store, Alabama
7th, Cumberland Church, Virginia
7th, Farmville, Virginia
7th, USS Minquas destroyed
7th, Fike's Ferry/ Cahawba River, Alabama
8th, Appotamox Station, Virginia
8th, Martinsville, North Carolina
9th, Appotamox Court House, Virginia (Gen. Robert E. Lee Surrender)
9th, Fort Blakely, Alabama
9th, Dingle's Mill, South Carolina
10th, Smithfield, North Carolina
10th, Moccassin Swamp (Creek), North Carolina
10th, Lowndesborough, Alabama
10th, Burke's Station, Virginia
10th, Arundel's Farm, Virginia
10th, Benton, Alabama
10th, Boonville, North Carolina
10th, Nahunta Station, North Carolina
11th, Shallow Ford, North Carolina
11th, Pikeville, North Carolina
11th, near Mocksville, North Carolina
11th, Crystal River, Florida
11th, Montgomery, Alabama
11th, Smithfield, North Carolina
11th, near Beulah, North Carolina
11th, Pikeville, North Carolina
11th, St. Charles, Arkansas
12th, Montgomery, Alabama (X)
12th, Grant's Creek, North Carolina
12th, Salisbury, North Carolina
12th, near Raleigh, North Carolina
12th, Swift Creek, North Carolina
13th, near Raleigh, North Carolina
13th, Wetumpka, Alabama
13th, Morrisville, North Carolina
13th, Whistler (Eight Mile Creek) Bridge, Alabama
13th, USS Ida sunk
14th, Washington, D.C. (Lincoln Assassination)
14th, near Tuskegee, Alabama
14th, Durham Station, North Carolina
14th, Mount Pleasant, Tennesse
14th, near Morrisville, North Carolina
14th, Sander's Farm, North Carolina
15th, McKenzie's Creek/ near Patterson, Missouri
15th, New Hope Church, North Carolina
15th, near Chapel Hill, North Carolina
16th, Fort Tyler, Alabama
16th, Columbus, Georgia (X)
16th, West Point, Georgia (X)
16th, Crawford, Alabama
16th, Opelika, Alabama
16th, Girard, Alabama
17th, Columbus, Georgia
17th, CSS Muscogee (Jackson) destroyed
17th, Catawba River/ near Morgantown, North Carolina
18th, Double Bridges/ Flint River, Georgia
18th, Boykin's Mill/ Swift Creek, South Carolina
18th, Pleasant Hill, Georgia
18th, near Germantown, Tennesse
18th, Taylorsville, Kentucky
19th, near Barnesville, Georgia
20th, Macon, Georgia (X)
20th, near Spring Hill, Georgia
20th, Mimms Mills/ Tobesofkee Creek, Georgia
20th, Rocky Creek Bridge, Alabama
20th, Montpelier Springs, Alabama
21st, Millwood, Virginia ( Maj. J. S. Mosby Disbands)
22nd, Talladega, Alabama (X)
22nd, Buzzard Roost, Georgia
22nd, Howard's Gap, North Carolina
22nd, near Linn Creek, Missouri
22nd, Big Gravois River, Missouri
23rd, Munford's Station, Alabama
23rd, near Hendersonville, North Carolina
23rd, near Fort Zarah, Kansas
24th, Miami, Missouri
24th, CSS Webb destroyed
24th, near Boggy Depot, Oklahoma
24th, near Miami, Missouri
25th, Linn Creek, Missouri
26th, Garrett Farm, Virginia (John W. Booth Killed)
26th, Durham, North Carolina (Gen. Joseph E. Johnston Surrender)
26th, Hendersonville, North Carolina
27th, Mississippi River, Tennesse (Sultana Disaster)
27th, near James Creek, Missouri
29th, Lyon County, Kentucky

May OF 1865

3rd, Boonville, Missouri
3rd, Pleasant Hill, Missouri
4th, Wetumpka, Alabama
4th, Star House/ Lexington, Missouri
4th, Citronelle, Alabama ( Lt. Gen. Richard Taylor Surrender )
5th, Summersville, Georgia
5th, Perche Hills, Missouri
7th, Kingsville, Missouri
8th, near Readsville, Missouri
9th, Gainesville, Alabama ( Lt. Gen. Forrest Disbands )
10th, Taylorsville, Kentucky
10th, Tallahassee, Florida ( Maj. Gen. Samuel Jones Surrender )
10th, Irwinsville, Georgia ( President Jefferson Davis Captured )
11th, Chalk Bluff, Arkansas (Brig. Gen. M. Jeff Thompson surrenders)
13th, Palmetto Ranch, Texas
14th, Little Piney River, Missouri
20th, Longwood, Missouri
19th, CSS Stonewall surrenders
20th, Blackwater River/ near Longwood, Missouri
20th, Deer Creek, SD
22nd, Valley Mines, Missouri
23rd, near Waynesville, Missouri
24th, near Rocheport, Missouri
25th, Mobile (Explosion), Alabama
26th, Crook River, Missouri
26th, New Orleans, Louisiana (Gen. E. Kirby Smith Surrender)
27th, Chariton County, Missouri
27th, Switzler's Mill, Missouri

June OF 1865

23rd, Doaksville, Oklahoma ( Gen. Stand Watie Surrender )
1865-1876.... Reconstruction  of the South
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