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Civil War Battles for the Year 1864

•  January 1864   •  Febuary 1864   •  March 1864   •  April 1864   •  May 1864   •  June 1864   •
•  July 1864   •  August 1864   •  September 1864   •  October 1864   •  November 1864   •  December 1864   •
= American Victory   /   = Confederate Victory   /   = Draw   /   (X) = Occupied Without Fight
Bold - without link or (X) means an notable event occured and not a battle

From Bull Run to Chattanooga, the Union armies had fought their battles without benefit of either a grand strategy or a supreme field commander. During the final year of the war the people of the North grew restless, and as the election of 1864 approached, many of them advocated a policy of making peace with the Confederacy. President Lincoln never wavered. Committed to the policy of destroying the armed power of the Confederacy, he sought a general who could pull all the threads of an emerging strategy together, and then concentrate the Union armies and their supporting naval power against the secessionists. After Vicksburg in July 1863, Lincoln leaned more and more toward Grant as the man whose strategic thinking and resolution would lead the Union armies to final victory.

It is the strategic moves of the armies during the last year of the war, rather than the tactical details, that are most instructive.


1st, Rectortown, Virginia
1st, Bunker Hill, West Virginia
1st, Dandridge, Tennesse
1st, Hampshire County, West Virginia
1st, Hardy County, West Virginia
1st, Lunenburg, Arkansas
1st, Sylamore, Arkansas
1st, Sylamore Creek, Arkansas
2nd, Santa Catalina Island, CA (X)
2nd, LaGrange, Tennesse
3rd, Salem, Virginia
3rd, Jonesville, Virginia
3rd, Front Royal, Virginia
3rd, Hardy County, West Virginia
4th, Sparta, Tennesse
4th, Warrenton, Virginia
4th, Lockwood's Folly Inlet, North Carolina
5th, Lawrence's Mill, Tennesse
5th, Jonesville, Virginia
5th, Pecos River/ near Fort Sumner, New Mexico
6th, USS Delta captured
6th, Floridaint Hill, Virginia
6th, Dalton, Georgia
6th-10th, Canyon De Chelly, New Mexico
7th, Waccamaw Neck, South Carolina
7th, Sulphur Springs Road, Virginia
7th, USS Dan captured
7th, Warrenton, Virginia
7th, Martin's Creek, Arkansas
8th, Moorefield Junction, West Virginia
8th-9th, Cancey Bayou, Texas
9th, Terman's Ferry, Kentucky
10th, Mossy Creek, Tennesse
10th, Loudon Heights, Virginia
10th, Sperryville, Virginia
10th, Petersburg, West Virginia
10th, King's River, Arkansas
10th, USS Iron Age destroyed
11th, Lockwood's Folly Inlet, South Carolina
12th, near Mossy Creek, Tennesse
12th, Accotink, Virginia
12th, Marshall, Kentucky
12th, Ellis' Ford, Virginia
12th, Northern Neck, Virginia
13th, Ragland Mills, Kentucky
13th, Sevierville, Tennesse
13th, near Collierville, Tennesse
13th, near Ely's Ford, Virginia
13th, Shultz's Mill, Tennesse
13th, Cosby Creek, Tennesse
14th, Dandridge, Tennesse
14th, Middleton, Tennesse
14th, Shoal Creek, Alabama
14th, Bollinger County, Missouri
15th, near Petersburg, West Virginia
16th, White County, Tennesse
16th, Oak Ridge, Mississippi
16th, near Turkey Creek, Virginia
16th, Dandridge, Tennesse
17th, Ellis' Ford, Virginia
17th, Ely's Ford, Virginia
17th, Dandridge, Tennesse
17th, Lewisburg, Arkansas
18th, Floridaint Hill, Virginia
18th, Grand Gulf, Mississippi
19th, Big Springs, Tennesse
19th, Branchville, Arkansas
20th, Tracy City, Tennesse
20th, Island No. 76, Mississippi
21st, Strawberry Plains, Tennesse
21st, Armstrong's Ferry, Tennesse
22nd, Subligna, Georgia
22nd, near Wilsonville, Tennesse
22nd, Ellis' Ford, Virginia
22nd, Germantown, Virginia
22nd, Clear Creek, Arkansas
22nd, Tomahawk, Arkansas
23rd, Woodville, Alabama
23rd, Newport, Tennesse
23rd, Woodstock, Virginia
23rd, Cowskin Bottom, Indian Territory
23rd, Bailey's/ Crooked Creek, Arkansas
24th, near Natchez, Mississippi
24th, Tazewell, Tennesse
24th, Love's Hill/ near Nashville, Tennesse
25th, La Grange, Tennesse
25th, Mount Pleasant, Mississippi
25th, bainbridge Ferry, Alabama
25th, near Sweet Water, Alabama
25th, Little Missouri River, Arkansas
25th, Sulphur Springs, Arkansas
25th, Bayou Grand, Florida
26th, San Andres Mountains, New Mexico
26th, Servierville, Tennesse (X)
26th, Athens, Alabama
26th, near Knoxville, Tennesse
26th, Caddo Gap, Arkansas
26th, San Andres Mountains, New Mexico
27th, Fair Garden, Tennesse
27th, Lebanon, Kentucky
27th, near Knoxville, Tennesse
27th, Cumberland River, Kentucky
27th, near Thoroughfare Mountain, Virginia
28th, Lee's House/ Cornersville Pike, Tennesse
28th, Dallas, Arkansasnear Jonesville, Virginia
29th, near Gloucester Court House, Virginia
29th, near Cobb's Mill, Alabama
29th, near Benn's Church, Virginia
29th, Smithfield, Virginia
29th, Medley, West Virginia
29th, USS Sir William Wallace attacked
30th, Medley, West Virginia
30th, Chickamauga Creek, Georgia
30th, Windsor, North Carolina
31st, Smithfield, Virginia

Febuary OF 1864

1st, Bristoe Station, Virginia
1st, Batchelder's Creek, North Carolina
1st, Waldron, Arkansas
2nd, Patterson's Creek, West Virginia
2nd, New Bern, North Carolina
2nd, Gale's Creek/ near Beaufort, North Carolina
2nd, Bouge Sound Blockhouse, North Carolina
2nd, Newport Barracks, North Carolina
2nd, near La Grange, Tennesse
2nd, Whitesburg, Alabama
2nd, Strasburg, Virginia
2nd, Halcolm Island, Missouri
3rd, Liverpool Heights, Mississippi
3rd, USS Levi captured
4th, Moorefield, West Virginia
4th, Liverpool Heights, Mississippi
4th, Champion's Hill, Mississippi
4th, Edward's Ferry, Mississippi
4th, near Bolton Depot, Mississippi
4th, Columbia, Louisiana
4th, Hot Springs, Arkansas
4th, Mountain Fork, Arkansas
4th, Rolling Prairie, Arkansas
5th, Jackson, Mississippi (X)
5th, near Aldie, Virginia
5th, Baker's Creek, Mississippi
5th, Clinton, Mississippi
5th, Winchester, Virginia
5th, near Cape Girardeau, Missouri
5th, Crooked Creek, Arkansas
6th, Morton's Ford, Virginia
6th, Bolivar, Tennesse
6th, Hillsborough, Mississippi
6th, near Newport Barracks, North Carolina
6th, Bottom's Bridge, Virginia
6th, near Baltimore Store, Virginia
6th-7th, Barnett's Ford, Virginia
7th, Jacksonville, Florida (X)
7th, Brandon, Mississippi
7th, Vidalia, Louisiana
7th, Morton, Mississippi
7th, Satartia, Mississippi
7th, Waccomo Neck, North Carolina
7th, Caney Bayou, Texas
8th, Ten-Mile Run/ near Camp Finegan, Florida
8th, Coldwater Ferry, Mississippi
8th, near Morton, Mississippi
8th, near Senatobia, Mississippi
8th, Barboursville, Kentucky
8th, Ringgold, Georgia
8th, near Maryville, Tennesse
8th, Donaldsonville, Louisiana
9th, Morgan's Mill/ Spring River, Arkansas
9th, Yazoo City, Mississippi (X)
9th, near Point Washington, Florida
9th, Hardin County, Tennesse
9th, New River, Louisiana
9th, Tomahawk Gap, Arkansas
9th, White County, Arkansas
10th, Camp Cooper, Florida
10th, Barber's Ford, Florida
10th, Hillsborough, Mississippi
10th, Morton, Mississippi
10th, Pocahontas, Arkansas
10th, Lake Village, Arkansas
11th, John's Island, South Carolina
11th, near Kearneysville, West Virginia
11th, Raiford's Plantation/ near Byhalia, Mississippi
11th, near Madisonville, Louisiana
11th, Lamar, Texas
12th, near California House, Missouri
12th, Wall Hill, Mississippi
12th, Holly Springs, Mississippi
12th, Macon, Missouri
12th, Caddo Gap, Arkansas
13th, Saint Francis River, Arkansas
13th, Middle Boggy Depot, Oklahoma
13th, Chuncky Creek, Mississippi
13th, Meridian, Mississippi
13th, Wyatt, Mississippi
13th, Fentress County, Tennesse
13th-14th, Pease Creek, Florida
14th, Gainesville, Florida (X)
14th, Brentsville, Virginia
14th, Larkinsville, Alabama
14th, Ross' Landing, Arkansas
14th, Scott's Farm, Arkansas
14th-20th, Meridian, Mississippi
15th, Overton County, Tennesse
15th, Laurel Creek, West Virginia
15th, Marion Station, Mississippi
15th, Saline River, Arkansas
15th, near Charleston, Missouri
16th, CSS Hunley vs. USS Housatonic
16th, CSS Pet and CSS Spunky captured
16th, Lauderdale Springs, Mississippi
16th, Fairfield, North Carolina
16th, Indian Bay, Arkansas
16th, Caddo Gap, Arkansas
16th, Fort Powell, Alabama
17th, Riley's Landing, Tennesse
17th, near Piedmont, Virginia
17th, Pontotoc, Mississippi
17th, Black's Mill, Arkansas
17th, Horse Head Creek, Arkansas
18th, Aberdeen, Mississippi
18th, Mifflin, Tennesse
18th, Maryville, Tennesse
18th, Sevierville, Tennesse
18th, Ringgold, Georgia
18th, Piney River, Missouri
19th, Waugh's Farm/ near Batesville, Arkansas
19th, Brown's Ferry, Alabama
19th, near Houston, Mississippi
19th, Egypt Station, Mississippi
19th, near Meridian, Mississippi
19th, grossetete, Louisiana
19th, near Independence, Missouri
20th, Front Royal, Virginia
20th, Olustee, Florida
20th, Blakely's School Grove, Virginia
20th, Sevierville Road/ near Knoxville, Tennesse
20th, Floridaat Creek, Tennesse
20th, Strawberry Plains, Tennesse
20th, Upperville, Virginia
20th, near Hurricane Bridge, West Virginia
20th, Pease Creek, Florida
20th-21st, West Point, Mississippi
21st, Drainesville, Virginia
21st, Circleville, Virginia
21st, Union, Mississippi
21st, Ellis' Bridge, Mississippi
21st, Prairie Station, Mississippi
21st, near Okolona, Mississippi
22nd, Whitemarsh Island, Georgia
22nd, Mayfield, Kentucky
22nd, Calfkiller Creek, Tennesse
22nd, Indianola, Texas
22nd, Okolona, Mississippi
22nd, Luna Landing, Arkansas
22nd, Lexington, Missouri
22nd, Warrensburg, Missouri
22nd, Gibson's Mill/ Indian Creek, Virginia
22nd, Wyerman's Mill/ Indian Creek, Virginia
22nd, Powell's Bridge, Tennesse
22nd-27th, Dalton (First), Georgia
23rd, Catoosa Station, Georgia
23rd, near New Albany, Mississippi
24th, Buzzard Roost, Georgia
24th, Rocky Face Ridge/ Crow Valley, Georgia
24th, Tippah River, Mississippi
24th, near Canton, Mississippi
24th-25th, Tunnell Hill, Georgia
25th, near Hudsonville, Mississippi
26th, Albemarle County, Virginia
26th, Washington, Tennesse
26th, near Canton, Mississippi
26th,Washington Springs, Tennesse
26th, Sulphur Springs, Tennesse
26th, Charleston harbor, South Carolina
27th, Goose Creek/ near St. Mark's, Florida
27th, near Poplar Bluff, Missouri
27th, Sequatchie Valley, Tennesse
27th, Madisonville, Mississippi
27th, Sharon, Mississippi
27th, Pinos Altos, AZ Territory
28th, Dukedom, Tennesse
28th, Ely's Ford, Virginia
28th, Pearl River, Mississippi
28th, yazoo City, Mississippi
28th- 4th March, Richmond, Virginia
29th, Beaver Dam Station, Virginia
29th, Redwood Creek, CA
29th, near Canton, Mississippi
29th, Ballahock, Virginia
29th, Deep Creek, Virginia


1st, Ely's Ford, Virginia
1st, Cedar Creek, Florida
1st, McGirt's Creek, Florida
2nd, Walkerton, Virginia
2nd, Canton, Mississippi
2nd, Mantapike Hill, Virginia
3rd, Liverpool, Mississippi
3rd, Brownsville, Mississippi
3rd, Petersburg, West Virginia
3rd, Jackson, Louisiana
3rd, near Baton Rouge, Louisiana
4th, near Murfreesboro, Tennesse
4th, Rodney, Mississippi
5th, Panther Springs, Tennesse
5th, Leet's Tan Yard, Georgia
5th, Yazoo City, Mississippi
6th, Snickersville, Virginia
6th, North Edisto River, South Carolina
6th, Columbus, Kentucky
6th, near Island No. 10, Mississippi
6th, Floridaint Creek, Arkansas
7th, Decatur, Alabama
7th, Brownsville, Mississippi
8th, Courtland, Alabama
8th, Moulton, Alabama
8th, near Baton Rouge, Louisiana
8th, Cypress Creek, Louisiana
9th, Greenwich, Virginia
9th, near Nickajack Gap, Georgia
9th, Suffolk, Virginia
10th, Clinton, Kentucky
10th, Mayfield, Kentucky
10th, White County, Tennesse
10th, Kabletown, West Virginia
10th, near Charles Town, West Virginia
10th, Kabletown, West Virginia
12th, near Union City, Tennesse
12th, Nola Chucky Bend/ near Morristown, Tennesse
13th, Cheek's Cross Roads, Tennesse
13th, Spring Hill, Tennesse
13th, Carrollton, Arkansas
13th, Los Patricios, Texas
14th, Fort DeRussy, Louisiana
14th, Bent Creek, Tennesse
14th, Claysville, Alabama
14th, Jones County, Mississippi
14th, Hopefield, Arkansas
15th, Marksville Prairie, Louisiana
15th, Bull's Gap, Tennesse
15th, Floridaat Creek valley, Tennesse
15th, Clarendon, Arkansas
16th, Alexandria, Louisiana (X)
16th, near Tullahoma, Tennesse
16th, Annandale, Virginia
16th, Bristoe Station, Virginia
16th, near Palatka, Florida
16th, Santa Rosa, Texas
17th, Corpus Christi, Texas
17th, Manchester, Tennesse
17th, Red Mountain/ near Blue Rock Station, CA
18th, Monticello, Arkansas
18th, Spring Creek, Arkansas
19th, Eel River, CA
19th, Laredo, Texas
19th, Bersheeba Springs, Tennesse
19th, Cumberland River, Kentucky
19th, Black Bay, Arkansas
20th, Arkadelphia, Arkansas
20th, Roseville Creek, Arkansas
20th, Bayou Rapides, Louisiana
21st, Reynoldsburg, Tennesse
21st, USS Matagorda captured
21st, Bayou Rapides, Louisiana
21st, Moulton, Alabama
21st, Velasco, Texas
21st, henderson's Hill, Louisiana
21st, Red River, Louisiana
22nd, Fancy Farms, Kentucky
22nd, Bald Spring Canon/ Eel River, CA
22nd, Langley's Plantation/ Issaquena County, Mississippi
22nd, Corpus Christi, Texas
22nd, Winchester, Virginia
23rd, Benton Road, Arkansas
24th, Union City, Tennesse
24th, near Goodrich's Landing, Louisiana
24th, Oil Trough Bottom, Arkansas
25th, White River, Arkansas
25th, Paducah, Kentucky
25th, Fort Anderson, Kentucky
25th, Rockport Dover, Arkansas
25th, Van Buren County, Arkansas
25th, McClellansville, South Carolina
26th, near Black Jack Church, North Carolina
26th, Quitman, Arkansas
26th-30th, Mount Elba, Arkansas
27th, Eel River, CA
27th, Deepwater Township, Missouri
27th, Livingston, Mississippi
27th, Louisville, Tennesse
27th, Columbus, Kentucky
28th, New Hope, Kentucky
28th, Eel River, CA
28th, Obey's River, Tennesse
28th, Bloomery Gap, West Virginia
28th, Danville, Arkansas
29th, Bolivar, Tennesse
29th, Caperton's Ferry, Alabama
29th, Monett's Ferry, Louisiana
29th, Cloutierville, Louisiana
29th, Red River, Tennesse
29th, Roseville, Arkansas
29th, Long View, Arkansas
29th, Arkadelphia, Arkansas
30th, Athens, Alabama
30th, Snyder's Bluff, Mississippi
30th, Cherry Grove, Virginia
30th, Greenton, Missouri
30th, Big Creek, Arkansas
31st, Natchitoches, Louisiana
31st, near Arkadelphia, Arkansas
31st, Palatka, Florida
31st, Forks of Beaver, Kentucky
31st, Spring Island, South Carolina


1st, Fitzhugh's Woods, Arkansas
1st, Natchitoches, Louisiana
1st, Arkadelphia, Arkansas
1st, near Plymouth, North Carolina
1st, Bloomfield, Missouri
1st, USS Maple Leaf sank
2nd, Cape Lookout Light, North Carolina
2nd, Cleveland, Tennesse
2nd, Grossetete Bayou, Louisiana
2nd, Crump's Hill, Louisiana
2nd, Okolona, Arkansas
2nd, Antoine Creek/ Terre Noir Creek, Arkansas
2nd, Wolf Creek, Arkansas
2nd, Cedar Creek, Florida
2nd, Cow Ford Creek, Florida
2nd, Cape Lookout Light, North Carolina
3rd, Clarksville, Arkansas
3rd, Grand Encore, Louisiana
3rd, near Raliegh, Tennesse
3rd, Cypress Swamp, Tennesse
3rd, Ducktown Road, Georgia
3rd, Clinton, Mississippi
3rd, Fort Gibson, Indian Territory
3rd, Elkin's Ferry/ Little Missouri River, Missouri
3rd-4th, Okalona/ Elkin's Ferry, Arkansas
4th, Kings and Queens Courthouse, Virginia
4th, Charlestown, Arkansas
4th, Roseville, Arkansas
4th, Campti, Louisiana
5th, Blount's Creek, North Carolina
5th, Natchitoches, Louisiana
5th, Marks' Mills, Arkansas
5th, Whiteley's Mill, Arkansas
5th, Quicksand Creek, Kentucky
5th, Little River/ near New Madrid, Missouri
6th, Prairie du Rocher, Illinois
6th, Piney Mountain, Arkansas
6th, ArkansasRiver/ near Prairie Grove, Arkansas
7th, Pleasant Hill/ Wilson's Farm, Louisiana
7th, Sierra Bonita, New Mexico
7th, Woodall's Bridge, Alabama
7th, Brushy Creek, Arkansas
7th, Rhea's Mills, Arkansas
7th, near Port Hudson, Louisiana
8th, Sabine Cross Roads/ Mansfield, Louisiana
8th, Paint Rock Bridge, Alabama
8th, Winchester, Virginia
8th, Bayou De Paul/ Carroll's Mill, Louisiana
8th, James Island, South carolina
9th, Pleasant Hill, Louisiana
9th, near Raliegh, Tennesse
9th, CSS Squib vs. USS Minnesota
9th-13th, Prairie D'Ann, Arkansas
10th, Dedmon's Trace, georgia
10th, Cypress Swamp, Tennesse
11th, near Columbus, Kentucky
11th, Greenwich, Virginia
11th, near Kelly's Plantation, Alabama
11th, Chariton County, Missouri
11th, Richland, Arkansas
12th, Floridaorence, Alabama
12th, Fremont's Orchard, CO
12th, Fort Pillow, Tennesse
12th, Pleasant Hill Landing, Tennesse
12th, Van Buren, Arkansas
12th, Fort Bisland, Louisiana
12th-13th, Blair's Landing, Louisiana
13th, Mink Springs, Tennesse
13th, Nokesville, Virginia
13th, near Richland Creek, Arkansas
13th, Spring River/ near Smithville, Arkansas
13th, Moscow, Tennesse
13th, Columbus, Kentucky
13th, near Decatur, Alabama
13th, Paintsville, Kentucky
14th, Paducah, Kentucky
14th, Bayou Saline, Arkansas
14th, Dutch Mills, Arkansas
14th, White Oak Creek, Arkansas
14th, Taylor's Ridge, Georgia
14th, Half Mountain, Kentucky
14th, near Booneville, Kentucky
15th, Camden, Arkansas
15th, Greeneville, Tennesse
15th, Grand Encore, Louisiana
15th, Waterford, Virginia
15th, Roseville, Arkansas
15th, Spencer's Ranch/ near Presidio del Norto, New Mexico Territory
15th, near Baton Rouge, Louisiana
15th, Bristoe Station, Virginia
15th, Milford, Virginia
16th, St. Johns River, Florida
16th, Grand Encore, Louisiana
16th, Camden, Arkansas
16th, Liberty Post Office, Arkansas
16th, Osage Branch/ King's River, Arkansas
16th, Rheatown, Tennesse
17th, Floridaint River, Alabama
17th, Limestone Valley, Arkansas
17th, Beaver Creek, North Carolina
17th, Ellis' Ford, Virginia
17th, Holly Springs, Mississippi
17th, Red Mount, Arkansas
17th-20th, Plymouth, North Carolina
18th, near Decatur, Alabama
18th, Poison Spring, Arkansas
18th, Citrus Point, Virginia
18th, Hunnewell, Missouri
19th, CSS Albemarle vs. USS Miami and USS Southfield
19th, Marion County, Alabama
19th, King's River, Arkansas
19th, Leesburg, Virginia
19th, Marling's Bottom, West Virginia
19th, Charleston, Missouri
19th, Waterhouse's Mill, Tennesse
19th, Boiling Springs, Missouri
20th, Jacksonport, Arkansas
20th, Plymouth, North Carolina
20th, Natchitoches, Louisiana
20th, Camden, Arkansas
20th, Waterproof, Louisiana
21st, Harrison's Gap, Alabama
21st, Cotton Plant, Arkansas
21st, Natchitoches, Louisiana
21st, Masonborough Inlet, North Carolina
21st, Cane Patch, South Carolina
21st, Tunica Bend, Louisiana
21st, Red Bone, Mississippi
22nd, near Cloutierville, Louisiana
22nd, Duck River, tennessee
22nd, near Cotton Plant, Arkansas
23rd, Nickajack Trace, Georgia
23rd, Monett's Ferry, Louisiana
23rd, Camden, Arkansas
23rd, Swan lake, Arkansas
23rd, near Hunter's Mill, Virginia
23rd, Independence, Missouri
24th, near Middletown, Virginia
24th, near Camden, Arkansas
24th, near Decatur, Alabama
24th, Pineville, Louisiana
25th, Hunter's Mills, Virginia
25th, Mark's Mills, Arkansas
25th, Moro Bottom, Arkansas
25th, Cotile Landing, Louisiana
25th, near Natchez, Mississippi
26th, Deloach's Bluff, Louisiana
26th, Plymouth, North Carolina
26th, Alexandria, Louisiana
26th, Bayou Rapides Bridge, Louisiana
26th, Winchester, Virginia
26th, Wayne County, Missouri
26th, Berwick, Louisiana
26th, near Little Rock, Arkansas
27th, Decatur, Alabama
27th, Troublesome Creek, Kentucky
27th, Taylor's Ridge/ near Ringgold, Georgia
27th, Masonborough Inlet, North Carolina
27th, Dayton, Missouri
28th, Johnson County, Missouri
28th, Princeton, Arkansas
28th, Big Bend/ Eel River, CA
29th, Grand Encore, Louisiana
29th, Ouachita River, Arkansas
29th, near Saline Bottom, Arkansas
29th, Sni Hills, Missouri
29th, Berry County, Tennesse
30th, Jenkin's Ferry, Arkansas
30th, Whitemore's Mill, Arkansas
30th, Decatur, Alabama

MAY OF 1861

1st, USS Emma captured
1st, Clinton, Louisiana
1st, Ashton, Louisiana
1st, Berwick, Louisiana
1st, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
1st, Lee's Creek, Arkansas
1st, Booth's Run, CA
1st, Stone Church/ near Chattanooga, Georgia
1st- 8th, Alexandria, Louisiana
2nd, Well's Plantation, Louisiana
2nd, Wilson's Landing, Louisiana
2nd, Bayou Pierre, Louisiana
2nd, Kneeland's Prairie, CA
2nd, Bee Creek, Missouri
2nd, Bolivar, Tennesse
2nd, Bee Creek, Missouri
2nd, near Tunnel Hill, Georgia
2nd, Ringgold Gap, Georgia
3rd, Richland Creek, Arkansas
3rd, Cedar Bluffs, CO
3rd, USS City Belle captured
3rd, Bulltown, West Virginia
3rd, Bayous Redwood, Louisiana
3rd, Olive Branch/ near Baton Rouge, Louisiana
3rd, Chickamauga Creek, Georgia
3rd, Catoosa Springs, Georgia
3rd, Red Clay, Georgia
4th, Croatan, North Carolina
4th, Doubtful Canyon, AZ
4th, Sand Mountain, Alabama
4th, Trent Road, North Carolina
4th, Trent River, North Carolina
4th, Callaghan's Station, Virginia
4th, Varnell's Station, Georgia
4th, Ashwood Landing, Louisiana
4th-5th, David's Ferry, Louisiana
4th- 16th, Drewry's Bluff, Virginia
5th, Albemarle Sound, North Carolina
5th, New Berne, North Carolina
5th, Dunn's Bayou, Louisiana
5th, Graham's Plantation, Louisiana
5th, Natchitoches, Louisiana
5th-7th, near Tunnel Hill, Georgia
5th-7th, Wilderness, Virginia
6th, Bayou Lamourie, Louisiana
6th, Boyce's Plantation, Louisiana
6th, Wells' Plantation, Louisiana
6th, Princeton, West Virginia
6th, Blackwater River, Virginia
6th, Tampa, Florida
6th, near Boynton's Prairie, CA
6th, Morganfield, Kentucky
6th, USS Granite City captured
6th, Napoleonville, Louisiana
6th, USS Commodore Jones sank
6th-7th, Port Walthal Junction, Virginia
7th, Varnell's Station, Georgia
7th, near Nickajack Gap, Georgia
7th, USS Shawsheen captured
7th, Stony Creek Station, Virginia
7th, near Florence, Alabama
7th, bayou Boeuf, Louisiana
7th, Cape Fear River, North Carolina
7th-8th, Todd's Tavern, Virginia
7th-13th, Rocky Face Ridge, Georgia
8th, Buzzard Roost/ Mill Creek Gap, Georgia
8th, Dug Gap, Georgia
8th, Corbin's Bridge, Virginia
8th, Alsop's Farm, Virginia
8th, Laurel Hill, Virginia
8th, Jarrett's Station, Virginia
8th, White's Bridge, Virginia
8th, Halltown/ near Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
8th, Jeffersonville, West Virginia
8th, near Decatur, Alabama
8th, near Maysville, Arkansas
8th, Bayou Robert, Louisiana
8th-21st, Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia
9th, Cloyd's Mountain, Virginia
9th, Snake Creek Gap, Georgia
9th, Poplar Place, Georgia
9th, Varnell's Station, Georgia
9th, Ware Bottom Church, Virginia
9th, Swift Creek, Virginia
9th, Beaver Dam Station, Virginia
9th, near Pound Gap, Kentucky
9th, Boyd's Trail, Virginia
9th, Sugar Valley, Virginia
9th, USS Harriet A. Weed destroyed
9th, Eudora Church, Arkansas
9th, Fort Clinton, Virginia
9th, Brandon/ Brander's Bridge, Virginia
10th, Winchester, Tennesse
10th, Front Royal, Virginia
10th, Chester Station, Virginia
10th, Cove Mountain, Virginia
10th, Crocket's Cove, Virginia
10th, North Anna River, Virginia
10th, near Beaver Dam Station, Virginia
10th, Lost River Gap, West Virginia
10th, Dardanelle, Arkansas
10th, Cove Mountain/ Grassy Lick, Virginia
10th, near Wytheville, Virginia
10th, New River Bridge, Virginia
11th, Yellow Tavern, Virginia
11th, Ashland, Virginia
11th, Ground Squirrel Bridge, Virginia
11th, Blacksburg, Virginia
11th, Glen Allen Station, Virginia
12th, Strasburg, Virginia
12th, Meadow Bridge, Virginia
12th, Mechanicsville, Virginia
12th, Strawberry Hill, Virginia
12th, Brook Church, Virginia
12th, Jackson's Ferry, Alabama
12th, Smith's Station, Nebraska Territory
12th, Bayou Lamourie/ Red River, Louisiana
12th, Newport, Virginia
12th, Brown's Ferry, Virginia
12th, Salt Ponds, Virginia
12th, Gap Mountain, Virginia
12th-16th, Fort Darling, Virginia
13th, Spavinaw, Arkansas
13th, Tilton, Georgia
13th, near Dalton, Georgia
13th, Pulaski, Tennesse
13th, Cuba, Missouri
13th, Cypress Creek, Arkansas
13th-15th, Resca, Georgia
13th-16th, Fort Sumter, South Carolina
14th, Wilson's Landing/ Red River, Louisiana
14th- 16th, Avoyelles Prairie, Louisiana
15th, Centre Star, Alabama
15th, Mount Pleasant Landing, Louisiana
15th, New Market, Virginia
15th, Turner's Bridge, Georgia
15th, near Rome, Georgia
15th, Armuchee Creek, Georgia
15th, near Dardanelle, Arkansas
16th, Smoky Hill, Kansas
16th, Mansura, Louisiana
16th, Dry Wood Creek, Missouri
16th, Spirit Lake, Minnesota
16th, Belle Prairie/ Smith's Plantation, Louisiana
16th, Ashepoo River, South Carolina
16th, Pond Creek, Kentucky
16th, near Ratliff's Landing, Mississippi
17th, Adairsville, Georgia
17th, Dardanelle, Arkansas
17th, Rome, Georgia
17th, Madison Station, Alabama
17th, Yellow Bayou, Louisiana
17th, Moreauville, Louisiana
18th, Bayou De Glaize, Louisiana
18th, Yellow Bayou, Louisiana
18th, near Cassville, Georgia
18th, near Kingston, Georgia
18th, Pine Log Creek, Georgia
18th, Floridaetcher's Ferry, Alabama
18th, Pike County, Kentucky
18th, Wolf River, Kentucky
18th, Norwood's Plantation/ Old Oaks, Louisiana
18th, Clarksville, Arkansas
18th, Searcy, Arkansas
19th, Mill Springs Gap, Georgia
19th, Fayetteville, Arkansas
19th, near Norristown, Arkansas
19th, Dandridge, Tennesse
20th, Ware Bottom Church, Virginia
20th, Lamar, Missouri
20th, Etowah Creek, Georgia
20th, Cartersville, Georgia
20th, Allatoona Mills, Georgia
20th, Greenbrier River, West Virginia
20th, Mayfield, Kentucky
20th, Greenville, Mississippi
20th, Stony Point, Arkansas
21st, Guiney's Station, Virginia
21st, Stanard's Mill, Virginia
21st, Fort Powhatan, Virginia
21st, Blue River, Missouri
21st, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
21st, Newton, Virginia
22nd, Guard Hill, Virginia
22nd, Devall's Bluff, Arkansas
22nd, near Mount Pleasant, Arkansas
22nd, Cassville, Georgia
22nd, Front Royal, Virginia
22nd, Brazos, Texas
23rd, Stilesborough, Georgia
23rd, Grouse Creek, CA
23rd, USS Columbine captured
23rd-26th, North Anna, Virginia
24th, Wilson's Wharf/ Fort Pocahontas, Virginia
24th, Ox Ford, Virginia
24th, Cass Station, Georgia
24th, Cassville, Georgia
24th, Burnt Hickory/ Huntsville, Georgia
24th, near Dallas, Georgia
24th, near Nashville, Tennesse
24th, Holly Springs, Mississippi
24th, near Little Rock, Arkansas
24th, near Morganaza, Louisiana
24th, near Charles Town, West Virginia
24th, Lewisburg, West Virginia
25th, Woodbury Pike/ Cripple Creek, Tennesse
25th, USS Curlew attacked
25th, USS Lebanon captured
25th, Buck Horn, Arkansas
25th, Camp Finegan, Florida
25th, Jackson's Bridge/ near Pensacola, Florida
25th-26th, New Hope Church, Georgia
26th, Montana Territory created
26th, Burned Church, Georgia
26th, Decatur, Alabama
26th, Moulton, Alabama
26th, Lane's Prairie, Missouri
26th, USS Boston destroyed
26th-1st, Dallas, Georgia
27th, Pickett's Mills, Georgia
27th, Pond Springs, Alabama
27th, Shanghai, Missouri
27th, Hanover Junction, Virginia
27th, Sexton's Station, Virginia
27th, Mount Carmel Church, Virginia
27th, Dabney's Ferry, Virginia
27th, Little River, Virginia
27th, Pole Cat Creek, Virginia
27th, Salem Church, Virginia
27th, Hanovertown, Virginia
27th, Dalton, Georgia
27th, Greenville, Mississippi
27th, Cassville, Georgia
27th, Thomas' House/ Trinity River, CA
28th, Hanovertown, Virginia
28th, Lamar, Missouri
28th, Pest House/ Port Hudson, Louisiana
28th, Enon Church, Virginia
28th, Aenon Church, Virginia
28th, Jones' Farm, Virginia
28th, Crump's Creek, Virginia
28th, near Dallas, Georgia
28th, Warrensburg, Missouri
28th, Pleasant Hill, Missouri
28th, near Little Rock, Arkansas
28th, Washington, Arkansas
28th, near Jacksonville, Florida
28th, Big Flat, CA
28th-30th, Totopotomoy Creek, Virginia
29th, Salem, Arkansas
29th, Winchester, Tennesse
29th, Newtown, Virginia
29th, Moulton, Alabama
29th, Bayou Fordoche Road, Louisiana
29th, Hamlin, West Virginia
29th, Middleburg, Virginia
29th, Yazoo River, Mississippi
30th, Old Church, Virginia
30th, Matadequin Creek, Virginia
30th, Shady Grove, Virginia
30th, Armstrong's Farm, Virginia
30th, Ashland, Virginia
30th, near Allatoona, Georgia
30th, Burned Church, Georgia
30th, Mill Creek, Missouri
30th, Honey Creek, Missouri
31st, Mechump's Creek, Virginia
31st, Shallow Creek, Virginia
31st, Turner's Farm, Virginia
31st, Bethesda Church, Virginia
31st May-12th, Cold Harbor (Second), Virginia

JUNE OF 1864

1st, Allatoona Pass, Georgia
1st, near Marietta, Georgia
1st, Kingston, Georgia
1st, near Pound Gap, Kentucky
1st, near Arnoldsville, Missouri
1st, near New Market, Missouri
1st, near Columbia/ Mississippi River, Arkansas
2nd, Covington, Virginia
2nd, Acworth, Georgia
2nd, Racoon Bottom, Georgia
2nd, near Columbia/ Mississippi River, Arkansas
3rd, USS Water Witch captured
3rd, Acworth, Georgia
3rd, Ossabaw Sound, Georgia
3rd, Haw's Shop, Virginia
3rd, near Via's House, Virginia
3rd, Searcy, Arkansas
3rd, Neosho, Missouri
4th, USS Prairie Rose attacked
4th, Port Republic, Virginia
4th, Harrisonburg, Virginia
4th, Panther Gap, West Virginia
4th, Ossabaw Sound, Georgia
4th, Hudson's Crossing, Indian Territory
4th, near Vicksburg, Mississippi
5th, Piedmont, Virginia
5th, Pine Mountain, Georgia
5th, Acworth, Georgia
5th, Worthington's Landing, Arkansas
6th, Stauton, Virginia (X)
6th, Lake Chicot, Arkansas
6th, Big Shanty, Georgia
6th, Racoon Creek, Georgia
6th, near Moorefield, West Virginia
6th, Bealer's Ferry, Arkansas
7th, Ripley, Mississippi
7th, Sikeston, Missouri
7th, New Frankfort, Missouri
7th, Sunnyside Landing, Arkansas
8th, Simsport, Louisiana
8th, Indian Bayou, Mississippi
8th-9th, Mount Sterling, Virginia
9th, near Pleasureville, Kentucky
9th, near Big Shanty, Georgia
9th, Stilesborough, Georgia
9th, near Breckinridge, Missouri
9th, La Fayette, Tennesse
9th June-3rd, Marietta, Georgia
10th, Petersburg (First), Virginia
10th, Brice's Cross Roads, Mississippi
10th, Lexington, Kentucky
10th, Frankfort, Kentucky
10th, Acworth, Georgia
10th, Pine Mountain, Georgia
10th, Roswell, Georgia
10th, Lost Mountain, Georgia
10th, Calhoun, Georgia
10th, Middlebrook, Virginia
10th, Brownsburg, Virginia
10th, Waynesborough, Virginia
10th, Old Church, Virginia
10th, Newport, Virginia
10th, Kabletown, Virginia
10th, near St. James, Missouri
10th, Lewisburg, Arkansas
11th, Virginia Military Institute burned
11th, Lexington, Virginia
11th, Ripley, Mississippi
11th, Salem, Mississippi
11th, Keller's Bridge, Kentucky
11th, Arrington's Depot, Virginia
11th, McAffee's Crossroads, Georgia
11th, near Lost Mountain, Georgia
11th, near Pine Mountain, Georgia
11th, Ridgely, Missouri
11th, Midway, Virginia
11th-12th, Trevilian Station, Virginia
11th-12th, Cynthiana, Kentucky
12th, Long Bridge, Virginia
12th, White House Landing, Virginia
12th, Davis' Mill, Mississippi
12th, Montevallo, Missouri
12th, Calhoun, Missouri
12th, Kingsville, Missouri
12th, near Acworth, Georgia
13th, Camp Vance, North Carolina