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Civil War Battles for the Year 1863

•  January 1863   •  Febuary 1863   •  March 1863   •  April 1863   •  May 1863   •  June 1863   •
•  July 1863   •  August 1863  •  September 1863  •  October 1863   •  November 1863  •  December 1863   •
= American Victory   /   = Confederate Victory   /   = Draw   /   (X) = Occupied Without Fight
Bold - without link or (X) means an notable event occured and not a battle

At the beginning of 1863 the Confederacy seemed to have a fair chance of ultimate success on the battlefield. But during this year three great campaigns would take place that would shape the outcome of the war in favor of the North. One would see the final solution to the control of the Mississippi River. A second, concurrent with the first, would break the back of any Confederate hopes for success by invasion of the North and recognition abroad. The third, slow and uncertain in its first phases, would result eventually in Union control of the strategic gateway to the South Atlantic region of the Confederacy?the last great stronghold of secession and the area in which the internecine conflict would come of age as modern total war.


1st, Helena, Arkansas
1st, Galveston, Texas
1st, La Vergne, Tennesse
1st, Stewart's Creek, Tennesse
1st, Clifton, Tennesse
1st, Bath Springs, Mississippi
1st, Emancipation Proclomation issued
2nd, New Madrid, Missouri (X)
2nd, Jonesville, Virginia
2nd, White Springs, Arkansas
2nd, Boston Mountains, Arkansas
2nd, Fort Donelson, Tennesse
3rd, Salem, Virginia
3rd, Burnsville, Mississippi
3rd, Moorefield, West Virginia
3rd, Somerville, Tennesse
3rd, Cox's Hill/ Blood's, Tennesse
4th, Charleston, South Carolina (naval)
4th, Manchester Pike, Tennesse
4th, Murfreesboro, Tennesse
4th, Monteray, Tenessee
5th, Murfreesboro, Tennesse (X)
5th, Lytle's Creek, Tennesse
5th, Manchester Pike, Tennesse
5th, Shelbyville Pike, Tennesse
5th, near Moorefield, West Virginia
5th, Cub Run, Virginia
6th, Linn Creek, Missouri
6th, Fort Lawrence, Missouri
6th, Beaver Station, Missouri
7th, Ozark, Missouri
7th, White House, Virginia
7th-8th, Springfield, Missouri
8th, Berryville, Arkansas
8th, Knob Creek/ Ripley, Tennesse
8th, Mill Creek, Tennesse
9th, St. Joseph's, Florida
9th, Suffolk, Virginia
9th, Fairfax Court House, Virginia
9th-11th, Hartsville, Missouri
9th-11th, Fort Hindman, Arkansas
10th, Carrollton, Arkansas
10th, Clifton, Tennesse
11th, Galveston, Texas
11th, CSS Alabama vs. USS Hatteras
11th, USS Grampers #2 destroyed
11th, CSS Cotton destroyed
11th, Lowrey's Ferry, Tennesse
11th, Wood Creek, Missouri
12th, Lick Creek/ Helena, Arkansas
13th, Harpeth Shoals, Tennesse
13th, Saint Charles, Arkansas
13th, Claredon, Arkansas
13th, Devall's Bluff, Arkansas
13th, Des Arc, Arkansas
13th, USS Columbia burned
13th, Carthage, Missouri
13th-19th, White River, Arkansas
14th, Bayou Teche, Louisiana
15th, Mound City, Arkansas
16th, Devall's Bluff, Arkansas
17th, near Newton, Virginia
18th, Cherokee County, Indian Territory
18th, White River, Arkansas
19th, White Oak Creek, North Carolina
19th, Burnt Ordinary, Virginia
19th, Woodbury, Tennesse
20th, near Jacksonville, North Carolina
20th, Patterson, Missouri
21st, Sabine Pass, Texas
21st, Murfreesboro, Tennesse
21st, near Columbia, Missouri
22nd, Pocahontas County, West Virginia
23rd, CSS Julia Roan captured
23rd, Carthage, Tennesse
23rd, Bradyville Pike, Tennesse
24th, Woodbury, Tennesse
25th, near Mill Creek, Tennesse
26th, Township, Florida
26th, Mulberry Springs, Arkansas
26th, Grove Church/ near Morrisville, Virginia
26th, near Fairfax Court House, Virginia
26th, Middleburg, Virginia
27th, Fort McAllister, Georgia
27th, Bloomfield, Missouri
27th, near Germantown, Tennesse
27th, Deserted House/ near Suffolk, Virginia
28th, Yorkville, Tennesse
28th, Indian Village, Louisiana
28th, Nashville, Tennesse
28th, Collierville, Tennesse
28th-29th, Chantilly, Virginia
29th, Bear River, Idaho
29th, Middleburg, Virginia
29th, near Richmond, Louisiana
29th, Galveston, Texas
30th, Deserted House/ Kelley's Store, Virginia
30th, USS Issac Smith captured
30th, Turner's Mills, Virginia
31st, Charleston, South Carolina
31st, Bull Island, South Carolina
31st, Unionville, Tennesse
31st, Middleton, Tennesse
31st, Dover, Tenessee
??, Shelton Laurel, North Carolina


1st, Franklin, Tennesse (X)
1st, Fort McAllister, Georgia
2nd, Wale's Head, North Carolina
2nd, Currituck Beach, North Carolina
2nd, Vine Prairie/ White Oak River, Arkansas
2nd, Mingo Swamp, Missouri
2nd, Rappahannock Station, Virginia
3rd, Mingo Swamp, Missouri
3rd, Yazoo Pass, Mississippi
3rd, Vicksburg, Mississippi
3rd, Fort Donelson, Tennesse
3rd, Cumberland Iron Works, Tennesse
4th, Batesville, Arkansas
4th, Lake Providence, Louisiana
4th, near Murfreesboro, Tennesse
4th, Bollinger's Mill, Missouri
5th, near Olive Branch Church, Virginia
5th, pope County, Arkansas
5th, Bear Creek, Missouri
5th, Threlked's Ferry, Arkansas
5th, Van Buren, Arkansas
6th, Millwood, Virginia
6th, Dranesville, Virginia
6th, Wiggenton's Mill, Virginia
7th, Barnett's Ford, Virginia
7th, Olive Branch Church, Virginia
7th, Edmenton, North Carolina
7th, near Murfreesboro, Tennesse
8th, near Independence, Missouri
8th, near Camp Sheldon, Mississippi
9th, near Moscow, Tennesse
9th, Somerville, Virginia
10th, Old River, Louisiana
10th, near Camp Sheldon, Mississippi
10th, Batchelder's Creek, North Carolina
10th, Sarcoxie Prairie, Missouri
10th, Chantilly, Virginia
12th, White River, Arkansas
12th, Red River, Louisiana
12th, Heathsville, Virginia
12th, CSS Florida vs. USS Jacob Bell
12th, near Smithfield, West Virginia
12th, Charles Town, West Virginia
13th, Washington, North Carolina
13th, Dranesville, Virginia
14th, CSS New Era # 2 captured
14th, USS Queen of the West captured
14th, Annandale, Virginia
14th, Sandy Ridge, North Carolina
15th, Auburn, Tennesse
15th, Nolensville, Tennesse
15th, Arkadelphia, Arkansas
16th, Cainsville, Tennesse
16th, Conscription Act passed
16th, Cainsville, Tennesse
16th, near Romney, West Virginia
16th, Bradyville, Tennesse
16th, Yazoo Pass, Mississippi
17th, Hopefield, Arkansas
18th, near Moscow, Tennesse
19th, Coldwater River, Mississippi
19th, Leesburg, Virginia
19th, near Rover, Tennesse
20th, Yazoo Pass, Mississippi
20th, near Fort Halleck, Dakota Territory
20th, Shelbyville Pike, Tennesse
21st, Ware's Point, Virginia
22nd, Tuscumbia, Alabama
22nd, Manchester Pike, Tennesse
23rd, Fort Caswell, North Carolina
22nd, Athens, Kentucky
24th, USS Indianola destroyed
24th, Vicksburg, Mississippi
24th, near Strasburg, Virginia
25th, Hartwood Church, Virginia
25th, near Winchester, Virginia
25th, Strasburg, Virginia
25th, Woodstock, Virginia
25th, Chantilly, Virginia
26th, Cherokee Indian Nation joins Union
26th, Woodstock, Tennesse
26th, Germantown, Virginia
26th, near Woodburn, Tennesse
27th, near Bloomington, Tennesse
28th, CSS Nashville/ Rattlesnake sunk
??, Gordon's Point, Mississippi


1st, Bloomfield, Missouri
1st, Bradyville, Tennesse
1st, Woodbury, Tennesse
1st, New Berne, North Carolina
1st, Swan Quarter, North Carolina
2nd, Aldie, Virginia
2nd, Eagleville, Tennesse
2nd, Petersburg, Tennesse
2nd, Neosho, Missouri
3rd, Fort McAllister, Georgia
3rd, Granby, Missouri
3rd, near Bear Creek, Tennesse
4th, Unionville, Tennesse
4th, Independent Hill, Virginia
5th, Franklin, Tennesse
5th, Spring Hill, Tennesse
5th, Thompson's Station, Tennesse
5th, Fort Smith, Arkansas
5th, Madison, Arkansas
6th, White River, Arkansas
6th, Kinston, North Carolina
7th, Mattamuskeet Lake, North Carolina
7th, Green Spring Run, West Virginia
8th, Fairfax Court House, Virginia
8th, Carthage, Tennesse
9th, Fort Peyton, Florida
9th, Hazle Green, Kentucky
9th, St. Augustine, Florida
9th, Fairfax Court House, Virginia
9th, Comite River/ Montesano Bridge, Louisiana
10th, Jacksonville, Florida (X)
10th, Plymouth, North Carolina
10th, Covington, Tennesse
10th, Murfreesboro, Tennesse
11th, near Paris, Kentucky
11th-20th, Fort Pemberton, Mississippi
13th, Charlotte, Tennesse
13th, Rover, Tennesse
13th, near Charolette, Tennesse
13th-14th, Deep Gully, North Carolina
14th, USS Mississippi destroyed
14th, Davis' Mill, Tennesse
14th-15th, Fort Anderson, North Carolina
15th, CSS J.P. Chapman captured
15th, near Dumfries, Virginia
15th, Leesburg, Virginia
15th, Hernando, Mississippi
15th, Rover, Tennesse
16th, Fairfax County, Virginia
17th, Herndon Station, Virginia
17th, Kelly's Ford, Virginia
17th, Bealeton Station, Virginia
17th, near Franklin, Virginia
19th, Frog Bayou, Arkansas
19th, Liberty, Tennesse
19th, near Winchester, Virginia
19th, Mount Sterling, Kentucky
19th, Hazle Green, Kentucky
19th, Richland Station, Tennesse
19th, Spring Hill, Tennesse
19th, College Grove, Tennesse
20th, St. Andrew's Bay, Florida
20th, Milton, Tennesse
20th, Vaught's Hill, Tennesse
21st, Eel River, CA
21st, Bolivar-Grand Junction, Tennesse
21st, Deer Creek, Mississippi
21st, Salem, Tennesse
21st, Triune, Tennesse
21st-22nd, Hill's Plantation, Mississippi
22nd, Rolling Fork, Mississippi
22nd, Mount Sterling, Kentucky
22nd, CSS Georgiana destroyed
22nd, Seleeman's Ford, Virginia
22nd, near Occoquan, Virginia
22nd, Blue Spring, Missouri
22nd, White River, Arkansas
22nd, near Murfreesboro, Tennesse
23rd, Chantilly, Virginia
23rd, Winfield, North Carolina
23rd, Williamsburg, Virginia
23rd, Warrenton, Mississippi
23rd, Thompson's Station, Tennesse
24th, Ponchatoula, Louisiana
24th, Danville, Kentucky
24th, Rocky Hook Creek, North Carolina
24th, Davis' Mill Road/ La Grange, Tennesse
24th, Ocklockonnee Bay, Florida
25th, Floridaorence, Alabama
25th, Brentwood, Tennesse
25th, Jacksonville, Florida
25th, Norfolk, Virginia
25th, near Louisa, Kentucky
25th, Franklin, Tennesse
27th, Palatka, Florida
27th, Woodbury Pike, Tennesse
28th, Pattersonville, Louisiana
28th, USS Diana captured
28th, Hurricane Bridge, West Virginia
29th, Moscow, Tennesse
29th, Williamsburg/ Fort Magruder, Virginia
29th, Jacksonville, Florida
29th, Kelly's Ford, Virginia
29th, Dumfries, Virginia
30th March-20th, Hill's Point, North Carolina
30th, Dutton's Hill, Kentucky
30th, Zoar Church, Virginia
30th, Point Pleasant, West Virginia
30th, Cross Hollow, Arkansas
30th, Tahlequah, Indian Territory
30th, Vernon County, Missouri
30th, Rodman's Point, North Carolina
30th, Deep Gully, North Carolina
30th, Pamlico River, North Carolina
30th March- 15th, Washington, North Carolina
31st, Drainesville, Virginia
31st, CSS Nashville destroyed
31st, Grand Gulf, Mississippi
31st, Eagleville, Tennesse
31st, Franklin, Tennesse
31st, Clapper's Saw Mill, Arkansas
31st, Cross Hollow, Arkansas


1st, Broad Run, Virginia
1st, Chalk Bluff, Arkansas
1st, Claredon, Arkansas
1st, Columbia Pike, Tennesse
1st, White River, Missouri
1st, Carroll County, Missouri
1st, Broad Run River, Virginia
2nd, Hill's Point/ Pamlico River, North Carolina
2nd, Little Rock Road, Arkansas
2nd, Carter Creek Pike, Tennesse
2nd, Woodbury, Tennesse
2nd, Snow Hill, Tennesse
2nd, Jackson County, Missouri
3rd, Palmyra, Tennesse
3rd, Middleburg, Virginia
3rd, Snow Hill, Tennesse
4th, Spanish Fort Canon, Utah
4th, Rodman's Point, North Carolina
4th, Woodbury, Tennesse
4th, Lewisburg Pike, Tenessee
4th, Nonconnah Creek, Tennesse
4th, near Memphis, Tennesse
4th, Richmond, Louisiana
5th, Davis' Mill, Tennesse
5th, near New Carthage, Louisiana
6th, Green Hill, Tennesse
6th, Davis' Mill, Tennesse
6th, near New Carthage, Louisiana
6th, Town Creek, Alabama
6th, Nixonton, North Carolina
6th, Burlington, West Virginia
6th, Purgitsville, West Virginia
6th, Goings' Ford, West Virginia
7th, Williams' Valley, CA
7th, USS Barataria destroyed
7th, Fort Sumter, South Carolina
7th, Liberty, Tennesse
7th, Dunbar's Plantation, Louisiana
7th, Bayou Vidal, Louisiana
8th, James' Plantation, Louisiana
8th, Millwood Road/ near Winchester, Virginia
8th, St. Francis County, Arkansas
9th, USS George Washington destroyed
9th, Gloucester Point, Virginia
9th, Sedalia, Missouri
9th, White River, Arkansas
9th, Franklin, Tennesse
9th, near Obion River, Tennesse
9th, Berwick Bay, Louisiana
9th, Blount's Mills, North Carolina
10th, Harpeth River, Tennesse
10th, Franklin, Tennesse
10th, Folly Island, South Carolina
11th, Squirrel Creek Crossing, CO
11th, Williamsburg/ Fort Magruder, Virginia
11th, near Pattersonville, Louisiana
11th, La Grange, Tennesse
11th, Saulsbury, Tennesse
11th, Courtney's Plantation, Mississippi
11th, Webber's Falls, Indian Territory
11th April-4th, Suffolk, Virginia
12th, Keysville, CA
12th, Stewartsborough, Tennesse
12th, Amite River, Louisiana
12th, Gloucester Point, Virginia
12th, Hickory Forks, Virginia
12th, Edenton, Virginia
12th, Providence Church, Virginia
12th, Somerton Roads, Virginia
12th, Winchester, Virginia
12th, Cedar Creek, Virginia
12th-13th, Fort Bisland, Louisiana
13th, Chapel Hill, Tennesse
13th, Indian Bend, Louisiana
13th, Elk Run, Virginia
13th, Snicker's Ferry, Virginia
14th, Irish Bend, Louisiana
14th, CSS Queen of the West sunk
14th, Jeanerette, Louisiana
14th, Rappahannock Bridge, Virginia
14th, Kelly's Ford, Virginia
14th, Welford's Ford, Virginia
14th, Beverly Ford, Virginia
15th, Dunbar Plantation, Mississippi
15th, Franklin, Louisiana (X)
15th, Piketon, Kentucky
16th, Vicksburg, Mississippi
16th, Newtown, Louisiana
16th, Pamunkey River/ near West Point, Virginia
16th, Eagleville, Tennesse
16th, Paris, Kentucky
17th, Vermillion Bayou, Louisiana
17th, Amite River, Louisiana
17th, Core Creek, North Carolina
17th, White River, Missouri
17th, Lundy's Lane, Alabama
17th, Cherokee Station, Alabama
17th, Great Bear Creek, Alabama
17th, Barton's Station, Alabama
18th, Fayetteville, Arkansas
18th, New Iberia, Louisiana
18th, Ripley, Mississippi
18th, Hartsville, Tennesse
18th, Sabine Pass, Texas
18th, Johnstown, West Virginia
19th, Celina, Kentucky
19th, Fort Huger, Virginia
19th, Coldwater, Tennesse
19th, Pontotoc, Mississippi
19th, Big Swift Creek, North Carolina
19th, Hill's Point, Virginia
19th, near Suffolk, Virginia
19th, Creelsborough, Kentucky
19th, Dickson Station, Alabama
19th, Trenton, Tennesse
20th, Butte-a-la-Rose, Louisiana
20th, Opelousas, Louisiana (X)
20th, Washington, Louisiana (X)
20th, Patterson, Missouri
20th, Bloomfield, Missouri
20th, Sandy Ridge, North Carolina
21st, Vicksburg, Mississippi
21st, CSS Ellen captured
21st, Palo Alto, Mississippi
22nd, Rock Cut (Tuscumbia), Alabama
22nd, Fisher's Hill, Virginia
22nd, Fredericktown, Missouri
22nd, Strasburg, Virginia
22nd, Okolona, Mississippi
22nd, Bayou Boeuf Road/ near Washington, Louisiana
22nd, Hartsville, Tennesse
22nd, Point Pleasant, West Virginia
23rd, Independence, Missouri
23rd, Chuckatuck/ near Suffolk, Virginia
23rd, Shelbyville Pike, Tennesse
23rd, Dickson Station, Alabama
23rd, Tuscumbia, Alabama
23rd, Floridaorence, Alabama
23rd, Leighton, Alabama
24th, Tuscumbia, Alabama
24th, Birmingham, Mississippi
24th, Beverly, Virginia
24th, Suffolk, Virginia
24th, Newton's Station, Mississippi
24th, Philadelphia, Mississippi
24th, Garlandview, Mississippi
24th, Mill (Middle) Creek Bridge, Missouri
25th, Greenland Gap, West Virginia
25th, Hard Times Landing, Mississippi
25th, Fort Bowie, AZ Territory
25th, Webber's Falls, Indian Territory
26th, Altamont, Virginia
26th, Sand Mountain, Alabama
26th, Oakland, Virginia
26th, Franklin, Tennesse
26th, Cranberry Summit, Maryland
26th, Duck River Landing, Tennesse
26th, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
26th, Jackson Missouri
26th, Altamont, Maryland
26th, Oakland, Maryland
26th, Rowlesburg, West Virginia
26th, Burlington, West Virginia
26th, Portland, West Virginia
26th, Oak Grove, Virginia
26th, College Grove, Tennesse
26th, near Independence, Missouri
27th, Carter Creek Pike, Tennesse
27th, Jackson, Missouri
27th, White Water Bridge, Missouri
27th, Barboursville, Kentucky
27th, Negro Head Cut/ near Woodburn, Kentucky
27th, Morgantown, West Virginia
27th, Independence, West Virginia
27th, Murray's Inlet, South Carolina
27th, Wise's Crossroads, North Carolina
27th- 28th, Town Creek, Alabama
28th, Union Church, Mississippi
28th, Sand Mountain, Georgia
28th, Monticello, Kentucky
29th, Grand Gulf, Mississippi
29th, Fairmont, West Virginia
29th, Franklin's Crossing/ Deep Run, Virginia
29th, Pollock's Mill Creek/ White Oak Run, Virginia
29th, Crook's Run, Virginia
29th, Germanna Ford, Virginia
29th, near Kellysville, Virginia
29th, Brandy Station, Virginia
29th, Stevensburg, Virginia
29th, Fairmont, West Virginia
29th, Brookhaven, Mississippi
29th, Castor River, Missouri
29th April-1st, Snyder's Bluff/ Mill, Mississippi
30th, Day's Gap, Alabama
30th, Wall's Bridge, Mississippi
30th, Bridgeport, West Virginia
30th, Racoon Ford, Virginia
30th, Oak Camp, CA
30th, Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia
30th, Crooked Creek, Alabama
30th, Hog Mountain, Alabama
30th, Bloomfield, Missouri
30th, Fort Gibson, Indian Territory
30th April-1st, Haines's Bluff, Mississippi

MAY OF 1863

1st, Chalk Bluff, Arkansas
1st, Blountsville, Alabama
1st, Wall's Bridge, Mississippi
1st, Port Gibson, Mississippi
1st, Fairmont, MD
1st, Orange Springs, Virginia
1st, Louisa's Courthouse, Virginia
1st, Big Warrior River, Alabama
1st, near Washington, Louisiana
1st, South Quay Bridge/ near Suffolk, Virginia
1st, La Grange, Arkansas
1st, Murfreesboro, Tennesse
1st, Lizzard, Tennesse
1st-4th, Chancellorsville, Virginia
2nd, Black Creek, Alabama
2nd, Gadsden, Alabama
2nd, Blount's Plantation, Alabama
2nd, Centre, Alabama
2nd, Ely's Ford, Virginia
2nd, near Louisa Court House, Virginia
2nd, Chuckatuck, Virginia
2nd, Bayou Pierre, Mississippi
2nd, Robert's Ford/ Comite River, Louisiana
2nd, Thompson's Station, Tennesse
2nd, near Lewisburg, West Virginia
2nd-3rd, Suffolk, Virginia
3rd, Cedar Bluff, Alabama
3rd, Saint Joseph's Island, Texas
3rd, Warrenton Junction, Virginia
3rd, Fredericksburg (Second), Virginia
3rd, Bayou Pierre, Mississippi
3rd, Willow Springs, Mississippi
3rd, Ingraham's Heights, Mississippi
3rd, Jones' Cross Roads, Mississippi
3rd, Forty Hills, Mississippi
3rd, Hankinson's Ferry/ Big Black River, Mississippi
3rd-4th, Salem Church, Virginia
4th, West Union, Virginia
4th, Hankinson's Ferry/ Big Black River, Mississippi
4th, Fort De Russy, Louisiana
4th, Floridaemming's (Shannon's) Crossroads, Virginia
4th, Tunstall's Station, Virginia
4th, Ashland Church, Virginia
4th, Leesville, Virginia
4th, Hungary Station, Virginia
4th, Hanovertown Ferry, Virginia
4th, Ayletts, Virginia
4th, Murray's Inlet, South Carolina
4th, near Nashville, Tennesse
5th, Harrisville, Virginia
5th, Sherwood, Missouri
5th, Thompson's Crossroads, Virginia
5th, Big Sandy Creek, Mississippi
5th, King's Creek, Mississippi
5th, Peletier's Mill, North Carolina
5th, Rover, Tennesse
5th, Obion Plank Road Crossing, Tennesse
6th, Tupelo, Mississippi
6th, Blakely's Grove, Virginia
6th, Warrenton, Virginia
6th, West Union, West Virginia
7th, Alexandria, Louisiana
7th, West Point, Virginia (X)
7th, Cairo Station, West Virginia
7th, Harrisville, West Virginia
8th, Grove Church, Virginia
8th-10th, Port Hudson, Louisiana
9th, Utica, Mississippi
9th, Big Sandy Creek, Mississippi
9th, Bayou Tensas/ near Lake Providence, Louisiana
9th, Stone County, Missouri
9th, near Caney Fort, Tennesse
10th, Fort Beauregard, Louisiana
10th, Horseshoe Bottom, Tennesse
10th, Oiltown, West Virginia
10th, Bayou Macon/ Pin Hook, Louisiana
10th, Caledonia, Louisiana
10th, Philip's Ford (Red Bird Creek), Kentucky
11th, near Crystal Springs, Mississippi
11th, Warrenton, Virginia
11th, La Fayette, Tennesse
11th, Mount Vernon, Arkansas
11th, Taylor's Creek/ Crowley's Ridge, Arkansas
12th, Raymond, Mississippi
12th, Greenville, Mississippi
12th, Linden, Tennesse
12th, Bloomfield, Missouri
12th, Carrsville, Virginia
13th, South Union, Kentucky
13th, Mississippi Springs, Mississippi
13th, Baldwin's Ferry, Mississippi
13th, Hall Ferry, Mississippi
13th, near Woodburn, Tennesse
13th, South Union, Tennesse
14th, Jackson, Mississippi
14th, Boyce's Bridge/ Cotile Bayou, Mississippi
14th, near Merritt's Plantation, Mississippi
14th, Fort Gibson, Indian Territory
14th, near Warrenton Junction, Virginia
15th, Carrsville, Virginia
15th, Currituck Canal, North Carolina
15th, Fort Smith, Arkansas
15th, Big Creek/ near Pleasant Hill, Missouri
16th, Champion Hill, Mississippi
16th, Carthage, Missouri
16th, Elizabeth Court House, West Virginia
16th, Ravenswood, West Virginia
16th, Tickfaw Bridge, Louisiana
16th, Berry's Ferry, Virginia
16th, Piedmont Station, Virginia
16th, Charles Town, West Virginia
17th, Port Hudson, Louisiana
17th, Big Black River Bridge, Mississippi
17th, near Bridgeport, Mississippi
17th, Dumfries, Virginia
17th, Bradyville Pike, Tennesse
18th, Haynes' Bluff, Mississippi
18th, Hog Island, Missouri
18th, Bates County, Missouri
18th, near Cherryville, Louisiana
18th, near Island No. 82, Mississippi
18th, Horn Lake Creek, Tennesse
18th May-4th, Vicksburg, Mississippi
19th, near Richfield, Missouri
20th, Collierville, Tennesse
20th, near Fort Gibson, Indian Territory
20th, Salem, Tennesse
20th, near Cheneyville, Louisiana
20th-26th, Northern Neck County and Middlesex County, Virginia
21st, Yazoo City, Mississippi
21st, Plains Store, Louisiana
21st, Middleton, Tennesse
21st - 9th June, Port Hudson, Louisiana
22nd, Fort Gibson, Indian Territory
22nd, Yellow Creek, Tennesse
22nd, near Barre's Landing, Louisiana
22nd, Bayou Teche, Louisiana
22nd, Bayou Courtableau, Louisiana
23rd, Haynes' Bluff, Mississippi
23rd, Hartville, Missouri
23rd, Warrenton, Virginia
23rd, West Creek, West Virginia
24th, Austin, Mississippi
24th, Woodbury, Tennesse
24th, Mill Springs, Kentucky
24th, Mechanicsburg, Mississippi
24th, Mound Plantation/ near Lake Providence, Louisiana
25th, CSS Starlight and CSS Red Chief captured
25th, Polk's Plantation/ near Helena, Arkansas
25th, Centreville, Louisiana
25th, Woodbury, Tennesse
26th, Hernando, Mississippi
26th, Haynes' Bluff, Mississippi
26th, Mountain Store, Missouri
26th, Bush Creek, Missouri
27th, Greenwood, Mississippi
27th, Fort Hill, Mississippi
27th, near Lake Providence, Louisiana
27th, CSS Chattahootchie explodes
28th, Fort Gibson, Indian Territory
28th, Austin, Mississippi
29th, near Mill Springs, Kentucky
30th, Point Isabell, Texas
30th, Castor River, Missouri
30th, Port Isabel, Texas
31st, Greenwich, Virginia
31st, James Island, South Carolina
31st, Warrenton, Virginia

JUNE OF 1863

1st, Berwick, Louisiana
1st, near Rocheport, Missouri
1st, Doniphan, Missouri
1st, Waverly, Missouri
1st, Snicker's Gap, Virginia
2nd, Combahee River, South Carolina
2nd, Upperville, Virginia
2nd, Strasburg, Virginia
2nd, Jamestown, Kentucky
3rd, Simsport, Louisiana
3rd, Murfreesboro, Tennesse
3rd, near Fayetteville, Virginia
4th, Franklin, Tennesse
4th, Fairfax Court House, Virginia
4th, Aylett, Virginia
4th, Snow Hill, Tennesse
4th, Frying Pan, Virginia
4th, Fayetteville, Arkansas
4th, Atchafalaya, Louisiana
4th, Lake Saint Joseph, Louisiana
5th, Franklin's Crossing/ Deep Run, Virginia
6th, Berryville, Virginia
6th, near Richmond, Louisiana
6th, Shelbyville Pike, Tennesse
6th, Waitsborough, Kentucky
6th, Shawneetown, Kansas
7th, Milliken's Bend, Louisiana
7th, near Edmonton, Kentucky
7th, Brierfield Plantation, Louisiana
8th, Ripley, Mississippi
8th, Brunswick, Georgia
8th, Camp Cole, Missouri
8th, Fort Scott, Kansas
8th, Triune, Tennesse
9th, Stevensburg, Virginia
9th, Brandy Station, Virginia
9th, Alexandria, Virginia
9th, Triune, Tennesse
9th, Monticello, Kentucky
9th, Rocky Gap, Kentucky
9th, Macon Ford, Mississippi
9th, Big Black River, Mississippi
9th, near Lake Providence, Louisiana
10th, Rector's Cross Roads, Virginia
10th, Edward's Station, Mississippi
10th, near Suffolk, Virginia
10th, Diascund Bridge, Virginia
10th, USS Maple Leaf run aground
11th, Salem, Virginia
11th, Port Hudson, Louisiana
11th, Triune, Tennesse
11th, Smith's Bridge/ near Corinth, Mississippi
11th, Scottsville, Kentucky
11th, Jacksonport, Arkansas
11th, Darien, Georgia
12th, Newtown, Virginia
12th, Cedarville, Virginia
12th, Middletown, Virginia
12th, CSS Clarence vs. USS Tacony
13th, Berryville, Virginia
13th, Opequan Creek, Virginia
13th, Bunker Hill, Virginia
13th, White Post, Virginia
13th, Howard's Mill, Kentucky
13th, near Mud Lick Springs, Kentucky
13th-15th, Winchester (Second), Virginia
14th, Martinsburg, Virginia
14th, Nine-Mile Ordinary, Virginia
14th, Green Hill, Tennesse
14th, Eunice, Arkansas
15th, Gaines' Landing Arkansas
16th, Maysville, Kentucky
16th, Mount Carmel, Kentucky
16th, Fox Springs, Kentucky
16th, Triplett's Bridge, kentucky
16th, Waterloo, Louisiana
16th, Jornada del Muerto, New Mexico
16th, Port Hudson, Louisiana
16th, Quinn's Mills, Mississippi
16th-17th, Holly Springs, Mississippi
17th, USS Weehawken vs. CSS Atlanta
17th, Aldie, Virginia
17th, Catoctin Creek, Maryland
17th, Point of Rocks, Maryland
17th, Thoroughfare Gap, Virginia
17th, near Westport, Missouri
17th, Wellington, Missouri
17th, Wartburg, Tennesse
17th-19th, Middleburg, Virginia
18th, Edisto Island, South Carolina
18th, Coldwater Bridge, Mississippi
18th, Belmont, Mississippi
18th, Bird Song Ferry/ Big Black River, Mississippi
18th, near Aldie, Virginia
18th, near Rocheport, Missouri
18th, Plaquemine, Louisiana
19th, near Hernando, Mississippi
19th, Panola, Mississippi
19th, Bayou Goula, Louisiana
19th, Lenoir's Station, Tennesse
19th, near Knoxville, Tennesse
19th, Triune, Tennesse
20th, Thibodeaux, Louisiana
20th, Greencastle, PA
20th, Terre Bonne Station, Louisiana
20th, Middletown, Maryland
20th, Diascund Bridge, Virginia
20th, Government Springs, Utah Territory
20th-21st, LaFourche Crossing, Louisiana
21st, Upperville, Virginia
21st, Dixon's Island, South Carolina
21st, near Gainesville, Virginia
21st, Haymarket, Virginia
21st, Thoroughfare Gap, Virginia
21st, Frederick, Maryland
21st, Hudsonville, Mississippi
21st, Helena Road, Mississippi
21st, Brashear City, Louisiana
21st, Powder Springs Gap, Tennesse
22nd, Greencastle, PA
22nd, near Aldie, Virginia
22nd, Dover, Virginia
22nd, Big Black River, Mississippi
23rd, Jones' Plantation, Mississippi
23rd, Hill's Plantation, Mississippi
23rd, Powell Valley, Tennesse
23rd, Brashear City, Louisiana
23rd, Sibley, Missouri
23rd, Rover, Tennesse
23rd, Unionville, Tennesse
23rd, Papinsville, Missouri
23rd, Pawnee Agency, Nebraska Territory
23rd, Rock Creek/ near Ellisville, Mississippi
24th, Bayou Boeuf Crossing, Louisiana
24th, Sharpsburg, Maryland
24th, Middleton, Tennesse
24th, near Bradyville, Tennesse
24th, Big Springs Ranch, Tennesse
24th, Christiana, Tennesse
24th, Mound Plantation, Louisiana
24th, near Lake Providence, Louisiana
24th, Bayou Boeuf Crossing, Louisiana
24th, Chacahoula Station, Louisiana
24th, CSS Tacony vs USS Archer
24th-26th, Hoover's Gap, Tennesse
25th, Gettysburg, PA
25th, Liberty Gap, Tennesse
25th, near McConnellsburg, PA
25th, Milliken's Bend, Louisiana
25th, near Vicksburg, Mississippi
25th, Guy's Gap, Tennesse
25th, Fosterville, Tennesse
25th, Madison, Arkansas
26th, Loup Creek, West Virginia
26th, Portland, Maine
26th, Shelbyville, Tennesse
26th, Beech Grove, Tennesse
26th, Loup Creek, West Virginia
27th, York, PA
27th, Manchester, Tennesse (X)
27th, Portland, MA
27th, Fairfax Court House, Virginia
27th, Shelbyville, Tennesse
26th, Fosterville, Tennesse
27th, Guy's Gap, Tennesse
27th, Fairfield, Tennesse
27th, Carthage, Missouri
28th, Donaldsonville, Louisiana
28th, Fort Butler, Louisiana
28th, Wrightsville, PA
28th, near Rockville, Maryland
28th, Offutt's Cross Roads, Maryland
28th, Seneca, Maryland
28th, Fountain Dale, PA
28th, Russellville, kentucky
28th, Rover, Tennesse
28th, near Nichol's Mill, North Carolina
29th, Westminster, Maryland
29th, McConnellsburg, PA
29th, Muddy Branch, Maryland
29th, near Tullahoma, Tennesse
29th, Hillsborough, Tennesse
29th, Decherd, Tennesse
29th, Lexington, Tennesse
29th, Mound Plantation, Louisiana
29th, Columbia, Kentucky
29th, Creelsborough, Kentucky
29th, Messinger's Ferry/ Big Black River, Mississippi
29th, Beverly, West Virginia
29th-30th, Goodrich's Landing, Louisiana
30th, Hanover, PA
30th, Sporting Hill, PA
30th, Fairfield, PA
30th, Westminister, Maryland
30th, near Hudson's Ford, Missouri
30th, Neosho River, Missouri

JULY OF 1864

1st, Tullahoma, Tennesse (X)
1st, Christianburg, Kentucky
1st, Edwards' Station, Mississippi
1st, near Bethpage Bridge, Tennesse
1st, Elk River, Tennesse
1st, near Bobo's Cross Roads, Tennesse
1st, Baltimore Cross Roads, Virginia
1st-2nd, Cabin Creek, Oklahoma
1st-3rd, Gettysburg, PA
2nd, Burkesville, Kentucky
2nd, Baltimore Cross Roads, Virginia
2nd, Springfield Landing, Louisiana
2nd, Morris's Ford, Tennesse
2nd, Elk River, Tennesse
2nd, Rock Creek Ford, Tennesse
2nd, estill Springs, Tennesse
2nd, Pelham, Tennesse
2nd, Elk River Bridge, Tennesse
2nd, Beverly, West Virginia
2nd, Baltimore Store, Virginia
2nd, Marrowbone, Kentucky
2nd, Coal Run, Kentucky
3rd, Boiling Point, Tennesse
3rd, McDonald's Place, Georgia
3rd, Columbia, Kentucky
3rd, Pond Creek, kentucky
3rd, Gladesville, Virginia
4th, Tebb's Bend, Kentucky
4th, Helena, Arkansas
4th, Green River Bridge, Kentucky
4th, Messinger's Ferry/ Big Black River, Mississippi
4th, Huttonville, West Virginia
4th, Fayetteville, West Virginia
4th, near Fort Craig, New mexico
4th, Cassville, Missouri
4th, Black Ford Hills, Missouri
4th, South Anna Bridge, Virginia
4th, Fairfield Gap, PA
4th, near Emmitsburg, Maryland
4th, University Depot, Tennesse
4th-5th, Bolton, Mississippi
4th-5th, Monterey Gap, Maryland
5th, Birdsong Ferry, Mississippi
5th, Lebanon, Kentucky
5th, Bardstown, Kentucky
5th, Woodburn, Kentucky
5th, Warsaw, North Carolina
5th, Smithsburg, Maryland
5th, near Green oak, PA
5th, Mercersburg, PA
5th, Fairfield, PA
5th, Greencastle, PA
5th, Cunningham's Cross Roads, PA
5th, Stevens' Furnace/ Caledonia Iron Works, PA
5th, Kenansville, North Carolina
5th, Franklin, Tennesse
5th, Yellow Creek, Tennesse
6th, Garnettsville, Kentucky
6th, Boonsborough, Maryland
6th, Hagerstown, Maryland
6th, Jones' Ferry, Mississippi
6th, Messinger's Ferry, Mississippi
6th, Free Bridge/ Trenton, North carolina
6th-16th, Falling Waters / Williamsport, MD
7th, MDHeights, MD(X)
7th, Downsville, Maryland
7th, Funkstown, Maryland
7th, Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
7th, Queen's Hill, Mississippi
7th USS John T. McCombs captured
7th, near Baker's Creek, Mississippi
7th, Ripley, Mississippi
7th, Sheperdsville, Kentucky
7th, Cummings' Ferry, Kentucky
7th, Dry Wood, Missouri
7th, Grand Pass, Indian Territory
7th-9th, Iuka, Mississippi
7th-9th, Boonesboro, MD
8th, Bolton Depot, Mississippi
8th, Clinton, Mississippi
8th, Cummings' Ferry, Kentucky
8th, Bradensburg, Kentucky
9th, Corydon, Indiana
9th, near Clinton, Mississippi
9th, Benevola/ Beaver Creek, Maryland
9th-16th, Jackson, Mississippi
10th, Willstown Bluff, South Carolina
10th, Union City, Tennesse
10th, near Hagerstown, Maryland
10th, Jones' Cross Roads, Maryland
10th, Funkstown, Maryland
10th, Old Antietam Forge, Maryland
10th, near Leitersburg, Maryland
10th, near Clear Springs, Maryland
10th, Salem, Indiana
10th, Floridaorence, Missouri
10th, Martin Creek, Tennesse
10th, Bolivar, Tennesse
10th, Union City, Tennesse
10th, Cook's Canon, New Mexico
11th, Pekin, Indiana
11th, Stockton, Missouri
11th, Ashby's Gap, Virginia
12th, near Canton, Mississippi
12th, near Switzler's Mill, Missouri
12th-13th, Kock's Plantation, Louisiana
13th, Bayou LaFourche, Louisiana
13th, Yazoo City, Mississippi (X)
13th, Aldie, Virginia
13th, Natchez, Mississippi (X)
13th, Huntsville, Alabama
13th, Wytheville, Virginia
13th, Forked Deer River, Tennesse
13th, Jackson, Tennesse
13th, Donaldsonville, Louisiana
14th, Fort Powhatan, Virginia
14th, Falling Waters, MD
14th, Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
14th, Williamsport, Maryland
14th, Elk River bridge, Tennesse
14th, Iuka, Mississippi
14th, Camp Dennison, Ohio
15th, Hickman, Kentucky (X)
15th, Halltown, West Virginia
15th, Sheperdstown, West Virginia
15th, near Jackson, Tennesse
15th, Forked Deer River, Tennesse
15th, Pulaski, Tennesse
16th, Jackson, Mississippi (X)
16th, James Island, South Carolina
16th, Clinton, Mississippi
16th, Grant's Ferry/ Pearl River, Mississippi
16th, Bolton Depot, Mississippi
16th, Sheperdstown, West Virginia
16th, Shanghai, West Virginia
17th, Honey Springs, Oklahoma
17th, Stone's River, Tennesse
17th, Bear Creek/ near Canton, Mississippi
17th, near Hamden, Ohio
17th, Berlin, Ohio
18th, Germantown, Tennesse
18th, Brookhaven, Mississippi
18th, Memphis, Tennesse
18th, Des Allemands, Louisiana
18th, near Hedgesville, West Virginia
18th, Martinsburg, West Virginia
18th, Rio Hondo, New Mexico
18th-7th August, Fort / Battery Wagner, South Carolina
19th, Buffington Island, Ohio
19th, Brandon, Mississippi
19th, Rio de las Animas, New Mexico
20th, Berry's ferry, Virginia
20th, Ashby's Gap, Virginia
20th, Hockingport, Ohio
20th, Coal Hill/ near Chesire, Ohio
20th, Cabin Creek, Indian Territory
20th, Tarborough, North Carolina
20th, Sparta, North Carolina
21st, Street's Ferry, North Carolina
21st, Manassas Gap, Virginia
21st, Chester Gap, Virginia
21st, Snicker's Gap, Virginia
21st, Wapping Heights, Virginia
21st, Gaines' Cross Roads, Virginia
22nd, Brashear City, Louisiana (X)
22nd, Eagleport, Ohio
22nd, Manassas Gap, Virginia
22nd, Chester Gap, Virginia
22nd, Scupperton, North Carolina
23rd, Manassas Gap, Virginia
23rd, Gaines' Cross Roads, Virginia
23rd, Chester Gap, Virginia
23rd, Snicker's Gap, Virginia
23rd, Rockville, Ohio
24th, Battle Mountain, Virginia
24th, Washington, Ohio
24th, Athens, Ohio
24th, Dade County, Missouri
24th, Cook's Canon, New Mexico
24th-25th, Big Mound, North Dakota
25th, New Hope Station, Kentucky
25th, Potecasi, Creek, North Carolina
25th, Steubenville, Ohio
25th, Springfield, Ohio
25th, Barbee's Cross Roads, Virginia
25th, Brownsville, Arkansas
25th, Williamsburg, kentucky
25th, New Hope Station, Kentucky
26th, Salineville, Ohio
26th, Dead Buffalo Lake, North Dakota
26th, London, Kentucky
27th, near Cassville, Missouri
27th, Rogersville, Kentucky
27th, Bayou Teche, louisiana
27th, near Bridgeport, Alabama
28th, Stoney Lake, North Dakota
28th, Fairfax Court House, Virginia
28th, Aldie, Virginia
28th, Marshall, Missouri
28th, high grove, Missouri
28th, Storey lake, Dakota Territory
28th, Richmond, kentucky
28th, fayetteville, West Virginia
29th, Bridgeport, Alabama
29th, Fort Donelson, Tennesse
29th, Paris, Kentucky
29th, near Winchester, Kentucky
29th, Conchas Springs, New mexico
29th, Missouri River, Dakota Territory
30th, near Elm Springs, Arkansas
30th, near Lexington, Missouri
30th, Marshal, Missouri
30th, Irvine, kentucky
30th, Grand Junction, Tennesse
30th, Barnwell's Island, South Carolina
31st, Lancaster, Kentucky
31st, Stanford, Kentucky
31st, Paint Lick Bridge, Kentucky
31st, St. Catherine's Creek/ near Natchez, Mississippi
31st, Morris' Mills, West Virginia
31st, Kelly's Ford, Virginia


1st, Smith's Shoals, Kentucky
1st, Round Ponds, Missouri
1st, Warrenton Junction, Virginia
1st, Brandy Station, Virginia
1st, Little Blue River/ Taylor's Farm, Missouri
1st, Round Ponds, Missouri
1st-3rd, Rappahannock Station, Virginia
2nd, Newtown, Virginia
2nd, Stumptown, Missouri
2nd, Cummings Point/ Morris Island, South Carolina
3rd, Ripley, Mississippi
3rd, Denmark, Tennesse
3rd, Jackson, Louisiana
4th, Vincent's Creek, South Carolina
4th, Brandy Station, Virginia
4th, near Amissville, Virginia
4th, Fairfax Court House, Virginia
4th, Burlington, West Virginia
5th, Cold Spring Gap, West Virginia
5th, Little Washington, Virginia
5th, Muddy Run, Virginia
5th, Mount Pleasant, Mississippi
5th, near Dutch Gap, Virginia
6th, Cacapon Mountain, West Virginia
6th, Moorefield, West Virginia
6th, Fairfax Court House, Virginia
6th, James River, Virginia
7th, Burke's Station, Virginia
7th, near New Madrid, Missouri
8th, Waterford, Virginia
8th, Rienzi, Mississippi
8th, Clear Creek/ near Ball Town, Missouri
9th, Welford's Ford, Virginia
9th, Brandy Station, Virginia
9th, Sparta, Tennesse
9th, Garden Hollow/ near Pineville, Missouri
10th, Dayton, Missouri
10th, Bayou Tensas, Louisiana
11th, near Annadale, Virginia
12th, Big Black River Bridge, Mississippi
13th, Pineville, Missouri
13th, jacinto, Mississippi
14th, Vine-Tree Signal Station, Virginia
14th, Sherwood, Missouri
14th, Wellington, Missouri
14th, near Jack's Fort, Missouri
14th, West Point, Arkansas
14th, Washington, North Carolina
15th, Beverly Ford, Virginia
15th, Hartwood Church, Virginia
15th, Bentonville, Arkansas
16th, Falls Church, Virginia
16th, near Corinth, Mississippi
17th, Calfkiller Creek/ near Sparta, Tennesse
17th-23rd, Fort Sumter/ Charleston, South Carolina
18th, Bristoe Station, Virginia
18th, near Pasquotank, North Carolina
18th, near Crab Orchard, Kentucky
18th, Albany, Kentucky
18th, Pueblo, CO
19th, Saint John's Mill, Florida
19th, Franklin, West Virginia
19th, Weems' Springs, Tennesse
21st, Chattanooga, Tennesse
21st, Lawrence, Kansas
21st, Maysville, Alabama
21st, Shellmound, Tennesse
21st, near Glenville, West Virginia
22nd, Big Creek/ near Pleasant Hill, Missouri
22nd, San Pedro Crossing, AZ
22nd, Huntersville, West Virginia
22nd, Stafford Court House, Virginia
23rd, Rappahannock River, Virginia
23rd, Fayetteville, Arkansas
24th, Waterloo, Virginia
24th, Billy Goodling's Tavern, Virginia
24th, Coyle's Tavern/ near Fairfax Court House, Virginia
24th, near King George Court House, Virginia
24th, near Warm Springs, Virginia
24th, Gunter's Landing/ near Port Depot, Alabama
25th, near Lamb's Ferry, Virginia
25th, Jackson's River, West Virginia
25th, near Waynesville, Missouri
25th, near Independence, Missouri
25th, Hopewell, Missouri
25th, Brownsville, Arkansas
25th, Hartwood Church, Virginia
26th, Rocky Gap, West Virginia
26th, near Moorefield, West Virginia
26th, Sutton, West Virginia
26th, Bayou Meto, Arkansas
26th, Perryville, Indian Territory
27th, Bayou Meto/ Reed's Bridge, Arkansas
27th, Mount Pleasant, Mississippi
27th, near Vicksburg, Mississippi
27th, Elk River, West Virginia
27th, Glenville, West Virginia
27th, Ball's Mill, West Virginia
27th, Edward's Ferry, Maryland
27th, Little Washington, Virginia
27th, Weaverville, Virginia
28th, Hartwood Church, Virginia
28th, the Narrows/ near Shellmound, Tennesse
28th, Jacksborough, Tennesse
29th, Texas Prairie, Missouri
29th, Caperton's Ferry, Alabama
30th, Washington, Arkansas
30th, Shallow Ford/ Bayou Meto, Arkansas
31st, Devil's Backbone, Arkansas
31st, CSS Sumter sunk
31st, Marais des Cygnes, Kansas
31st, Winter's Gap, Tennesse
31st, Will's Valley, Alabama


1st, Fort Smith, Arkansas
1st, Devil's Backbone, Arkansas
1st, Barbee's Cross Roads, Virginia
1st, Jenny Lind, Arkansas
1st, Will's Gap, Alabama
1st, Neal's Gap, Alabama
1st, Davis' Gap, Alabama
1st, Corbin's Cross Roads, Virginia
1st, Lamb's Creek, Virginia
1st, Leesburg, Virginia
2nd, Knoxville, Tennesse (X)
2nd, Strasburg, Virginia
2nd, near Oak Shade, Virginia
2nd, Rixey's Ford, Virginia
2nd, Port Conway, Virginia
2nd, near Shallow Ford, Arkansas
2nd, near Mier, Mexico
2nd, Smithfield, West Virginia
2nd, Peace Creek, Florida
3rd, near Alpine, Georgia
3rd, Hoopa Valley, CA
3rd, near White Stone Hill, Dakota Territory
3rd-5th, Whitestone Hill, North Dakota
4th, Quincy, Missouri
4th, Moorefield, West Virginia
4th, Petersburg Gap, West Virginia
4th, Bentonville, Arkansas
4th, Floridaint Creek, Arkansas
4th, Hog Eye, Arkansas
4th, Round Prairie, Arkansas
5th, Rawlingsville, Alabama
5th, Lebanon, Alabama
5th, Alpine, Georgia
5th, Tazewell, Tennesse
5th, Maysville, Arkansas
5th, White Stone Hill, Dakota Territory
6th, Stevens' Gap, Georgia
6th, Sweet Water, Tennesse
6th, Carter's Run, Virginia
6th, Petersburg, West Virginia
6th, Fort Scott, Kansas
6th, Carthage, Missouri
6th, Hutton Valley, Missouri
7th, Stevenson, Alabama
7th, Lookout Valley, Tennesse
7th, Bear Skin Lake, Missouri
7th, Ashley's Mills/ Ferry Landing, Arkansas
7th, Morgan's Ferry, Louisiana
7th, Holly Springs, Mississippi
7th, Jacinto/ Glendale, Mississippi
7th, Bath, West Virginia
7th-8th, Charleston Harbor, South Carolina
8th, Chiricahau Mountains, AZ
8th, Sabine Pass (Second), Texas
8th, Winston's Gap, Alabama
8th, Alpine, Georgia
8th, Limestone Station, Tennesse
8th, Telford's Station, Tennesse
8th, Brandy Station, Virginia
8th, Beech Fork, West Virginia
8th, Sutton, West Virginia
8th, Atchafalaya Creek, Louisiana
8th-10th, Cumberland Gap, Tennesse
9th, Chattanooga, Tennesse
9th, Webber's Falls, Indian Territory
10th, Little Rock, Arkansas
10th, Bayou Forche, Arkansas
10th, Summerville, Georgia
10th, Pea Vine Creek, Georgia
10th, near Graysville, Georgia
10th, Brimstone Creek, Kentucky
10th, Athens, Tennesse
10th-11th, Davis' Cross Roads, Georgia
11th, Dirt Town, Georgia
12th, Leet's Tanyard, Georgia
12th, La Fayette Road/ near Chattooga River, Georgia
12th, Rheatown, Tennesse
12th, South Mills, North Carolina
12th, White Plains, Virginia
12th, Bristoe Station, Virginia
12th, Roane County, West Virginia
12th, Houston, Missouri
12th, Brownsville, Arkansas
12th, Stirling's Plantation/ near Morganza, Louisiana
13th, Lowndes' Mill, South Carolina
13th, Lee's Mill, Georgia
13th, Gordon's Mill, Georgia
13th, near Summerville, Georgia
13th, near Salem, Missouri
13th, Rodney, Mississippi
14th, Vidalia, Louisiana
14th, Somerville's Ford, Virginia
14th, Racoon Ford, Virginia
14th, Robertson's Ford, Virginia
14th, Rapidan Station, Virginia
14th, near La Fayette, Georgia
14th, Smythe County, Virginia
14th, Cheat Mountain Pass, West Virginia
15th, Indiantown, North Carolina
15th, Trion Factory, Georgia
15th, Sommerville, Georgia
15th, Catlett's Gap, Georgia
15th, near Kempsville, Virginia
15th, Jackson County, Missouri
15th, Enterprise, Missouri
16th, Fayetteville, Virginia
16th, Brownsville, Arkansas
16th, Smithfield, West Virginia
17th, Racoon Ford, Virginia
17th, Horse Creek, Missouri
18th, Calhoun, Tennesse
18th, Cleveland, Tennesse
18th, Kingsport, Tennesse
18th, Bristol, Tennesse
18th, Crooked Run, Virginia
18th, near Fort Donelson, Tennesse
18th-20th, Chickamauga, Georgia
19th, Culpeper, Virginia
19th, Racoon Ford, Virginia
19th, Como, Tennesse
19th, Greenwell Springs Road/ Baton Rouge, Louisiana
20th, Hornersville, Missouri
20th, Carter's Depot, Tennesse
20th, Zollicoffer, Tennesse
20th, Shaver Mountain, West Virginia
21st, Rossville, Tennesse
21st, Liberty Mills, Virginia
21st, Lookout Church, Georgia
21st, Dry Valley, Georgia
21st, Jonesborough, Tennesse
21st, Moorefield, West Virginia
21st, White's Ford, Virginia
21st, Madison Court House, Virginia
22nd, Blountsville, Tennesse
22nd, Carter's Depot, Tennesse
22nd, Marrow Bone Creek, kentucky
22nd, Centreville, Virginia
22nd, Warrenton, Virginia
22nd, Rockville, Maryland
22nd, Orange Court House, Virginia
22nd, Racoon Ford, Virginia
22nd, Darien, Georgia
23rd, Cumberland Gap, Tennesse
23rd, Liberty Mills, Virginia
23rd, Robertson's Ford, Virginia
23rd, Bayou Metro Bridge, Arkansas
23rd, opposite Donaldsonville, Louisiana
24th, Zollicoffer, Tennesse
24th, Bristoe Station, Virginia
24th, Greenbrier Bridge, West Virginia
25th, Athens, Tennesse
25th, Calhoun, Tennesse
25th, Charleston, Tennesse
25th, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
25th, Senneca Trace Crossing/ Cheat River, West Virginia
26th, Richards' Ford, Virginia
26th, Winchester, Tennesse
26th, Calhoun, Tennesse
26th, Hunt's Mill/ near Larkinsville, Alabama
26th, Cassville, Missouri
27th, Mofatt's Station, Arkansas
27th, Newtonia, Missouri
27th, Locke's Mill/ near Moscow, Tennesse
27th, Athens, Tennesse
28th, Buell's Ford, Tennesse
28th, Jonesborough, Tennesse
29th, Stirling's Plantation, Louisiana
29th, Leesburg, Tennesse
30th, Back Bay, Virginia
30th, Cotton Port Ford, Tennesse
30th, Neersville, Virginia
30th, Woodville, Virginia


1st, Smith's Cross Roads, Tennesse
1st, Lewinsville, Virginia
1st, Robertson's River, Virginia
1st, near Culpeper Court House, Virginia
1st, Auburn, Virginia
1st, Elizabethtown, Arkansas
1st, near Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
1st, Mountain Gap, Tennesse
2nd, Anderson's Cross Roads, Tennesse
2nd, Chattanooga, Tennesse
2nd, Pitt's Cross Roads, Tennesse
2nd, Valley Road/ near Jasper, Tennesse
2nd, near Dunlap, Tennesse
2nd, Carthage, Missouri
2nd, Greeneville, Tennesse
2nd, Vance's Store, Arkansas
3rd, McMinnville, Tennesse
3rd, Hill's Gap/ near Beersheba, Tennesse
3rd, Bear Creek, Tennesse
3rd, Forked Deer Creek, Mississippi
3rd, Lewinsville, Virginia
4th, Neosho, Missouri
4th, Widow Wheeler's Mill, Missouri
4th, Nelson's Bridge/ near New Iberia, Louisiana
5th, Stones River, Tennesse
5th, Readyville, Tennesse
5th, Stockton, Missouri
5th, Greenfield, Missouri
5th, New Albany, Mississippi
5th, Syracuse, Missouri
5th, Greenwell Springs Road, Louisiana
5th, Blue Springs, Tennesse
6th, Baxter Springs, Kansas
6th, Christiana, Tennesse
6th, Shelbyville, Tennesse
6th, near Cattlett's Station, Virginia
6th, Readyville, Tennesse
6th, Wartrace, Tennesse
6th, Garrison's Creek/ near Fosterville, Tennesse
6th, Lockhart's Mill, Mississippi
6th, Humansville, Missouri
6th, Glasgow, Kentucky
6th, Morgan County, Tennesse
6th, Waldron, Arkansas
7th, Farmington, Tennesse
7th, Hazel River, Virginia
7th, Utz's Ford, Virginia
7th, Mitchell's Ford, Virginia
7th, Blue Springs, Tennesse
7th, Sim's Farm/ near Shelbyville, Tennesse
7th, Shelby/ near Warsaw, Missouri
7th, Evening Shade, Arkansas
7th, Ferry's Ford, Arkansas
7th, Charles Town, West Virginia
7th, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory
7th, Summit Point, West Virginia
8th, near James City, Virginia
8th, Robertson's River, Virginia
9th, Tipton, Missouri
9th, CSS Columbia burned
9th, James City, Virginia
9th, Vermillion Bayou, Louisiana
9th, Cole Camp, Missouri
9th, Cleveland, Tennesse
9th, Elk River, Tennesse
9th, near Cowan, Tennesse
9th, Sugar Creek, Tennesse
10th, Blue Springs, Tennesse
10th, Russell's Ford, Virginia
10th, Bethesda Church, Virginia
10th, James City, Virginia
10th, Racoon Ford, Virginia
10th, Germanna Ford, Virginia
10th, Morton's Ford, Virginia
10th, Tipton, Missouri
10th, Syracuse, Missouri
10th, La Mine Bridge, Missouri
10th, Tulip, Arkansas
10th, Ingraham's Plantation/ Port Gibson, Mississippi
10th, Sweet Water, Tennesse
10th, Salyersville, Kentucky
11th, Boonville (Third), Missouri
11th, Culpeper Court House, Virginia
11th, Griffinsburg, Virginia
11th, Brandy Station, Virginia
11th, Morton's Ford, Virginia
11th, Stevensburg, Virginia
11th, near Kelly's Ford, Virginia
11th, near Warrenton/ Sulphur Springs, Virginia
11th, Fayetteville, Arkansas
11th, Brazil Creek, Indian Territory
11th, Collierville, Tennesse
11th, Henderson's Mill, Tennesse
11th, Rheatown, Tennesse
12th, Collierville, Tennesse
12th, Jeffersonton, Virginia
12th, Gaines' Cross Roads, Virginia
12th, Brandy Station, Virginia
12th, Hartwood Church, Virginia
12th, near Warrenton Springs, Virginia
12th, Buckhorn Tavern/ near New Market, Alabama
12th, Merrill's Crossing, Missouri
12th, Dug Ford/ near Jonesborough, Missouri
12th, Chalmers/ near Byhalia, Mississippi
12th, Quinn, Mississippi
12th, Jackson's Mill, Mississippi
12th, West Liberty, Kentucky
12th, Webber's Falls, Indian Territory
12th, Tulip, Arkansas
13th, Arrow Rock, Missouri
13th, Auburn, Virginia
13th, Bulltown, West Virginia
13th, Fox's Ford, Virginia
13th, marshall, Missouri
13th, Maysville, Alabama
13th, Fayetteville, Tennesse
13th, Wyatt, Mississippi
13th, Burlington, West Virginia
14th, Auburn, Virginia
14th, Bristoe Station, Virginia
14th, Catlett's Station, Virginia
14th, Salt Lick Bridge, West Virginia
14th, Gainesville, Virginia
14th, McClean's Ford, Virginia
14th, St. Stephens Church, Virginia
14th, Grove Church, Virginia
14th, near Centreville, Virginia
14th, Brentsville, Virginia
14th, Man's Creek, Missouri
14th, Shannon County, Missouri
14th, Scott's Ford, Missouri
14th, Creek Agency, Indian Territory
14th, Carrion Crow Bayou, Louisiana
14th, Blountsville, Tennesse
14th, Loudoun, Tennesse
15th, CSS H.L. Hunley sunk
15th, Hedgesville, West Virginia
15th, McLean's Ford, Virginia
15th, Blackburn's Ford, Virginia
15th, Mitchell's Ford, Virginia
15th, Manassas, Virginia
15th, Oak Hill, Virginia
15th, Brownsville, Mississippi
15th, Cross Timbers, Missouri
15th, near Hedgesville, West Virginia
15th, Creek Agency, Indian Territory
15th, Bristol, Tennesse
15th, Philadelphia, Tennesse
16th, Grand Coteau, Louisiana
16th, Fort Brooke, Florida
16th, near Island No. 10, Tennesse
16th, Treadwell's/ near Clinton, Mississippi
16th, Pungo Landing, North Carolina
16th, Johnstown, Missouri
16th, Deer Creek, Missouri
16th, Humansville, Missouri
16th, near Humansville, Missouri
16th-18th, Fort Brooke/ Tampa, Florida
17th, Camden Court House, North Carolina
17th, near Chantilly, Virginia
17th, Manassas Junction, Virginia
17th, Frying Pan Church, Virginia
17th, near Pohick Church, Virginia
17th, Groveton, Virginia
17th, Berryville, Virginia
17th, near Camden Court House, North Carolina
17th, Cedar County, Missouri
17th, near Satartia, Mississippi
17th, Bogue Chitto Creek, Mississippi
17th, Robinson's Mills/ near Livingston, Mississippi
18th, Annandale, Virginia
18th, Charleston, West Virginia
18th, Bristoe Station, Virginia
18th, near Annandale, Virginia
18th, Berryville, Virginia
18th, Charleston, West Virginia
18th, Carrion Crow Bayou, Louisiana
18th, Carthage, Missouri
18th, near Clinton, Mississippi
19th, Murrell's Inlet, South Carolina
19th, Buckland Mills, Virginia
19th, Gainesville, Virginia
19th, New Baltimore, Virginia
19th, Catlett's Station, Virginia
19th, Haymarket, Virginia
19th, Zollicoffer, Tennesse
19th, Spurgeon's Mill, Tennesse
19th, Smith's Bridge, Mississippi
19th, Honey Creek, Missouri
20th, Trenton, Alabama
20th, Warm Springs, North Carolina
20th, Philadelphia, Tennesse
20th, Barton's Station, Alabama
20th, Dickson's Station, Alabama
20th, Cane Creek, Alabama
20th, Treadwell's Plantation, Mississippi
21st, Opelousas, Louisiana (X)
21st, Barre's Landing, Louisiana
21st, Cherokee Station, Alabama
21st, Sulphur Springs, Tennesse
21st, Greenton Valley/ near Hopewell, Missouri
22nd, near Volney, Kentucky
22nd, USS Mist destroyed
22nd, New Madrid Bend, Tennesse
22nd, Brownsville, Mississippi
22nd, Bloomfield, Missouri
22nd, Annandale, Virginia
22nd, Rappahannock Bridge, Virginia
22nd, near Bealton, Virginia
23rd, near Rappahannock Station, Virginia
23rd, Warm Springs, North Carolina
24th, Liberty, Virginia
24th, Bealton, Virginia
24th, Tuscumbia, Alabama
24th, near Harrisonville, Missouri
24th, Buffalo Mountains, Arkansas
25th, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
25th, Bealton, Virginia
25th, near Bealton, Virginia
25th, Philadelphia, Tennesse
26th, Warrenton, Virginia
26th, Vincents Crossroads, Mississippi
26th, Johnson County, Arkansas
26th, King's House/ near Waynesville, Missouri
26th, New Baltimore, Virginia
26th, Ravenswood, West Virginia
26th, Warm Springs, North Carolina
26th, Jones' Hill, Tennesse
26th, Sweet Water, Tennesse
26th, near Cane Creek, Alabama
26th, Barton's Station, Alabama
27th, Brown's Ferry, Georgia
27th, Tulip, Arkansas
27th, near Bealton Station, Virginia
27th, Rappahannock Station, Virginia
27th, Cherokee County, North Carolina
27th, Sandy River/ near Elizabeth, West Virginia
27th, Clinch Mountain, Tennesse
27th, Little Bear Creek, Alabama
28th, Arkedelphia, Arkansas(X)
28th, Clarksville, Tennesse
28th, Leiper's Ferry, Tennesse
28th-29th, Wauhatchie/ Brown's Ferry, Tennesse
29th, Centreville, Tennesse
29th, Warsaw, Missouri
29th, Ozark, Missouri
29th, Cherokee Station, Alabama
30th, Fourteen Mile Creek, Indian Territory
30th, near Opelousas, Louisiana
30th, Ford's Mill/ near New Berne, North Carolina
30th, Catlett's Station, Virginia
30th, Saylersville, Kentucky
30th, Leiper's Ferry/ Holston River, Tennesse
31st, Washington, Louisiana
31st, Barton's Station, Alabama
31st, Yazoo City, Mississippi


1st, Catlett's Station, Virginia
1st, Eastport, Tennesse
1st, Fayetteville, Tennesse
1st, Quinn's Mill, Mississippi
1st, Jackson's Mill, Mississippi
2nd, Brazos Island, Texas (X)
2nd, Bayou Bourbeau, Louisiana
2nd, Bates Township, Arkansas
2nd, Corinth, Mississippi
2nd, Centreville, Tennesse
2nd, Piney Factory, Tennesse
3rd, Bayou Bourbeau, Louisiana
3rd, Collierville, Tennesse
3rd, Lawrenceburg, Tennesse
3rd, Catlett's Station, Virginia
3rd, Bayou Bourbeau/ Grand Coteau, Louisiana
3rd, Carrion Crow Bayou, Louisiana
3rd, Collierville, Tennesse
3rd, Lawrenceburg, Tennesse
3rd, Quinn's Mill, Mississippi
3rd, Jackson's Mill, Mississippi
4th, Motley's Ford, Tennesse
4th, near Neosho, Missouri
4th, Lexington, Missouri
4th, Falmouth, Virginia
4th, Rocky Run, North Carolina
4th, Cackleytown, West Virginia
4th, Maysville, Alabama
4th, Pinal Mountains/ Gila River, Arizone
5th, Hartwood Church, Virginia
5th, Neosho, Missouri
5th, Vermillionville, Louisiana
5th, Mill Point, West Virginia
5th, Loudoun County, Tennesse
5th, Moscow, Tennesse
5th, La Fayette, Tennesse
5th, Holly Springs, Mississippi
6th, Brownsville, Texas (X)
6th, Point Isabel, Texas (X)
6th, Droop Mountain, Virginia
6th, Little Sewell Mountain, West Virginia
6th, Rogersville, Tennesse
6th, Falmouth, Virginia
7th, Rappahannock Station (Second), Virginia
7th, Kelly's Ford, Virginia
7th, Lewisburg, West Virginia
7th, Warrenton, Virginia
7th, Rogersville, Tennesse
7th, Muddy Creek, West Virginia
7th, Frog Bayou, Louisiana
8th, Warrenton, Virginia
8th, Jeffersonton, Virginia
8th, Rixeyville, Virginia
8th, Muddy Creek/ near Culpeper Court House, Virginia
8th, Brandy Station, Virginia
8th, Stevensburg, Virginia
8th, Second Creek, West Virginia
8th, Vermillionville, Louisiana
8th, Bayou Tunica, Louisiana
8th, Tunica Bend, Louisiana
9th, Bayou Sara, Louisiana
9th, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory
9th, Indian Bayou, Louisiana
9th, near Weldon, North Carolina
9th, Covington, Virginia
11th, Suffolk, Virginia
11th, Fouche-le-Faix Mountains, Arkansas
11th, Greenleaf Prairie, Indian Territory
11th, near Natchez, Mississippi
11th, Carrion Crow Bayou, Louisiana
11th, Vermillion Bayou, Louisiana
12th, Cumberland Gap, Tennesse
12th, Roseville, Arkansas
12th, Corinth, Mississippi
12th, Greenleaf Prairie, Indian Territory
13th, Mount Ida, Arkansas
13th, Charleston, West Virginia
13th, near Winchester, Virginia
13th, Blythe's Ferry, Tennesse
13th, Palmyra, Tennesse
13th, near Big Bar/ Trinity River, CA
14th, Huff's Ferry, Tennesse
14th, Maryville, Tennesse
14th, Little River, Tennesse
14th, Rockford, Tennesse
14th, Tyson's Cross Roads, Virginia
14th, Danville, Mississippi
15th, John's Island, South Carolina
15th, Pillowville, Tennesse
15th, Newton County, Arkansas
15th, near Loudon, Tennesse
15th, Lenoir's Station, Tennesse
16th, Woodstock, Virginia
16th, Campbell Station, Tennesse
16th, Corpus Christi, Texas (X)
16th, Kingston, Tennesse
16th, near Burlington, West Virginia
16th, Germantown, Virginia
17th, Arkansas Pass, Texas
17th, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
17th, near Willow Creek, CA
18th, near Germanna Ford, Virginia
18th, Trenton, Georgia
18th, Carrion Crow Bayou, Louisiana
18th, Shoal Creek, Missouri
18th, Turkey Creek, Missouri
18th, near Hog Point, Mississippi
19th, Meriwether's Ferry, Tennesse
19th, Mulberry Gap, Tennesse
19th, Lawrenceville, Arkansas
19th, near Grove Church, Virginia
19th, Colwell's Ford, Tennesse
20th, Camp Pratt, Louisiana
20th, Sparta, Tennesse
21st, Jacksonport, Arkansas
21st, Liberty, Virginia
21st, Tiptonville, Tennesse
22nd, Camp Davies, Mississippi
22nd, Fort Esperanza, Texas
22nd, Matagorda Island, Texas
22nd, Winchester, Tennesse
22nd, Fayette, Mississippi
22nd, near Houston, Missouri
22nd, Lake Borgne, Louisiana
23rd, Cedar Bayou, Texas
23rd, Bayou Portage, Louisiana
23rd-25th, Chattanooga, Tennesse
24th, Cunningham's Bluff, South Carolina
24th, near Sparta, Tennesse
24th, Little Boston, Virginia
24th, Kingston, Tennesse
24th, Woodville, Virginia
24th, Clarksville, Arkansas
24th, Charleston, Tennesse
24th, Cleveland, Tennesse
25th, Greenville, North Carolina
25th, Sangster Station, Virginia
25th, Crawford County, Arkansas
25th, near Houston, Missouri
25th, near Waynesville, Missouri
25th, Farmington, Missouri
25th, camp Pratt, Louisiana
25th, Vermillion Bayou, Louisiana
25th, Yankeetown, Tennesse
26th-2nd December, Mine Run, Virginia
26th, near Ringgold, Tennesse
26th, Chickamauga Station, Tennesse
26th, Pea Vine Valley, Tennesse
26th, Pigeon Hill, Tennesse
26th, Graysville, Georgia
26th, near Racoon Ford, Virginia
26th, racoon Ford, Virginia
26th, Morton's Ford, Virginia
26th, near Woodson, Missouri
26th, Brentsville, Virginia
26th, Plymouth, North Carolina
26th, Warm Springs, North Carolina
27th, Ringgold Gap, Georgia
27th, Taylor's Ridge, Georgia
27th, La Fayette, Kentucky
27th, Monticello, Kentucky
27th, Payne's Farm, Virginia
27th, Robertson's Tavern/ Locust Grove, Virginia
27th, near New Hope Church, Virginia
27th, near Wilderness Church, Virginia
27th-29th, Fort Esperanza, Texas
28th, near Molino, Mississippi
29th, Matagorda Island, Texas
29th, Cumberland River, Kentucky
29th, Fort Sanders, Tennesse
29th, Parker's Store, Virginia
29th, New Hope Church, Virginia
29th, Brentsville, Virginia
29th, Jonesville, Virginia
29th, Bloomfield, Missouri
30th, Yankeetown, Tennesse
30th, Fort Esperanza, Texas #
30th, Racoon Ford, Virginia
30th, Licking Run Bridge, Virginia
30th, Charleston, Tennesse
30th, Saylersville, Kentucky
30th, Port Hudson, Louisiana
30th, Vermillion Bayou, Louisiana
30th, Matagorda Bay, Texas


1st, Jackson, Kentucky
1st, Salyersville, Kentucky
1st, near Jonesville, Virginia
1st, Maynardville, Tennesse
1st, near Benton, Arkansas
1st, Devall's Bluff, Arkansas
1st, Cedar Point, North Carolina
1st, Jenning's Farm/ near Ely's Ford, Virginia
1st, Ripley, Mississippi
2nd, Walker's Ford/ Clinch River, Tennesse
2nd, Saulsbury, Tennesse
2nd, Philadelphia, Tennesse
3rd, Saint Martinsville, Louisiana
3rd, Log Mountain, Tennesse
3rd, Ellis' Ford, Virginia
3rd, Greenville, Kentucky
3rd, Wolf River Bridge/ near Moscow, Tennesse
4th, near Kingston, Tennesse
4th, Loudon, Tennesse
4th, Niobrara, Nebraska Territory
4th, Meadow Bluff, West Virginia
4th, La Fayette, Tennesse
4th, Ripley, Mississippi
5th, Walker's Ford/ Clinch River, Tennesse
5th, Murrell's Inlet, South Carolina
5th, Racoon Ford, Virginia
5th, Crab Gap, Tennesse
6th, near Fayetteville, Tennesse
6th, Clinch River, Tennesse
6th, Cheat River, West Virginia
7th, near Woodstock, West Virginia
7th, Rutledge, Tennesse
7th, Eagleview, Tennesse
7th, Independence, Missouri
8th, Scottsville, Kentucky
9th, Fort Jackson, Louisiana
9th, Okolona, Mississippi
9th, near Lewinsville, Virginia
9th, Cumberland Mountain, Tennesse
9th, Bean's Station, Tennesse
10th, Choctawatchie Bay, Florida
10th, Gatlinburg, Tennesse
10th, Long Ford, Tennesse
10th, Morristown, Tennesse
10th, Russellville, Tennesse
10th, Hertford, North Carolina
11th, Big Sewell, West Virginia
11th, Meadow Bluff, West Virginia
11th, Marling's Bottom Bridge, Virginia
12th, Shoal Creek, Alabama
12th, La Fayette, Georgia
12th, Gatewood's, West Virginia
12th, Lewisburg, West Virginia
12th, Greenbrier River, West Virginia
12th, Cheek's Cross Roads, Tennesse
12th, Russellville, Tennesse
12th, near Strasburg, Virginia
12th, Williamsburg, Virginia
12th, Charles City Court House, Virginia
13th, Germantown, Virginia
13th, Hurricane Bridge, West Virginia
13th, Powell's River/ near Stckleyville, Virginia
13th, Strasburg, Virginia
13th, Farley's Mill, Tennesse
13th, Dandridge's Mill, Tennesse
13th, Ringgold, Georgia
13th, Meriweather's Ferry, Arkansas
13th, Bayou Boeuf, Arkansas
14th, Clinch Mountain, Tennesse
14th, near Catlett's Station, Virginia
14th, Bean's Station, Tennesse
14th, Granger's Mill, Tennesse
14th, near Morristown, Tennesse
14th, Caddo Mill, Arkansas
14th, Blue Sulphur Mill/ Meadow Bluff, West Virginia
15th, near Pulaski, Tennesse
15th, Livingston, Tennesse
15th, Sangster's Station, Virginia
16th, Salem, Virginia
16th, Fort Gibson, Indian Territory
16th, near Springfield, Missouri
16th, Free Bridge, North Carolina
16th, Upperville, Virginia
16th, Rutledge, Tennesse
16th, Stroud's Store, Arkansas
16th, Buffalo River, Arkansas
17th, Sangster's Station, Virginia
17th, Rodney, Mississippi
18th, Culpeper, Virginia
18th, Bean's Station, Tennesse
18th, Rutledge, Tennesse
18th, Indiantown/ Sandy Swamp, North carolina
18th, Sheldon's Place/ near Barren Fort, Indian Territory
19th, St. Andrew's Bay, Florida
19th, Stone's Mill, Tennesse
21st, Hunter's Mill, Virginia
21st, McMinnville, Tennesse
21st, Clinch River, Tennesse
22nd, Cleveland, Tennesse
22nd, Fayette, Mississippi
22nd, Luray, Virginia
23rd, Corinth, Mississippi
23rd, Mulberry Village, Tennesse
23rd, Jacksonport, Arkansas
23rd, Culpeper Court House, Virginia
23td, Powder Springs Gap, Tennesse
23rd-25th, Centreville, Missouri
24th, near Germantown, Virginia
24th, Lee County, Virginia
24th, Rodney, Mississippi
24th, Estenaula, Tennesse
24th, Jack's Creek, Tennesse
24th, Peck's House/ near New Market, Tennesse
24th, Mossy Creek Station, Tennesse
24th, Hay's Ferry/ near Dandridge, Tennesse
25th, Pulliman, Missouri
25th, Bear Inlet, North Carolina
25th, Fort Brooke, Florida
25th, USS Marblehead attacked
25th, near Fort Gaston, CA
25th-27th, John's Island/ near Charleston, South Carolina
26th, near Fort Gibson, Indian Territory
26th, Sand Mountain, Alabama
26th, Port Gibson, Mississippi
26th, near Fort Gaston, CA
26th, Somerville, Tennesse
26th, New Castle, Tennesse
26th, Mossy Creek, Tennesse
27th, Huntington, Tennesse
27th, Collierville, Tennesse
27th, Grisson's Bridge, Tennesse
27th, Moscow, Tennesse
27th, Talbott's Station, Tennesse
28th, Charleston, Tennesse
28th, Calhoun, Tennesse
28th, John's Island, South Carolina
28th, Moorefield, West Virginia
28th, Mount Pleasant, Mississippi
29th, Waldron, Arkansas
29th, CSS Carr destroyed
29th, Mossy Creek, Tennesse
29th, Waldon, Arkansas
29th, Matagorda Peninsula, Texas
29th, Coldwater, Mississippi
29th, Talbott's Station, Tennesse
29th, Cleveland, Tennesse
29th, La Vergne, Tennesse
30th, near Saint Augustine, Florida
30th, Greenville, North Carolina
31st, Searcy County, Arkansas
??, New Creek, West Virginia
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