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Civil War Battles for the Year 1861

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= American Victory   /   = Confederate Victory   /   = Draw   /   (X) = Occupied Without Fight
Bold - without link or (X) means an notable event occured and not a battle

During the administration of President James Buchanan, 1857-61, tensions over the issue of extending slavery into the western territories mounted alarmingly and the nation ran its inexorable course toward disunion. Along with slavery, the shifting social, economic, political, and constitutional problems of the fast-growing country fragmented its citizenry. After open warfare broke out in Kansas Territory among slaveholders, abolitionists, and opportunists, the battle lines of opinion hardened rapidly. President Buchanan quieted Kansas by using the Regular Army, but it was too small and too scattered to suppress the struggles that were almost certain to break out in the border states.

In 1859 John Brown, who had won notoriety in "Bleeding Kansas," seized the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry in a mad attempt to foment a slave uprising within a slaveholding state. Again federal troops were called on to suppress the new outbreak, and pressures and emotions rose on the eve of the 1860 elections. Republican Abraham Lincoln was elected to succeed Buchanan; although he failed to win a majority of the popular vote, he received 180 of the 303 electoral votes. The inauguration that was to vest in him the powers of the Presidency would take place March 4, 1861. During this lame-duck period, Mr. Buchanan was unable to control events and the country continued to lose its cohesion.

Events of 1860

6th Nov, Abraham Lincoln elected President
20th Dec., South Carolina secedes from Union


4th, Mount Vernon, Alabama (X)
5th, Fort Morgan, Alabama (X)
5th, Fort Gaines, Alabama (X)
6th, Apalachicola, Florida (X)
7th, Fort Marion, Florida (X)
8th, Fort Barrancas, Florida
9th, Mississippi secedes from Union
9th, Fort Johnston, North Carolina (X)
9th, Charleston Harbor, South Carolina
10th, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (X)
10th, Fort Caswell, North Carolina (X)
10th, Floridaorida secedes from Union
11th, Alabama secedes from Union
11th, Fort Jackson, Louisiana (X)
11th, Fort Saint Philip, Louisiana (X)
12th, Pensacola, Florida (X)
14th, Fort Pike, Arkansas (X)
19th, Georgia secedes from Union
20th, Fort Massachusetts, Mississippi (X)
24th, Augusta, Georgia (X)
26th, Savannah, Georgia (X)
26th, Louisiana secedes from Union
28th, Fort Macomb, Louisiana (X)
29th, Kansas admitted to Union


1st, Texas secedes from Union
7th, Choctaw Indian Nation joins the CSA
8th, Little Rock, Arkansas (X)
12th, Napolean, Arkansas (X)
16th, San Antonio, Texas (X)
18th, San Antonio, Texas
18th, Jefferson Davis becomes President
20th, Confederate Navy established
21st, Brazos Santiago, Texas (X)


18th, Columbia River, Washington Territory
21st, USS Isabella captured


12th, American Civil War officially begins
12th-14th, Fort Sumter, South Carolina
14th-15th, Van Dunsen's Creek, CA
15th, Fort Macon, North Carolina (X)
16th, Fort Caswell, North Carolina (X)
16th, Fort Johnston, North Carolina (X)
17th, USS Star of the West captured
17th, Virginia secedes from Union
18th, Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
18th, Pine Bluff, Arkansas (X)
19th, Baltimore Riots, MD
20th, Gosport Naval Yard, Virginia (X)
20th, Liberty, Missouri (X)
22nd, Fayetteville, North Carolina (X)
23rd, Fort Smith, Arkansas (X)
25th, near Indinaola, Texas
25th, Saluria, Texas

MAY OF 1861

1st, Fort Washita, Indian Territory (X)
4th, Kansas City, Missouri (X)
5th, Fort Arbuckle, Indian Territory (X)
6th, Arkansas secedes from Union
7th, Knoxville (Riots), Tennesse
9th, San Lucas Springs, Texas
9th, Gloucester Point, Virginia
10th, St. Louis (Massacre), Missouri
11th, Camp Jackson, Missouri
12th, San Lucas Springs, Texas
13th, Baltimore, MD (X)
13th, Britian declares its Neutrality
14th, Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
15th, Potosi, Missouri
16th, St. Louis, Missouri
18th-19th, Sewell's Point, Virginia
18th, Arkansas admitted to the Confederacy
19th, Potomac River, Virginia
20th, North Carolina secedes from Union
20th, Kentucky declares its Neutrality
22nd, Ship Island, Mississippi
23rd, near Larrabee's Ranch, CA
24th, Arlington Heights, Virginia (X)
26th, Grafton, West Virginia (X)
26th, Eel River, CA
27th, Newport News, Virginia (X)
28th, South Fork/ Eel River, CA
28th-29th, Sewell's Point, Virginia
29th, Grafton, West Virginia (X)
29th May-1st June, Aquia Creek, Virginia
30th, Keatuck Creek, CA

JUNE OF 1861

1st, Fairfax Court House, Virginia
1st, Arlington Mills, Virginia
2nd, near Larrabee's House, CA
3rd, Phillippi, West Virginia
4th, Bell Spring/ Eel River, CA
5th, Pig's Point, Virginia
7th, Laurel Hill, Virginia
8th, Tennessee secedes from Union
8th, near Larrabee's House, CA
9th, Laurel Hill, Virginia
10th, France declares its Neutrality
10th, Big Bethel, Virginia
11th, Romney, West Virginia
11th, Mill Creek, Virginia
11th, Rich Mountain, Virginia
11th-16th, Rockville, MD
13th, Romney, West Virginia (X)
14th, Seneca Mills, Maryland
14th, South Fork/ Eel River, CA
15th, Edwards Ferry, MD (X)
15th, Conrads Ferry, MD (X)
16th, South Fork/ Eel River, CA
17th, Boonville (First), Missouri
17th, Vienna, Virginia
17th, Conrad's Ferry, Maryland
17th, Liberty, Virginia
17th, New Creek, Virginia
17th, Spain declares its Neutrality
17th, Independence, Missouri
17th, Edward's Ferry, Virginia
17th, New Creek, West Virginia
17th, near Kettenshaw, CA
17th, Jefferson City, Missouri (X)
18th, Camp Cole, Missouri
19th, New Creek, West Virginia
23rd, Righter, West Virginia
24th, Jackson, Missouri
24th, Rappahannock River/ near Urbania, Virginia
24th, Mathias Point, Virginia
26th, Frankfort, West Virginia
26th, Patterson's Creek/ Kelly's Island, West Virginia
27th, Mathias Point, Virginia
28th-29th, St. Nicholas captured
29th, Bowman's Place, West Virginia

JULY OF 1861

1st, Buckhannon, Virginia
1st, Martinsburg, West Virginia
2nd, Hoke's Run/ Falling Waters, West Virginia
2nd, Nesho, Missouri
3rd, Martinsburg, West Virginia (X)
4th, Harpers Ferry, Virginia
4th, Farmington, Missouri
5th, Neosho, Missouri
5th, Carthage, Missouri
5th, Newport News, Virginia
6th, Buckhannon, West Virginia
6th, Middle Creek Fork, West Virginia
6th, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
7th, Jefferson Davis vs. USS S.J. Waring
7th, Laurel Hill, West Virginia
7th, Great Falls, Virginia
7th, Brier Forks, Missouri
7th, Bellington, West Virginia
7th, Glenville, West Virginia
8th, Floridaorida, Missouri
9th, near Buckhannon, Virginia
9th, Monroe Station, Virginia
9th, Vienna, Virginia
9th, near Monroe Station, Virginia
10th, Rich Mountain, West Virginia
10th, Peace Treaty with Creek Nation signed
10th, Monroe Station, Missouri
11th, Rich Mountain, West Virginia
12th, Peace Treaty with Chickasaw and Choctaw Indian Nations signed
12th, Beverly, West Virginia (X)
12th, Barboursville, West Virginia
12th, Newport News, West Virginia
13th, Corrick's Ford, West Virginia
13th, Barboursville, West Virginia
15th, near Bunker Hill, Virginia
15th, Winchester, Virginia
15th, Bowman's Place, West Virginia
15th, near Vienna, Virginia
15th, Mexico, Missouri
16th, Barboursville, West Virginia
16th, Millville/ Wentzville, Missouri
17th, Fairfax Court House, Virginia
17th, Fulton, Missouri
17th, Vienna, Virginia
17th, Barboursville, Virginia
17th, Bunker Hill, Virginia
17th-19th, Parkersville, Missouri
17th, Scarey Creek, West Virginia
18th, Bull Run/ Blackburn's Ford, Virginia
18th, Martinsburg, Virginia
18th, Mitchell's Ford, Virginia
18th-19th, Harrisonville, Missouri
19th, Back River Road, Virginia
19th, New Market Bridge, Virginia
21st, Manassas/ Bull Run (First), Virginia
21st, Eel River, CA
21st, Charleston, West Virginia
22nd, Forsyth, Missouri
22nd, Etna, Missouri
24th, Charleston, West Virginia (X)
24th, Tyler Mountain, West Virginia
24th, Back River, Virginia
24th, Blue Mills, Missouri
24th-25th, Mesillia, New Mexico
25th, Dug Springs, Missouri
25th, Harrisonville, Missouri
26th, McCulla's Store, Missouri
26th, Lane's Prairie, Missouri
26th-27th, Fort Fillmore, New Mexico
28th, New Madrid, Missouri (X)
29th, Potomac River, Virginia
29th, Marlborough Point, Virginia
29th, Edward's Ferry, Maryland


1st, Edina, Missouri
2nd, Dug Springs, Missouri
2nd, Fort Stanton, New Mexico
3rd, McCulla's Store, Missouri
3rd, Messila, New Mexico
3rd, Galveston, Texas
5th, USS Vincennes vs. Alvarado
5th, Athens, Missouri
5th, Galveston, Texas
5th, opposite Point of Rocks, Maryland
5th, Upper Pitt River Valley, CA
5th, Fernandina, Florida
7th, Hampton, Virginia
8th, Lovettesville, Virginia
9th, Potosi, Missouri
10th, Wilson's Creek, Missouri
11th, Hamburg, Missouri
12th, Fort Davis, Texas
13th, Grafton, West Virginia
15th, Kellogg's Lake, CA
17th, Palmyra, Missouri
17th, Hunnewell, Missouri
17th, Palmyra, Missouri
17th, Brunswick, Missouri
18th, Pohick, Virginia
18th, near Sandy Hook, Maryland
19th, Klapsford, Missouri
19th, Charleston, Missouri
20th, Hawk's Nest, West Virginia
20th, Laurel Fork Creek, West Virginia
20th, Fish Lake, Missouri
20th, Lookout Station, Missouri
21st, Jonesboro, Missouri
22nd, Paducah, Kentucky (naval)
23rd, Potomac Creek, Virginia
23rd, Springfield, West Virginia
23rd, Medoe, Missouri
23rd, near Fort Craig, New Mexico
23rd, Potomac Creek, Virginia (naval)
25th, Piggot's Mill, West Virginia
25th, near Fort Bliss, Texas
25th, near Fort Craig, New Mexico
26th-27th, Wayne Court House, Virginia
26th, Kessler's Cross Lanes, West Virginia
26th, Blue's House, West Virginia
27th, Antietam Iron Works, Maryland
27th, Ball's Cross Roads, Virginia
27th-29th, Fort Clark/ Hatteras Inlet, North Carolina
28th, Ball's Mills, Missouri
28th-30th, near Bailey's Cross Roads, Virginia
28th, Summersville, Virginia
29th, Lexington, Missouri
29th, Morse's Mills, Missouri
31st, Munson's Hill, Virginia


1st, Boone's Courthouse, West Virginia
1st, Blue Creek, West Virginia
1st, Burlington, West Virginia
1st, Bennight's Mills, Missouri
1st, near Fort Scott, Kansas
2nd, Pensacola, Florida
2nd, Dry Wood Creek, Missouri
2nd, Hawk's Nest, Virginia
2nd, Worthington, Virginia
2nd, Beller's Mills/ near Harper's Ferry, Virginia
2nd, Dry Wood Creek, Missouri
2nd, Dallas, Missouri
3rd, Columbus, Kentucky (X)
3rd, Hickman, Kentucky (X)
4th, Columbus, Kentucky
4th, Hickman, Kentucky
4th, Great Falls, Maryland
4th, Shelbina, Missouri
5th, Papinsville, Missouri
6th, Paducah, Kentucky
6th, Rowell's Run, West Virginia
6th, Monticello Bridge, Missouri
7th, Santa Ana Canyon, CA
7th, Petersburg, West Virginia
8th-10th, Lucas Bend, Missouri
9th, Sheperdstown, West Virginia
10th, Carnifex Ferry, West Virginia
10th, Lewinsville, Virginia
11th, Lewinsville, Virginia
11th, Cheat Mountain Pass, West Virginia
11th, Cheat Summit, West Virginia
11th, Point Mountain Summit, West Virginia
11th, Elk Water, West Virginia
12th, Black River/ near Ironton, Missouri
12th, Petersburg, West Virginia
12th, Peytona, West Virginia
12th-15th, Cheat Mountain, West Virginia
13th, Boonville (Second), Missouri
13th-20th, Lexington, Missouri
14th, Pensacola, Florida
14th, Old Randolph, Missouri
14th, USS Albatross vs. Alabama
15th, Prichard's Mills/ Darnestown, Virginia
16th, Princeton, Virginia
16th, Ship Island, Mississippi (X)
16th, Cumberland River, Kentucky
16th, Seneca Creek/ near Poolesville, Maryland
16th, Magruder's Ferry, Virginia
17th, Harper's Ferry, Virginia
17th, Liberty, Missouri
17th, Blue Mills Landing, Missouri
17th, near Point of Rocks, Maryland
17th, Morristown, Missouri
18th, Bowling Green, Kentucky (X)
18th, Berlin, Maryland
19th, Barboursville, Kentucky
20th, Seneca Creek, Virginia
22nd, Papinsville/ Osceola, Missouri
22nd, Mayfield Creek, Kentucky
22nd, Elliot's Mill/ Camp Crittenden, Missouri
23rd, Romney/ Hanging Rock, West Virginia
23rd, Eucheeanna Courthouse, Florida
23rd, Cassville, West Virginia
23rd, Albany, Kentucky
23rd, Mechanicsburg Gap, West Virginia
24th, Point of Rocks, Maryland
25th, Smithland, Kentucky (X)
25th, near Chapmansville, West Virginia
25th, Lewinsville, Virginia
25th, Canada Alamosa, New Mexico
25th, Freestone Point, Virginia
26th, near Fort Thorn, New Mexico
26th, near Belmont, Missouri
26th, Clay County, Kentucky
26th, Muddy River/ Lucas Bend, Kentucky
27th, near Norfolk, Missouri
27th, Shanghai, Missouri
28th-29th, Munson's Hill, Virginia
29th, Albany, Kentucky
29th, Hopkinsville, Kentucky
29th, Travisville, Tennesse
29th, Berlin, Maryland
29th, Bailey's Cross Roads, Virginia


1st, Pamlico Sound, North Carolina
2nd, Charleston, Missouri
2nd, Chapmansville, Virginia
2nd, Springfield Station, Virginia
2nd, Charleston, Missouri
2nd, Peace Treaty with Great Osage Indian Nation signed
3rd, Pohick Church, Virginia
3rd, Springfield Station, Virginia
3rd, Greenbrier River, West Virginia
3rd-4th, Chicamacomico, North Carolina
4th, Buffalo Hill, Kentucky
4th, New Orleans, Louisiana
4th, Hatteras Inlet, North Carolina
4th, New Orleans, Louisiana
4th, near Edwards's Ferry, Maryland
4th, Alimosa, New Mexico
4th, Peace Treaty with Cherokee, Seneca, and Shawnee Indian Nation Tribes signed
5th, Chicamicomico, North Carolina
7th, Iron Bluffs/ Columbus, Kentucky
8th, Hillsborough, Kentucky
9th, Santa Rosa Island, Florida
10th, Paducah, Kentucky
11th, Harper's Ferry, Virginia
11th, Fort Inge, Texas
12th, Cameron, Missouri
12th, Ironton, Missouri
12th, Upton's Hill, Kentucky
12th, near Clintonville, Missouri
12th, Pomme de Terre, Missouri
12th, Bayles' Cross Roads, Louisiana
12th, CSS Manassas vs. USS Richmond
13th, Wet Glaize, Missouri
13th, Cotton Hill, West Virginia
13th, Beckwith's Farm, Missouri
14th, Linn Creek, Missouri
14th, Underwood's Farm, Missouri
15th, Big River Bridge, Missouri
15th, Lime Creek, Missouri
15th, Little River Turnpike, Virginia
15th, near Blackwell Station, Missouri
15th, Blackwell Station, Missouri
16th, Lexington, Missouri (X)
16th, Harper's Ferry, Virginia
16th, near Linn Creek, Missouri
16th, Bolivar Heights, Virginia
16th, Warsaw, Missouri
17th, Fredericktown, Missouri
18th, Rockcastle Hills, Kentucky
18th, Warrensburg, Missouri
19th, USS Massachusetts vs. CSS Florida
19th, Big Hurricane Creek, Missouri
20th, Dranesville, Missouri (X)
20th, Ironton, Missouri
21st, Camp Wildcat, Kentucky
21st, Fredericktown, Missouri
21st, Ball's Bluff, Virginia
21st, Young's Mill/ near Newport News, Virginia
22nd, Bud's Ferry, Maryland
22nd, Buffalo Mills, Kentucky
23rd, West Liberty, Kentucky
23rd, Hodgensville, Kentucky
23rd, Gauley, West Virginia
24th, Camp Joe Underwood, Kentucky
25th, Springfield/ Wilson's Creek, Missouri
25th, Springfield, Virginia
26th, Romney, West Virginia
26th, South Branch Bridge, Virginia
26th, Saratoga, Kentucky
27th, near Spring Hill, Missouri
27th, Chincoteague Inlet, Virginia
27th, CSS Sumter vs. USS Trowbridge
27th, Plattsburg, Missouri
28th, near Budd's Ferry, Maryland
28th, Laurel Bridge, Kentucky
29th, Woodbury, Kentucky
29th, Hampton Roads, Virginia
29th, near Woodbury, Kentucky
31st, Greenbrier, West Virginia
31st, Cotton Hill, West Virginia
31st, near Morgantown, Kentucky


1st, Cotton Hill/ near Gauley Bridge, West Virginia
1st, Peosi River, Texas
1st, Renick, Missouri
5th, Prestonburg, Kentucky (X)
5th, Port Royal Sound, South Carolina
6th, Little Santa Fe, Missouri
6th, Jefferson Davis re-elected for President
7th, Port Royal Sound, South Carolina
7th, Belmont, Missouri
7th, Galveston Harbor, Texas
8th, Old Bahama Channel, Cuba
8th, USS Santee vs. CSS Royal Yacht
8th, Dam No. 5, Virginia
8th, Piketon, Kentucky
8th-9th, Ivy Mountain, Kentucky
9th, Beaufort, South Carolina (X)
10th, Guyandott, West Virginia
10th, Gauley Bridge, West Virginia
10th, Cotton Hill, West Virginia
10th, near Bristol, Tennesse
10th, Taylor's Ford/ Wautauga River, Tennesse
11th, Little Blue River, Missouri
11th, near Fort Monroe, Virginia
12th, near Cotton Hill, West Virginia
12th, Occoquan Creek, Virginia
13th, near Romney, Virginia
14th, near Point of Rocks, MD
14th, McCoy's Mill, West Virginia
14th, Mattawoman Creek, Maryland
15th, near Chattanooga, Tennesse
16th, Doolan's Farm, Virginia
16th, near Pleasant Hill, Missouri
17th, near Rumsey/ Cypress Bridge, Kentucky
17th, Cape Canaveral, Florida
18th, Palmyra, Missouri
18th, Falls Church, Virginia
18th, Price's Landing, Missouri
18th, near Warrensburg, Missouri
19th, Round Mountain, Oklahoma
19th, Nashville vs. Harvey Birch
19th, Wirt Court House, West Virginia
20th, Gauley River, Virginia
20th, Butler, Missouri
20th, Little Santa Fe, Missouri
20th, Brownsville, Kentucky
20th, near Warner's Ranch, CA
21st, Warsaw, Missouri
22nd, Fort Pickens, Florida
23rd, Los Angeles, CA
24th, Tybee Island, Georgia (X)
24th, Lancaster, Missouri
24th, Johnstown, Missouri
26th, Fort Pulaski, Georgia
26th, Vienna, Virginia
26th, Independence/ Little Blue, Missouri
26th, Drainesville, Virginia
26th, Hunter's Mills, Virginia
27th, near Fairfax Court House, Virginia
30th, Grand River/ Black Walnut Creek, Missouri
30th, Little Cacapon River, West Virginia


1st, USS Penguin vs. Albion
1st, Camp Goggin, Kentucky
1st, Whippoorwill Creek, Kentucky
1st, Morristown, Tennesse
1st, Shanghai, Missouri
1st, Fort Holt, Kentucky
2nd, US gunboats vs. CSS Patrick Henry
2nd, Annandale, Virginia
3rd, Salem, Missouri
3rd, Ship Island, Mississippi (X)
3rd, Vienna, Virginia
4th, Burke's Station, Virginia
4th, Anandale, Virginia
4th, near Munfordville, Kentucky
4th, Dunksburg, Missouri
7th, Glasgow, Missouri
8th, Romney, Virginia
8th, Dam No. 5, Virginia
8th, near Somerset/ Fishing Creek, Kentucky
9th, Chusto-Talasah, Oklahoma
9th, Union Mills, Missouri
9th, Bushy Creek, Arkansas
10th, Kentucky admitted to Confederacy
11th, Bertrand, Missouri
11th, Dam No. 4, Virginia
11th- 12th, Charleston Fire, South Carolina
12th, Charleston, Missouri
12th, Gradyville, Kentucky
12th, Greenbrier River, West Virginia
12th, Bagdad, Kentucky
13th, Camp Allegheny, West Virginia
15th, CSS Victory captured
15th Roane County, West Virginia
17th, Rowlett's Station, Kentucky
17th, Chisolm's Island, South Carolina
17th, Rockville, South Carolina
17th, Green River, Kentucky
18th, Milford/ Shawnee Mound, Missouri
18th, Dam No. 5, Virginia
19th, Point of Rocks, Maryland
20th, Dranesville, Virginia
21st, Hudson, Missouri
22nd, New Market, Virginia
22nd, Dayton, Missouri
24th, Wadesburg, Missouri
25th, Cherry Run, West Virginia
25th, near Fort Frederick, Maryland
25th, USS Fernandina vs. William H. Northrup
26th, Chustenahlah, Oklahoma
26th, Savannah River, Georgia
26th-27th, Shoal Creek, Oklahoma
27th, Hallsville, Missouri
27th, Mount Zion, Missouri
28th, Beckley, West Virginia (X)
28th, Sacramento, Kentucky
28th, Mount Zion Church, Missouri
28th, Beckly/ Raleigh Court House, West Virginia
28th, Grider's Ferry, Kentucky
29th, Commerce, Missouri
29th, USS City of Alton attacked
29th, Suttonville/ Braxton Court House, West Virginia
31st, Biloxi, Mississippi
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