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The Battle of Tebb's Bend

July 4, 1863 in Tebb's Bend, Kentucky
Morgan's Ohio Raid

Union Forces Commanded by:
Col. Orlando H. Moore
Forces Killed Wounded Captured
- 6 23 -

Confederate Forces Commanded by:
Brig. Gen. John H. Morgan
Forces Killed Wounded Captured
- 35 40 -

*Killed and Wounded/ m=missing
Conclusion: Union Victory


The Battle of Tebbs Bend (also known as Green River Bridge) on July 4, 1863 marked the beginning of John Hunt Morgan's Great Raid. Union Col. Orlando H. Moore's 25th Michigan Infantry had taken position near a strategic bridge on Green River to protect the Lebanon-Campbellsville-Columbia Turnpike, an important Federal supply route. Although Moore only had 200 men, they were protected by a 100' rifle trench with earthen breastworks and abatis, a classic military defense barrier constructed of felled trees with sharpened branches facing the enemy. Knowing that Morgan’s troops were in the area, Moore ordered his men to cross the bridge again and again to make it appear as if reinforcements were coming in.

Morgan demanded the surrender of Moore's men. Moore refused the Confederate demand for surrender, noting that it was Independence Day, "It is a bad day for surrender, and I would rather not." The Confederates ran into heavy rifle fire and had a hard time closing in on the fort. Moore's men had felled numerous trees around the area and the Confederates had a difficult time getting around them.

Morgan realized that he would not be able to take the fort. He was forced to withdraw his men and leave the area. Moores successful defense, after the 30-minute battle, of this fortified position forced Morgan to bypass the area, leaving some 75 casualties.

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