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The Battle of Santa Rosa Island

October 9, 1861 in Santa Rosa, Florida

Union Forces Commanded by
Col. Harvey Brown
Strength Killed Wounded Missing/Captured
600 est. 14 29 ?
Confederate Forces Commanded by
Brig. Gen. Richard H. Anderson
Strength Killed Wounded Missing/Captured
1,200 est. 17 39 30
Conclusion: Union Victory

After midnight on October 9, Brig. Gen. Richard Anderson crossed from the mainland to Santa Rosa Island with 1,200 men in 2 small steamers to surprise Union camps and capture Fort Pickens. He landed on the north beach about 4 miles east of Fort Pickens and divided his command into 3 columns.

After proceeding about three miles, the Confederates surprised the 6th Regiment, New York Volunteers, in its camp and routed the regiment. Anderson then adopted a defensive stance to entice the Federals to leave the fort and attack. Receiving reinforcements, Col. Harvey Brown sallied against the Confederates, who reembarked and returned to the mainland.

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