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The Battle of Vienna

June 17, 1861 in Vienna, Virginia

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Union Forces Commanded by
B.G. Robert C. Schenck
Strength Killed Wounded Missing / Captured
±697 8 4 1
Confederate Forces Commanded by
Strength Killed Wounded Missing/Captured
±2,000 ? ? ?
Conclusion: Confederate Victory
   Union troops were to advance to Vienna by train. When they were rounding a curve, about a quarter mile away from town, they were fired upon by concealed, raking masked batteries of 3 guns, killing and wounding some men on the train platform and in the train cars. When they exited the train and went into the woods to regroup, they discovered that the Confederates also had a regiment of infantry and at least a regiment of calvary. Upon seeing this, the Union troops fell back to the train tracks, and threw out skirmishes on both the right and left flanks. This was followed by a organized retreat which went 5 miles back. The Confederates did not pursue
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