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The Battle of Griswoldville

November 22, 1864 in Griswoldville, Georgia
Sherman's Savannah "March To The Sea" Campaign

Union Forces Commanded by:
Brig. Gen. Charles C. Walcutt
Forces Killed Wounded Captured
- 10 52 -

Confederate Forces Commanded by:
Brig. Gen. Pleasant J. Philips and Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler
Forces Killed Wounded Captured
- 50 200 400*

**Missing and Captured
Conclusion: Union Victory


Brig. Gen. Charles Walcutt was ordered to make a demonstration, with the 6 infantry regiments and 1 battery that comprised his brigade, toward Macon to ascertain the disposition of Confederate troops in that direction. This was the "Right Wing" of Gen. William T. Sherman's army on the "March To The Sea". He set out on the morning of November 22. Brig. Gen. Philips orders were to advance to Augusta to protect the armory from the advancing Union army. After a short march he ran into some of Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler's cavalry and drove them beyond Griswoldville.
Having accomplished his mission, Walcutt retired to a position at Duncan's Farm and fortified it with logs and rails to meet an expected Confederate attack force composed of three brigades of Georgia State Militia. The Georgia Militia had been ordered from Macon to Augusta, thinking the latter was Sherman's next objective, and accidentally collided with Walcutt's force.
The Union force withstood three determined charges before receiving reinforcements of 1 regiment of infantry and 2 regiments of cavalry. The Confederates did not attack again and soon retired.
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