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The Battle of Hanovertown

May 28, 1864 in Hanovertown, Virginia
Wilderness Campaign

Union Forces Commanded by:
Maj. Gen. David Gregg
Forces Killed Wounded Captured
- 256 k&w* - -

Confederate Forces Commanded by:
Maj. Gen. Wade Hampton
Forces Killed Wounded Captured
- - - -

*Killed, Wounded and Captured
Conclusion: Union Victory


On may 28, even as the Union infantry was still crossing the Pamunkey River, Gen. Robert E. Lee sent Maj. Gen. Wade Hampton east with 2 cavalry brigades on a reconnaissance. Along with the cavalry, there were about 800 newly arrived, green South Carolina troopers. At a crossroads, called haw's Shop, about 3 miles west of the Pamunkey River, the Confederate force ran into Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan's 2nd Division, under Maj. Gen. David Gregg. Gregg's force was trying to locate the main body of Lee's army.
The battle would last for about the next 7 hours. The fight took place in woods so thick that the whole cavalry command had to fight while being dismounted. For a time, it seemed that the Confederates were going to win this fight. Gregg's force was saved by the timely arrival of Maj. Gen. george Custer's Michigan brigade. The Federals launched a sweeping counterattack and , with Custer's men using the Spencer carbines, drove the Confederates from the field.
The Battle of Hanovertown did not halt the approach of Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant's 4 infantry corps. The battle was the largest cavalry battle since the Battle of Brandy Station in 1863.

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