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Murfreesboro/ Stones River Campaign

  • Time Period: December 26- January 4, 1863
  • Area: Tennessee and Missouri areas
  • Explanation: ?

In November, Bragg moved north again with a force of 35,000 men, this time to Murfreesboro, Teen. (Stone's River). Rosecrans advanced to meet him with about 44,800 Federals, and the forces clashed at Stone's River on the last day of the year.

Rosecrans was forced to break off the engagement on the second day of fighting and fall back to Tullahoma, having suffered losses of 1,677 killed, 7,543 wounded, and 3,686 missing. The Confederates lost 1,294 killed, 7,945 wounded, and about 2,500 missing.

Campaign Battles

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