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  1. Nothing But Victory
  2. The Sword of Lincoln
  3. Days of Glory
  4. Damage Them All You Can
  5. The Army of Tennessee


  1. Gettysburg
  2. Landscape Turned Red
  3. Chancellorsville

BATTLES (Osprey Essential series ):

  1. Chancellorsville 1863
  2. First Bull Run 1861
  3. Shiloh 1862
  4. Vicksburg 1863
  5. Gettysburg 1863
  6. Fredericksburg 1862
  7. Antietam 1862
  8. Hampton Roads 1862
  9. Fair Oaks 1862
  10. Seven Days Battles 1862
  11. Second Mannasas 1862
  12. Chickamauga 1863


  1. The Confederacy's Last Hurrah
  2. The Chessboard of War
  3. Decision in the West
  4. Atlanta 1864
  5. To the Gates of Richmond
  6. The Seven Days
  7. Vicksburg Is the Key
  8. Triumph & Defeat
  9. From Winchester to Cedar Creek
  10. And Keep Moving On
  11. Sheridan in the Shenandoah
  12. Chancellorsville
  13. Struggle For the Heartland
  14. Six Armies in Tennessee
  15. Chickamauga and Chattanooga
  16. From Cedar Mountain to Antietam
  17. They Met at Gettysburg
  18. High Tide at Gettysburg
  19. American Heritage History of the Battle of Gettysburg
  20. Banners to the Breeze
  21. The Fredericksburg Campaign
  22. Return to Bull Run
  23. Stonewall in the Valley
  24. Bloody Roads South
  25. Lee's Last Retreat
  26. Lee's Last Campaign
  27. Sherman's March Through the Carolinas
  28. Sherman's Carolinas Campaign: from Fayetteville to Averasboro
  29. The Gettysburg Campaign
  30. Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville: The Dare Mark Campaign
  31. Great Battles of the Civil War
  32. Fields of Honor
  33. The Blue, The Gray, & The Red
  34. Civil War in the American West
  35. Campaigns of the Civil War
  36. Land Campaigns of the Civil War


  1. The Gettysburg Campaign
  2. The Wilderness Campaign
  3. The Spotsylvania Campaign
  4. The Petersburg Campaign
  5. The Secend Bull Run Campaign
  6. The Atlanta Campaign
  7. The Chancellorsville Campaign
  8. Jackson's Valley Campaign
  9. The Vicksburg Campaign
  10. The Fredericksburg Campaign
  11. The Antietam Campaign
  12. The Shiloh Campaign


  1. Lee's Lieutenants
  2. The Great Civil War
  3. How the North Won
  4. The Longest Night
  5. Battle Cry of Freedom
  6. None Died in Vain
  7. The Civil War: A History
  8. The Story of the Confederacy
  9. Shades of Blue and Gray
  10. The American Civil War: A Mighty Scourge of War



  1. Doctors in Blue
  2. Doctors In Gray
  3. Bleeding Blue and Gray
  4. Gangrene and Glory


  1. Portals To Hell
  2. While In The Hands Of The Enemy


  1. Soldier Life in the Union and Confederate Armies
  2. The Life of Billy Yank
  3. The Life of Johnny Reb


  1. Lee's Cavalrymen
  2. Cavalry Raids of the Civil War
  3. Pickett's Charge
  4. Gray Ghosts and Rebel Raiders
  5. Lincoln's Cavalrymen


  1. Divided Waters
  2. Naval Campaigns of the Civil War
  3. A Pictorial History of the Confederate Navy
  4. Under Two Flags
  5. The Naval History of the Civil War


  1. Generals In Blue
  2. Generals In Gray
  3. Lee
  4. The Gray Fox
  5. Stonewall
  6. Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War
  7. They Called Him Stonewall
  8. A.P. Hill: Lee's Forgotten General
  9. The Campaigns of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and of Forrest's Cavalry
  10. That Devil Forrest
  11. Mosby's Rangers
  12. The Rebel Raider
  13. JEB Stuart
  14. General James Longstreet


  1. The Library of Congress Civil War Desk Reference
  2. he Civil War Sourcebook
  3. The Chronological Tracking of the American Civil War
  4. Historical Times Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Civil War
  5. The Military and Naval History of the Rebellion in the United States
  6. Regimental Losses
  7. The Civil Wasr: Day by Day
  8. The Civil War Dictionary
  9. The Civil War Almanac
  10. The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Civil War
  11. The Civil War for Dummies
  12. Struggle for a Vast Future
  13. The American Heritage New History of the Civil War
  14. Eyewitness to the Civil War
  15. New Annals of the Civil War


  1. The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War
  2. Oxford Atlas of the Civil War
  3. The Atlas of the Civil War
  4. Illustrated Atlas of the Civil War
  5. A Battlefield Atlas of the Civil War
  6. Battle Maps of the Civil War
  7. Maps of the Civil War: The Roads They Took
  8. Battle Maps of the Civil War
  9. West Point Atlas for the American Civil War


  1. The Photographic History of the Civil War (5 Volumes)
  2. The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War
  3. Witness to the Civil War
  4. Civil War: A Complete Photographic History
  5. Touched By Fire: A National Historic Society Photographic Portrait of the Civil War


  1. Time-Life: The Civil War (29 books)
  2. Time-Life: Voices of the Civil War (18 books)
  3. The Civil War: A Narrative (3 books)
  4. Encyclopedia of the Confederacy (4 books)
  5. Battles and Leaders of the Civil War (4 Volumes)
  6. Campaigns of the Civil War (12 books)


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