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This database is comprised of a work called A Compendium of the War of Rebellion It is divided into essentially three parts. The first provides statistical and organizational information of the Armies and other branches of the War. Information found in this first part includes a list of enlistments and losses, the names of all the national cemeteries and where they are located, a mostly completed list of regiments, battalions, batteries, and independent companies arranged by state, a list of the regiments that lost over 50 men in battle, and an alphabetical list of heads of brigades and other large organizations. The second part tells of the involvement of the Union in several battles and other important events. Most of these events are listed chronologically by state. The last part gives a history of each Regiment, Battalion, Battery, and organization that served in the War for the Union. This section is arranged alphabetically by state then by the following order: Calvary, Artillery, Heavy and Light, Engineers, Sharpshooters, and Infantry. This work has proven to be a highly valuable source for researchers of the Civil War and of this era as it is "the most monumental war record ever undertaken and successfully completed by a single individual" (A Compendium of the War of Rebellion, Introduction).

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