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What Can I Find in the American Civil War Regiment?
The American Civil War Research Database is an historic effort to compile and link all available records of common soldiers in the Civil War. This database makes it easier than ever before to find information on ancestors who fought in the Civil War.

Historical Data Systems has compiled and linked a wide array of record types including state rosters, pension records, regimental histories, photos, and journals. The genealogical value of this record is immeasurable. More than authoritative names and dates, this database connects researchers with the history their ancestors lived.

The collection is divided into four sections: soldier records, regiment records, battle histories, and officer records. This section of the database contains regiment records.

Since the information is contained in a relational database, you have tremendous flexibility to examine the data from different perspectives. You can now go below the 'big picture' scenario and examine the details of the regiments - where they saw combat, regimental casualty statistics, the effects of disease, etc. By examining census information, you will be able to hypothesize on the effect of the war on the soldiers' hometowns. You will also be able to cross reference variables that have previously been beyond reach because of the limitations of technology.

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